These are from a company, and i say a company called trania now way back in the day uh we did some reviews for chanya and they were a pair of earbuds, probably one of the very first earbuds that i actually used myself. So today we are looking at the new trania t20s, so here heres their amazon listing right here. Trinity, t20 wireless earbuds premium premium sound with deep bass. Eight hour play time. Four microphones designed for call bluetooth, earbuds with low latency game mode, ipx7, waterproof cool, uh, 754 reviews giving these a four and a half stars. Uh 40 bucks, canadian 40 bucks, canadian thats thats, actually really good, so were going to take a look at just some of their specs were going to crack open. The box, of course, were going to pair it with our phone. Give it a listen and uh see what we think plus take a take, a listen to what the mic sounds like yeah, Music, all right, four and a half stars: thats thats thats, pretty good right! Um here heres some, this basic overview expertly tuned im hoping, but you know what – and i take this with everything right um. Just because sound is so personal. You know i may love a pair of ear buds and you get them and be like no theyre theyre too basey or theyre, not basically enough or the trouble is not good, its personal, so um we do our best to let you know what we think um, But expertly tuned again, my hope would be that that puts it at high level, but we we dont, know crystal on clear calls low, latency game mode.

Uh keep your earbuds on the go, get eight hours of listening and extend to 40 with the charging case. Uh 10 minutes of charge two hours of playtime. We see this on a bunch of earbuds right now, ergonomically custom fit cool yeah there. They are theres a nice little picture and, of course, uh ill put links down to amazon, so you guys can can get a get a look see at all the specs. If you want to go a little bit deeper into this um lets lets crack them open. Lets crack them open, theres heres the box. Just so you guys can see the box heres the t20s with game mode bass, boosted mode yep, and some information on the back of you guys are at all curious or interested. T20S t20s trannys been around for a while. They were probably one of the they were probably one of the first uh. I want to see. Third third party, like i said earbuds, that i tried and they were out before they. You know everybody in their their dog was making earbuds so pretty pretty traditional standard. Little box a little a little hard to get out, uh, thats, thats, so thats okay, just makes makes its like opening your present here just gives you that extra little bit of come on what is it wow, thats thats air air sealed in there for sure? Okay: okay: there we go there, we go all right, put that over there, oh premium sound just looks like you get a little sticker premium, sound trania 100 original cool, uh theres your manual, those look like thats a thats, a decent little manual, looks like it may Be all all english! Oh i like the layout thats nice.

You guys see that you get all your tips lined up there depending on what you need. Thats thats nice. I like how they did that theres, your earbuds. Just so you guys can see the earbuds themselves. The case and everything pretty small, which is nice, they do say, like an ergonomic thats going to fit in your pocket, really good theres your usbc for charging excellent lets, put them down there. Lift this up gently. I think therell probably be something underneath it, but you dont want your earbuds or your tips to go floating around um. Is there anything underneath this theres got to be all right, so this doesnt come out just just so. You guys are aware. This stays in there. You kind of you kind of lift this out all right, lift this out and then theres your ridiculously small usb charging cable. So i am going to take some some marks off because i think i think everybody should get a cable longer than this thats. Just my personal preference um, but you are only spending ‘.29 ‘., ‘. canadian. I just i dont know why everybody decides that they want those small cables. Anybody out there comments below. Would you do you want a cable this big, or do you want a cable like at least this big like at least long enough to get from like a wall outlet onto like an end table thats thats? All i want the foot something like that would be good, even even if its plugged into your laptop, i dont want it having to sit like right beside it.

I want it i dont know maybe thats. Just me. Um lets just turn my phone on here, because thats kind of important because were gon na, have to start pairing these and well just bring up bluetooth here, go to the bottom. Just so you guys can hopefully see that down there somewhere, okay and there they are its a nice little like uh, like a piano, piano, black type, look which is cool. Did they anything show up nope? I didnt think they would all right lets just take them out and take a look: okay, no stickers on oh there. They are trying to t20s boom all right and they, you could hear them say connected. So they connected fast thats, nice and it came up and said bass boost all right. That is a nice small case. I have to say you know you get some of these cases, theyre pretty large and because of uh, because of that a lot of them have bigger batteries, so these ones still like. I said what does this? What does it say a decent amount of time, youre? Getting eight hours from a single charge and 40 hours with charging case, do you need much more than that? Probably not all right lets. Listen to some music lets! Listen to some music, so uh. How do you know what this is? Starboy featuring, daft punk sure ready? Oh, they do have nice bass, oh yeah, no im gon na say those are.

Those are expertly tuned. Sound yeah, expertly tunes out. They sound good and im. Only at like, i dont know 75. Oh, they got a nice sound. I im impressed lets crank them right up, ready, im gon na im gon na try this song here hold on this is my uh, the weeknd, oh yeah, those sound those sound. Those sound, really good, theres one song by the weekend that i really like yeah. This is blinding lights, so oh yeah, the bass in that is super good. Dont worry, im gon na im gon na be playing my uh telephone as well, but i want to hear this song – oh really, lovely bass on these, oh yeah and again. What am i at oh im at about 90 now? Okay, these are these – are really really good. You should have no complaints for 40 bucks. These probably sound better than earbuds that are two three times the price for sure all right, yeah, wow, thats, all im going to say, is wow thats, a thats thats, excellent, all right back to telephone, just to give it a listen again. No like active noise, cancelling or anything like that. These are just music right. This or just here, heres some music boom. Here you go enjoy, but yeah they sound, really good. I can understand it. What was that 700 reviews a four and a half? Oh yeah? No, those are really good yeah. They they have a really nice dialed in sound to them.

I dont know what the sound leak is like you guys can hear, but i got them cranked right up right now: okay, yeah, those are those are those are wins in. Regards to sound quality uh last test for us, of course, what we usually do is well bring up filmic here and uh. Just do a mic test, so lets just make sure that we go to our audio. You guys can see tran your t20s yep very good switch my camera around and were going to just bring this up to record, and here we go so now youre hearing what the mics are like out of the tranya 20s should give you an idea of what Theyre going to sound like if youre recording anything with these or if youre, on a phone call, this is pretty much. I would think what the other people are going to be able to hear again. They dont have anything like uh, cnc or anything like that. I think its called for the the call noise canceling but uh just traditional mics and you guys are hearing what they sound like there. You go: okay, uh those are uh again. I havent heard the mic ill. Let you judge on that and for for me personally uh i use earbuds on calls very, very, very seldomly, uh um. I just would rather just have the phone up to my head, but i do like good sound quality and for the fact that these are only forty dollars.

Uh thats thats, pretty amazing, actually pretty amazing, so uh here they here they be trying to t20s. You guys, hopefully, can see them well just make sure that they disconnect. When you put these in there uh click they go in nice. You little charging light on the front, which is good and my guess is disconnected you know these are these are really good? I i im a fan. I i they didnt even have they dont even have? Oh, they do right there, its like they dont, even have any like markings for like branding on them, but they do you guys see that, with the light tran yeah right there, trania yeah uh im down for 40 bucks, canadian, i will put links to amazon, ca And any of the other amazons, of course, that i can find these on. If you guys are interested because if you got 40 bucks to spend canadian on on a pair of earbuds and you dont need again, you dont need like active noise, canceling or anything like that yeah. These are good links down below. Like comment share, subscribe, hit the little notification bell, we put out videos or we try to put up videos every day on all kinds of different gear, and just just my life in general, all right guys, thats.