You should be more worried about the incredible unseen forces throughout the universe, so dust off that high school science textbook put on your astrophysicists tap and be prepared to jump into a world far stranger than fiction. Welcome to fact, nominal today, we’re all aboard the mystery machine in spooky space mysteries, no one can explain along came a spider, dark matter, isn’t a new concept. It was first theorized in 1922 and a century later we still have next to no idea how it all works. We’Re literally guessing think of it like a huge spider’s web, spread out across the universe holding the stuff we can see together in a way that we can see if you’re, confused, don’t worry it’s, confusing planets stars galaxies. All that good stuff only makes up around 5 of the total stuff in all of existence. Dark matter makes up another 25. According to our calculations, its filamentous network, like a stretching silken web, holds entire galaxies together. We literally wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for this mysterious substance that sings a gravitational tune so loud it can distort the space time around. It it’s now thought that all or at least some dark matter is made up of primordial black holes, just nanometers wide rearranging furniture. So what on earth makes up the rest? The answer is a bit convoluted, but in short, we think the remaining 70 is dark energy. This is an entirely undetectable and non classifiable force that has the potential to rip the fabric of the universe itself, scared.

Yet you should be dark. Energy is like a cosmic poltergeist, knocking the books off your shelves and rearranging your furniture in a demented pile in your living room. All it wants to do is pull and push things apart. The complete opposite to the sticky nature of dark matter, universal expansion seems to be speeding up, not slowing down and dark energy is likely the culprit. It suggests that the phenomenon is caused by collision between quantum particles, which is pretty worrying. Should the universe reach its limit and suddenly rip apart torn asunder, so we have this dark energy, accelerating universal expansion faster and faster. What happens when enough is enough? The big rip we think the end of the existence and the world, as we know it, bring popcorn. This phenomenon is exactly like blowing up a balloon, it’s all fun and games. When you pump lung full after lung full of air into its colorful rubbery skin until suddenly disaster, it can’t take it any longer explodes with a loud bang. Waking, the baby and scaring the dog, the other side of the coin, describes what would happen if expansion started to lose momentum taper off and be suddenly overcome by its opposing force, gravity the big crunch, where the end of our universe starts to get dragged, kicking and Screaming back to the source, the singularity think of it as the big bang, but in reverse the wicked witch yo where’s all the barons at it’s, like some cosmic sorceress, some wicked witch has banished the barians to some unknown dimension or eating them for her dinner quote.

Unquote, regular matter makes up that five percent of all stuff, but in reality half of it is missing. Baryonic matter is the building blocks of the universe, including protons and neutrons, but excluding things like electrons that only contribute to 0.0005 percent of the total mass, as well as things like neutrinos and other leptons astrophysicists can calculate the total amount of baryons created during the big Bang but then that number suddenly drops without explanation and steadily decreases throughout cosmic history. For over 20 years, scientists have been searching for the missing 2.5 percent it’s a bit like finding a matching sock in a messy sock drawer studies of cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the big bang, tell us that the numbers are correct, but the search still Continues you have an evil twin? The universe exists in some semblance of balance. What goes up must come down for every white. There is a black same deal for matter itself. It has an evil twin in its most basic bits. An atom of matter is made up of subatomic particles, the positive protons and neutral neutrons, cuddle up nice and cozy in the central nucleus, with fields of negative electrons, circling them at varying, yet controlled distances. Antimatter particles have the exact same mass as normal particles, but the electric charge has been reversed: anti protons and anti neutrons with orbiting positrons. The frightening part comes when matter and anti matter meet. They cancel each other out in an annihilation reaction, it’s simplistic, yet beautiful.

As the equal, but opposing electrical charges perform a perfect addition that sums up in nothingness. It gets better if the big bang produced each in equal amounts. Why is there a quadrillion or 10 to the 15th power times more matter than antimatter spooky action? Big brained boffin albert einstein actually coined this term when he described a head, scratchingly confusing phenomenon as spooky action at a distance. He didn’t have an answer then, but we now know it as quantum entanglement get ready for the knowledge bond. Two particles in completely different parts of the universe are linked to each other, each mirroring the behavior and state of its partner it’s, a central concept in quantum physics, that’s, the bane of a classical physicist’s existence, stay with us here. This concept breaks fundamental laws previously thought unbreakable for these linked particles to be able to stay connected over such astronomically large distances. The signals sent between them much travel faster than the speed of light, but isn’t that impossible. There is no doubt that quantum entanglement exists, but we don’t fully understand how it works, though it could become the new framework for next gen computing and communications. The living shadow we’ve had twins, but what about doppelgangers it’s entirely possible that there are other universes. Apart from our own in a concept called the multiverse that’s how? Why and what is up for contention, though, with a myriad of proposed ideas, attempting to explain the ins and outs of multiverse theory it’s, just like having one or more living shadows, something that copies your every move is identical to you, but somehow, strangely different, think peter Pan’S shadow as it attempts to detach itself run away and generally do its own thing and cause a little havoc, that’s, the multiverse for you.

It gets a bit mind bendy, when you consider that there could theoretically be an infinite number of other universes, each containing an infinite number of universes and so on and so forth. Parallel universes could contain endless versions of you and even instances where your parents never even met otherworldly visitors, no it’s, not the martians or et the other worldly visitors that come to earth from the deep reaches of space are cosmic rays. Yes, the heliosphere of ionizing radiation shot out by the sun does keep them at bay to an extent, and then there are earth’s magnetosphere and ozone layer that acts as a last line of defense, but a few still get through. Just like a ghost walking through a wall, these cosmic rays are high energy nasties that bombard the earth on the regular people at high altitudes, such as airplane passengers and astronauts in orbit cob many times the normal background radiation compared to those of us on the ground. So much so that special radiation protection is a requirement for all aircrafts and spacecrafts. The biggest losers are electrical circuit boards and integrated ships. Often all it takes is one big energy photon to completely crash a system, the teeth and jaws of monsters. Don’T worry about checking under your bed for monsters, they’re, real and they’re in every one of the over 2 trillion galaxies in the universe. You may know these ravenous beasts by another name, black holes. There could be as many as 100 million of them in our milky way.

Galaxy alone at its center lurks a supermassive black hole with a mass 10 million times that of the sun, a hungry colossus that sucks in everything around it even light matter. That is unfortunate. Enough to find itself being sucked towards the one dimensional singularity at the heart of a black hole becomes spaghettified stretch out to become infinitely high infinitely wide. But with no depth. It’S thought that there may be a place where all that digested electromagnetic radiation and matter goes called an einstein, rosen, bridge or wormhole, but where the black hole poops out its cosmic meal is anyone’s, guess little green men, tens of thousands of claimed abductees, sell their stories To tabloid magazines every year, but they wouldn’t lie, would they well make up your own mind about those little green men from outer space? There is a bit of a conundrum. According to the drake equation. Extraterrestrial life must exist based on sheer numbers alone. There are so many habitable earth like planets that it would be scientifically negligent to not concede that it’s not only possible, but a certainty that life would spring from organic molecules somewhere else in the universe. Not only that, but there should be many. Many other forms of life out there. If that’s the case, then where are they? The answer is distance and time. The fermi paradox alien civilizations are likely so rare and short lived that by the time communications reach.