On my pro variant, yeah and im quite excited to know about any improvement on bagoong gaming phone, the red magic over its predecessor and hi, guys, im palacio, richmond the gadget psychic and welcome back to my channel and, if youre not yet subscribed to my channel. Dont. Forget to click that bell, icon and, of course, subscribe and guys. This phone is only available at shandy philippines. This red magic 7 pro has two variants. As of the moment, 16 gigs of ram 256 gig of rome, 45 999 pesos and 16 gig of ram 512 gigs of rome thousand nine hundred. Ninety nine mega passion, freebies nubia t1 tws na true wireless bluetooth, gaming earbuds for the first few buyers, so check out your lan facebook, page, which i will be posting on the link below so guys. A full unboxing experience, neton red magic 7, prop Music Applause, Music living, lively everybody trying to ride my wave. They can ride me pull up in a foreign to the curb like an icy. I aint never stressed about the fit im a hype. I want more friends. Theres a problem ive been living like a king since a hot thing. Yeah my foot is in the benz yeah im riding with a gang yeah. I hit a heart lick im, the top by the two cedar, its the beam and where they hunting right babies, aquafina ill, be iced. I dont have a cat first name deal. I got my back yeah.

We ought to met ice cream, reefer hold it up. Yeah. We feeling gas driving with a tower going hunting running florida riding with my shoulder yeah. I knew i had to fall with her looking like a bottle: shawty bad yeah. She know whats up looking at the stars that the stars dont it up. I had to put her on bought it yeah, we heading Music, Music, i aint, never red magic 7 pro and the color i have here is the obsidian and theres other two colors, the pulsar and the supernova. So some quick specs of this red magic 7 pro qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 6.8 inch now amoled display corning gorilla, glass, 5 protection, 64 mp triple camera setup 16 mp front facing camera, not under display 5 000 milliampere hours of battery, supporting up to 65 watts Of fast charging built in cooling, fan, aviation, aluminum middle frame and, of course, uncannion pressure, sensitive zones now matter of five thousand hertz of fat, sensing, yin and kanyang shoulder triggers specs of this phone is very impressive, though ankylon phone is mentioned by continue at 235 grams And spectrum for nato is very impressive, but this time around paro filco medium. My continuity for nato at 235 grams quickly. It turns out sim tray which can host two nano, similar 5g capable microphone in usb type c port and, of course, an allowed speaker. So side number kind of red switch, part of the game mode, say baba and kenyan 3.

5 mm, auto jack noise, canceling mic plus and a stereo speaker so other side and general canon pressure, sensitive air triggers microphone in power button, again volume, rocker and, of course, a Canyon, cooling fan helicopter tango, unknown triple camera. Numerous 64 mp in the main lens 8mp ultra wide lens 2 mp in the macro lens plus mirrors and led flash saturability cameras, which is pretty cool. Its a mixture between matte, finish and glossy nah case forming design. Details of matte finish fingerprint marks, but glossy and jumper on my fingerprint marks. One of the things that guston gusto ditosa red magic is ambilici access, definitely its a very quick access for any application quickly, so on game funny red magic. 7, pro version 2 uh normal 9.3.8. This is for me, the first phone ever and it surpasses one million points so antutu benchmark. No other phones has ever surpassed it. Of course, speaking for just my channel uh, some benchmarking company, i have seen them reach the score and by far this is the first time ever in a hit on score and mangan benchmarks. But of course thanks to its uh cooling fan but belize, that dissipated in it. So no big problem on that. Taking a look at 3d mark details, uh wildlife and tas are going to score. I mean grabeno. Probably this is the first time that architecture dont score due to the 3d mark and, of course, as expected level, one of the security levels, a white vine.

One thing that impresses ito is display: 6.8 inch, amoled display it can reproduce up to 1 billion colors and browsing my social media with 120 hertz of screen refresh rate intact smoothness smooth, and i love the way that you dont know the game and hindi strange watching. Some videos heres the social media, very clear answer, browse and, of course, watching some videos on youtube and on netflix details of all nato is also equally enjoyable and then caller reproduction of phoneto. I love every single moment watching videos here on this phone, so to phoneto has stereo speakers if they got a problem: Applause, Music Applause and i love playing – and i love – and i of course i love listening to music, because uh and of course i enjoy a Call listening to music on spotify using this phone, so one of the intriguing features that meredith saw for nato is under display and canyon 16mp in the front camera, so hindi, mosham, apapan sin, but its somewhere hidden somewhere here, somapapan simulandito. If when you turn it on and legend uh front facing camera its somewhere here, yeah almost the same as a center punch hole, nah placement door little front facing camera front facing camera, i dont know im gon na land. This shut up, maybe because so of course, if you want better selfie cameras, i would still suggest that you use a phone number punch hole, but this one is also okay uh.

Some of the photos that ive taken using this uh selfie camera under display, maraming, okay, but im being hindi pictures and some are pretty decent, so mostly mrs tabiko is hit and miss and financial control for nato. While i went to the grocery beat with kosano, i was able to take in some shots indoors and, of course, the montana coffee shop. I was able to take in some indoor shots and, of course, as well as some outdoor shots using this phone, which is so overall photos. I can say: ok, namansha its pretty nice uh there, its not the perfect camera that im looking for. But since the two for nato is a gaming phone, i dont put a high expectations, a canon camera, but this phone was able to take in some really decent shots. When it did answer, i was able to enjoy it for already a couple of days, and i love every single moment with it. One thing dinner pancakes is sometime so theres a lot of things that you can do details a game. Space center need red magic. A little game, space, wallpaper or text message, while youre playing the game, so itll even peripherals, feel nothing experienced its a red magic 7 pro i dont know cooler, dual core cooler, ice, headphones and, of course, esports handle and call of duty mobile, so panama, shoulder triggers. So all you have to do is swipe from the upper left corner everything that goes no uh change the acting uh shoulder trigger button reload button game on startup touch sensitivity network, the triggers is very responsive.

Our screen is very bright and set up. The loudspeaker is really uh awesome and playing all these titles, the nilotko dito. I think this probably is one of my favorite gaming phone for this year. Everything is nice, the sound is nice. The touch is nice sniper Applause, Music inside Applause, uh, Music. So, after playing all those titles and game details of nato mini after three hours of non stop gaming, wow Music right now here in the philippines summer in the summer, if youre inside the aircon room – probably indigenous, because right now, i test it so just normal open Air tina is uh open air aircon, so probably the reason it shot than usual is of course kolang so guys. I was really blown away and impressed and i love the gaming experience detail, though the camera isnt the best that ive seen in any gaming phones but overall, watching videos using the social media. Here this phone landline gaming is sober setup and i – and if you want to purchase one of these available only right now so shandy philippines ill be posting. The link below and definitely so, dont forget to like subscribe and, of course he clicked in there.