This kit costs about 25 on amazon and should have all the tools we need to give our vehicle an excellent wash so lets go ahead and check it out for those of us who like to keep our car clean and have enough time to do it ourselves. Having a kit that has all the right tools for the job is absolutely essential to not wasting time or money. Ive reviewed car wash products on this channel before and have a video up on actually watching the bronco so be sure to check that out. But in that video you can see how many various amounts of tools and labor it takes to get your car clean, which is why i think youre really going to enjoy what comes in this wont off kit lets check out what comes inside the box in the Box were basically going to get a whole arsenal of scrubbing supplies that will ensure we always have the right tool for the job were going to get a large microfiber towel a windshield squeegee four aluminum poles for an extended handle, one microfiber duster and two microfiber mitts. Well, theres not much left to do here, but to start giving the bronco a bath so without any further ado lets get started. So first up were going to be testing out these microfiber mitts to do our first initial body wash since these mitts are on the larger side. We can see that we dont have to make many passes and can clean the body panels quite efficiently.

But now, as we finish, cleaning up, what we can reach were going to get to test out our next piece of equipment. The extended handle one of the biggest issues and missed places during a car wash is the roof and thats simply due to the fact that its hard to get to well here, we can see that this tool makes super easy work of hard to reach areas. Above and across the width of the vehicle, allowing us to be sure we dont leave a spot untouched. Best part is wantoff made this extended handle able to attach to not only the microfiber mitt, but also to the squeegee attachment which well use here in just a second up. Next were going to be cleaning the tires using the microfiber duster. This tool is great since its long and flexible, which allows you to get into all the little cracks and crevices pretty easily. But if you havent checked out my video on the fastest tire cleaning tool, i highly recommend you do. There will be a card here as well as in the description below that will direct you right over to that. Video moving on were going to be rinsing off our lathered up, bronco, revealing its beautiful rapid red paint and have it all ready to be dried and treated here is where we will be using that squeegee and microfiber towel to take care of the drying and make Sure to not leave any streaks behind then we can add the finishing touches and were done.

That was just great all the different tools really cut down on the time it takes to do this car wash since they pretty much include everything. Youll need to do. Majority of the scrubbing, which, after all, is the biggest and hardest part of the car wash, and i can confidently say that this passes the test. If youre looking for a kit to help you wash your car in a reasonable amount of time, you should visit the link in the description below and check this out and see if its a good fit for you, while youre down there be sure to check out The links to my other videos and consider hitting like subscribe and ringing the bell, so you dont, miss a future upload and go ahead and also drop a comment down below on a gadget. Youd like me to review next and ill be sure to check it out. Well, thats, all i have for you today, so thank you so much for watching.