Well, show you how to make your laser tag sessions even more exciting, not to mention awesome, robots, a ring worth james bond stuff and even a slot machine dont forget to check out the description box with all the links to the products. Sheesh cant wait to get started. Imagine a tiny action camera that weighs 0.7 ounces. How smart can it get well lets see? First of all, this camera can easily be mounted wherever you want on your t, shirt bottle or your pets collar. This allows hands free use and the widest angles for shooting the best part is that all your videos will be perfectly stabilized and smooth due to the flow state technology, youre free to use all sorts of cinematic modes like hyperlapse time lapse and slow mo. You can also use the barrel roll feature in the dedicated mobile app. It creates those fascinating rotating shots. The app is powered by an ai that automatically chooses your best shots and even edits them right away. Using the included charging case, you can plug the cam right into your smartphone, see size isnt of big importance. Music turn your house into a battlefield with this innovative laser tag set. It includes four guns and vests, so you can have fun either with your family or friends. Most importantly, all the gear is rechargeable. The charging station is included in the package. A single charge gives you up to eight full games. Both the vests and guns are equipped with lcd screens providing you with glanceable data like your score lives and battery status.

The guns use safe, infrared technology that allows precise shooting within a 147 foot distance. Plus there are four weapon modes: pistol automatic, laser and rocket. You can also play in the dark by simply turning on the flashlights. The set features unlimited expandability, so everyone can join the battle Music forget about those donut pool floats its a 10 cup beer pong pool float with built in cooler. Thatll bring your pool party to a whole new level. Its super big super thick extra, durable and tear resistant theres enough space for a big company and theres. Some extra cups along the float sides its easy to refill the drink, since the cooler is situated right in the middle. No extra moves. What more can you ask for youve, probably seen jukeboxes in 1950s movies, but now you can actually own one and enjoy the beautiful retro aesthetics. This thing gets really bright and colorful thanks to the built in led tubes, but despite the authentic look. This is actually a modern gadget, so its not limited to a bunch of pre loaded songs, connect the jukebox via bluetooth and enjoy your music within a 33 foot range. The aux port allows you to play music directly from your non bluetooth devices. You can also play a cd as well as am or fm radio, whatever song you play on this itll sound a little bit older when you get bored with all your mobile games, its time to bring back the classics.

What about miniature slot machine, unlike the full sized ones, this one doesnt, take your money. The rest is pretty much the same. You just pull the lever and try your luck. Each package includes two of these toys, so you can share the game with a friend, and these should look great on your desk now check out this tiny pinball machine inspired by ninja turtles, its fully functional with bright lcd screens original game sounds and multiple levels, thats. What we used to do before subway surfers you dont, have to be a professional chef to make a perfect steak. You can easily make it at home with this innovative indoor grill. This thing automatically measures the thickness of your meat and adjust the temperature for optimal result. The special indicator allows cooking with the highest precision no more rare meat instead of well done, and you have six different cooking programs for other dishes like burgers fish, sausage or pork. Cooking surface is big enough to prepare a meal for a family. Bon appetit this drone isnt, quite like all the others. The first thing youll notice is the unusual egg like shape but theres much more hidden inside. Not only is the drone waterproof, but it can perfectly land on water or take off from it. This drone can fly in rain, even strong wind cant stop it. Moreover, it automatically avoids obstacles thanks to the built in binocular sensors. As for the camera, its capable of shooting 4k video, the best part is that you can detach the cam from the drone and use it separately.

The 3 axis stabilization allows perfect handheld use. The cam also supports accurate, face recognition along with auto tracking within 170 degrees. Another great feature is sync: voice technologies. It automatically synchronizes the audio from your wireless microphone with the footage cool Music, this isnt a gaming controller, but its just as fun and easy to use, in fact, its a powerful tool for everyone who deals with photo or video processing its compatible with all sorts of Professional software, like lightroom final cut pro and davinci, no matter whether its windows or mac, despite the compact size, this thing has a full set of controls, including several buttons wheels and a knob. Every movement is extremely accurate, youre free to manually, set tasks for each button and create individual presets, and the ergonomic design allows comfortable one hand, use the controller, uses usb c ports for fast data transmission. Your work will now feel like a game whats. The point of diving, if you cant, take videos and gorgeous selfies heres a universal case that turns virtually any smartphone into a professional, diving computer. Thanks to the adjustable design, it fits smartphones of any size, shape and brand before getting underwater. You need to install the special app it provides you with useful data, including water temperature, depth and descending time. Four camera modes. Allow you to take high resolution, shots and 4k videos with real time. Color correction filter, the built in heat sink system prevents fogging three universal buttons, give you easy use and accessibility of your phone during your dive.

The safety alerts will instantly inform you if you get too deep or anything goes wrong as soon as youre back on shore. All your footage is beautifully, organized and ready for sharing. You can even see the exact depth of each shot so sad, these robots arent for sale, but we still want to show them just to give you an idea of how nature and technology can work together. So heres a bionic version of a flying fox. It uses an artificial equivalent of the elastic flying membrane that this species is famous, for the membrane is spread from legs to wings, allowing great aerodynamics the robot is able to move semi autonomously using a motion tracking system along with two infrared cameras. It weighs almost 1.3 pounds now. This artificial dragonfly is no less impressive. Its remote controlled just like a regular drone, but in a far more exciting way, each of the four wings is individually addressable, so you can set their twisting and amplitude. Last but not least, is the smart bird thanks to the special torsion drive. It combines lift and propulsion in a single movement that means its able to take off fly and land without an additional drive with its six and a half foot wingspan. The bird is fast and incredibly agile. This is the smartest wearable gadget that can replace at least six accessories. You use every day and its a ring just pair it with your phone via bluetooth and youll, be able to take phone calls with your finger.

Both the earpiece and high quality microphones are built into the ring, so it perfectly works with different voice assistants. You can also control your music with intuitive gestures, since the ring is nfc, enabled youre free to use it for wireless payments, plus with four gigabytes of internal storage. This thing doubles as the most stylish flash drive. Dont worry. The device asked for either a touch id on your phone or a passcode, the datas safe, but wait theres more set an alarm on the ring and you wont: wake your loved ones or wear it during workout, so it tracks your activity. In addition, the ring notifies you if youve left your phone too far and in case of any danger, you can use the sos alert feature to call your emergency contacts so not bad for a ring.