This zugu case is extreme Music workmanship all around it has side protection, corner protection. An amazing soft leather feel kickstand style case with magnets ventilation slots to help keep your battery running cool, which will help it last longer apple, pencil slot. That does work with third parties as well, or you have another pocket back here which will allow for any other pencils that might not properly fit here from third parties. Cutouts have all been well thought out. This is great for any usb dongle connection or charging situation. Speakers are aligned properly on this side. We have the buttons for volume, tactile feel more cutouts perfect for the touch id and the power option there. As you can see drop protection, you wont have to worry about giving up any protection to get a nice look. As this case has both excellent look, excellent feel and drop protection apple pencil right here clips in not going anywhere. This is another third party, one that i have that does work as well, but again you still have this nice option here. This is like a plasticky material, which is great because it allows for easy sliding in no friction just goes in with the slightest um touch. So convenience is the key. This will stick to your refrigerator as well. Magnetically um and i cant say anything bad about it. It just provides the look that i was looking for: the kick style function, which allows you to keep the front of this case accessible for keyboards any mouses, or anything like that um some cases.

You know they set up like this, and this is in the way.