At that price point experience nato and im really blown away now, given it is a mediatek helio p35. I know thats a tom price traditional, but this one see p35 for me at this price point its a performer multitasking on the daily usage like browsing, the social media, watching some videos and, of course, well doing some video chat and it was able to score a Hundred twelve thousand points id like a bang phone at this price point: ahua cinema, eighty five thousand points and two to benchmark this one for me. Okay, alamo and simplifying your home screen is very easy to access without a problem and and if planning your booming network, nato for your childs online education problems magnet design – and i was really surprised now so five thousand pesos go. I can get a three design: 3d design silicon, which is mid range and surprisingly thin and light five thousand milliampere hours of battery. It can support up to 10 watts now charging which are fast charging, take note and the charge style from 15 to 100. It took me roughly around us, normally 10 watts. What do you expect then whats done is and what i did is simply uh normal daily usage, social media viber calls and, of course, watching some videos for gaming and sabine pc mark. It was able to squeak out 16 hours and 31 minutes no screen on time. For me, matagal nasha and on average usage two days is more than enough and hindi lanyon guys you can use it as a power bank.

Merchant reverse charging that normally menos among a phone around thirteen thousand pesos above ito and jenna. The only thing that she got eco goes to schedule: micro, usb posha, well, 2022, nasa negligent, accounting efforts, vivo outgoing type, sito im sure its a lot better micro usb cables. It has single camera, silicone, 8mp and 5mp camera and a teardrop notch and taking some photos well, not the best on any smartphone that ive tried. But since this is only a budget series around 5000 pesos, so i lowered down the expectation in taking some photos and going outdoors well. There are some photos that okay and, of course, uh some photos. Here i was able to take some punchy ones and some well not so punchy outdoors and pogba indoors. Well, there are some okinaman shots that will literally place and speaking of selfie 5 mp young camera. I dont expect too much from it and going outdoors you can get some pretty decent shots but, of course using it on zoom and using a viber chat. Video chat, oh hina mancha, was able to ask young counterparts for two weeks as my backup device. I can tell you now: okay uh, i love the display at 178 grams. I mean 170 grams is pretty pretty nice and pretty thin. You know winning factor no, but on the contrary, um the charging port could have been a type c. That would be a lot better for me and, of course, parallel price, now: five, two nine, nine and, of course, for the one thousand; first buyer melon, freebie, sivibo, ill post it on the link below check me out and guys.