, a portable wood burning stove that creates smokeless flames while generating usable electricity. So you can cook your meals and charge your devices all at the same time now with updated thermoelectrics. The camstove 2 provides 50 more power than the camstove one and incorporates an onboard battery, so you can store your electricity from whenever you need it. The updated, led interface provides real time feedback on whats going on inside and features. Four fan speeds to control the size of your fire, integrate with bio light accessories for a perfect camp kitchen that you can bring anywhere and anytime. You go off grid with biolite youre, helping us bring safe, reliable energy to households around the world. Clean energy is all around us. We just need the right tools to unlock it, discover a smarter, cleaner campfire with the cam stove too, when we came up with the idea for the crush light, we tried to come up with a way where we could take all the things that gold zero does. So well, solar and batteries and lights. But how can we get all of that into something that you can just throw in a bag and take with you very easily and that was kind of the idea behind the crush light? It has three brightness settings: high medium and low brightness settings on high its 60 lumens and itll run for three hours this way and then all the way down to low itll run for actually 35 hours on this setting.

It is also waterproof an ipx4 rating, so if you leave it outside gets in the rain, thats no problem, it charges from solar, and it will also charge from usb. So you can plug it into any usb port and charge it that way as well. The handle the hang handle can actually be detached, so if youre camping, you can detach that hook it over a tent pole, something like that. Hang it from that or if the power goes out, you can hook it to something inside your closet, its a good way to be able to hang it somewhere. So why make the light collapsible? The obvious answer? Is you know you can get it really really small? So its packable, but theres a little more to it than that. Some flexibility that that comes along with being collapsible, you can hang it different ways. You can use the light different ways you can expose it. You know halfway or all the way um. Even the solar in itself, you can point it at the sun if the suns low, i think, theres a huge range of why people need this light on a more serious level. Uh. You know for humanitarian efforts when we go to sandy or after hurricane harvey comes by when things like that happen. We can take stacks of these things out: theyre, affordable, theyre, durable they charge from solar, theyre water resistant thats really exciting. To me, for the same reason that uh, that its useful to someone uh after hurricane harvey is the same reason that you know i recommend some.

You know keep one of these in your car, keep one of these even at the office. If the power goes out or if an emergency happens, you have a place, you can go where you know you can get light. That can be recharged, its just. You know it. Doesnt take up any room, you can keep one in the glove box. Keep one in your backpack, um and theyre, just always ready just always know theres a way for you to get some accolade. Thermal imaging binoculars, high resolution of thermal imaging sensor ensures that all objects within the field of view have the highest level of detail. Accolade can detect remote hot objects in complete darkness, up to 1.8 kilometers away two zoom modes, smooth zoom for an optimal balance between zoom and field of view. Dual eyepiece configuration reduces eye fatigue during longer viewing and enhances the natural look of objects. Inter pupillary distance differs from person to person adjusting for individual fit dramatically, improves viewing comfort and quality high image. Frequency is vital for creating a natural lifelike image. High refresh rates ensure the motion is fluid and in real time, Music Applause, Music Applause, the ability to connect directly to a smartphone or tablet enhances many features, including the ability to share your experiences with people. Beside you, my friend and me. We can both see the image simultaneously on the device display and on the smartphone screen im sure youll agree that sharing is another one important moment built in video recorder is a great asset when it comes to capturing once in a lifetime experiences.

The stratometric rangefinder helps to estimate range to an object based on its size, quick change, rechargeable battery packs provide up to eight hours of continuous operation in wi fi mode. The ipx7 waterproof rating ensures the device wont fail, even in the toughest wet weather conditions, even in extreme cold. The image retains its contrast and vivid colors accolade from pulsar at nemo. We never bring anything to market that doesnt create a better adventure experience. Everything we make is designed to keep you warmer drier and more comfortable than whats already out there. This is stargaze most comfortable chair in the campsite with the unique auto reclining system, just lean back and find yourself in the perfect lounge position dynamically suspended. This recliner swings fluidly like a hammock, offering you a relaxing sitting experience around the campfire under the stars, re engineered for even more stability and relaxation. This luxury recliner provides a lower center of gravity and extended fit range after a long day on the trail theres. No better feeling than kicking back in the ultimate camp, recliner, walking down to the lake or an empty spot at the beach, is a breeze with stargazes easy to carry compact and comfortable tote, and this intuitive three step setup takes less than a minute. So you can spend more time. Relaxing Music lines marked on poles and color coded ferrules, ensure a proper and secure setup. Stargazes non absorbent, monofilament mesh is cool and breezy its strong enough to withstand years of sun exposure and conforms perfectly to cradle your body by simply shifting your weight, stargaze, auto reclines, with just the right amount of resistance to land.

In your perfect sitting angle, while an adjustable padded headrest adds next level comfort, the aircraft grade, aluminum suspension frame with custom engineered hubs is the sturdiest camp chair support system out there stargaze sits close to the ground, offering unmatched stability and allowing you to swing smoothly on Any surface from sandy beaches to rocky uneven terrain, an integrated, no spill cup holder keeps your beverages closed at hand and a perfectly sized stash pocket holds your phone or a favorite book. Stargaze packs up easily and includes a padded carrying case for snag free lightweight portability. Whether youre sitting around the campfire at the beach tailgating, watching your kids soccer game from the sidelines or just wants a recline in the mountain breeze stargaze is truly the envy of the camp. The award winning can onion knife and tool. Sharpener was designed by workshop with the help of legendary knife maker, ken onion. What do you get in the box? Well, it comes with the sharpener itself that includes the power base and the cassette. You also get five flexible, abrasive belts that range from coarse to extra fine, and you also get this handy flow chart that helps you determine what edge to put on any knife, whether going from the angle, all the way down through the abrasive to use, depending on The condition of your knife set up on the canine is simple plug it in select the angle you want for the knife youre sharpening from 15 to 30 degrees on this angle, adjustment knob install the belt for the condition that your knife is in and then select The speed low speed for grinding knives, high speed for grinding tools to get started sharpening, remember to place power pole place the knife in the guide, with the heel in contact with the belt power.

The unit on immediately start pulling through and stop with the tip of the knife in contact with the belt, stopping with the tip of the knife in contact with the belt, will ensure that you keep that factory profile and a nice sharp tip on the knife for Tools youll want to remove the angle guide, rotate the front edge guide and then rotate the cassette into place for grinding tools, use a high speed and bring the sharpener to the tool Applause. The kennedy edition also has an available blade grinding attachment to take your sharpening to the next level, simply remove the cassette that comes originally with the canned onion and install the blade grinding attachment to have the ultimate at home, sharpener and grinder sold separately. All work, sharp sharpeners are backed by a three year warranty and our world class customer service. Music start your adventure with gazelle tents. Our t4 plus features a unique pre assembled hub design, providing one of the quickest setups from bag to base camp in under 90 seconds. Quit stressing over complicated instructions or navigating a bunch of loose parts simply pop out the wall, hubs pop up the roof panel and youre done. The gazelle t4 plus easily accommodates up to four to eight people with a spacious and comfortable interior at 78 inches tall and a footprint of 168 by 94 inches. The t4 offers ample headroom and gives you over 110 square feet of usable space and its loaded with features like the convertible screen room that can be used for additional leisure space or as a secondary sleeping area.

Five tight weave mesh windows allow ample ventilation, while keeping out pests, large main entrance and a second d shaped door with tight weave mesh screens for easy load in beefy, ykk, zippers for durability and dependable performance removable floors in each section for easy, cleanup plenty of options For gear storage, like the two removable gear, lofts, two large side, storage nets and three wall mounted pouch pockets. The fully assembled rain fly is a breeze to install stakes and guy lines are included to provide stability for when the weather gets choppy. The shell is constructed with a coated 210 denier, oxford weave, polyester, waterproof up to two thousand millimeters floors of the t4 plus feature a bathtub design constructed from a 300 denier, oxford weave with strength and durability in mind and feature the same waterproof rating as the shell. The gazelle t4 plus hub tent is the perfect shelter for your next expedition gazelle tents built our coyote, 85 and 105 packs are spaciously built to accommodate all your gear on extended backpacking trips, while our upgraded suspension system means you dont have to sacrifice comfort for extra Gear Music, in addition to the advanced perimeter frame, theres an aluminum stay for load support. The back panel features our amp flow ventilation. To keep you cool as you truck along, you can use the fit pro quick and easy torso adjustment system to customize your pack. For a comfortable fit when loading up your pack, the coyote has ample pockets to keep you organized starting in the floating lid theres, an interior pocket for small items and a clip to secure your keys for safe keeping heading into the spacious main compartment theres a sleeve For your hydration pack and below youll find an adjustable divider that separates the sleeping bag compartment from the rest of your gear on the front of the pack.

Here there are two overlapping zippered pockets that you can access quickly on the 105 liter model. Youll also find this exterior zipper access into the main compartment, so you dont have to unload everything if youre looking for something in the middle moving to the sides of the pack, youll find our signature wing pockets that easily fit a nalgene and with pass behind functionality. You can slide in a fly, rod and support it in the mesh pocket below these tool loops. Make it a breeze to attach trekking poles when you need to scramble the hip belt pockets are the ideal spot for your needed now items the zippered pocket is perfect for snacks and the mesh pocket allows for easy access to your phone. Now that youre loaded up adjust your compression, straps load, lifters and hip belt stabilizers and youre good to go built to handle serious cargo comfortably.