We are going to be testing out and reviewing highly rated amazon kitchen gadgets all under 20. So before we jump into that review, if you want to give this video a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button, and also that notification bell, you will be notified every single time. We upload new content all right lets get into this. I am so excited about this product. Have you guys ever heard of a danish dough? No, no! No! I have not either, but i i saw it pop up so many times on facebook, and i just i wanted to try it so um. This is. I know i am not going to say this right, but its jai fuel danish hand mixer dough hook and its made with stainless steel on top with these two little eyes on there. That is supposed to help mix everything faster and more, even than just like a spatula or a spoon and its made with a extremely durable wooden handle 6.99 on amazon, guys wow. That was pretty cool, thats great so hopefully, and it does feel pretty sturdy. So lets see if this works okay, so we i wanted to try it on three different kinds of textures, mixer and mixes, just to see how it goes, how it works with three different types and textures were gon na. Try cornbread mix peanut butter cookies because thats, like my favorite and then like a pizza crust, because i thought that would be really tough yeah.

You know to see itll put this to the top, so lets get started on this okay, so we are going to start with the cornbread mix. So in here ive got the cornbread mix, the milk and the eggs, which is what is on the package lets see. If this works guys im so excited about this, this is actually that is going really quick and it sort of scrapes the sides down too. That is really cool. I feel, like you know, to get into that. Just scrape it along the sides. Yes thats. What i like the roundness yes and you know what and it doesnt get all goopy and sticky on it, its pretty clean stuff, wow, thats, completely, really, really cool and quick and very quick and its. You know what and it wasnt a struggle so lets try the next one Music. So we tried it on all three doughs and i have to tell you you guys. This is phenomenal, super easy it it mixed everything with ease it made it even its great quick slide and you can hold on to it. You can tell the difference between, like the corn mix, the cookie dough and the pizza dough, but its nothing that you struggle with. At least i felt struggle or anything. I thought it was really good, and you know what is so good about this. You dont have to lug out your great big mixer with the different dough hooks or whatever you know.

This is so easy to store and to pull out and use, and you get the job done. The exact same way. You would, if you had a big mixer and it didnt really get caught up in it. You know it didnt get globbed on right. It seemed like it just kept, cutting through yeah and and and without being sharp at all, which is its right. Yeah theres no sharpie yeah its a mystery. It is a mystery, but its a good mystery. That is a good product. It is a good product, very good product. Next up is the besort, easy, o rotary whisk, and this is 12.99 and it comes with a 12 inch and a 10 inch, and it also comes with a small silicone spatula for 12.99 thats, pretty good yeah thats right now, i dont, i know whisking eggs is Not that hard to do, but i never seem to get the right. You know i never seem like its its whisked enough. So i just maybe dont have the right wrist action. So this actually, as you push down it turns so its pretty cool, yeah yeah. So simply youre supposed to just be able to put this in with the eggs and then just keep pushing and get whisked eggs in a matter of minutes. Thats, amazing, okay, thats pretty. That is really cool its amazing. I love this this to me. I know its not a hard thing to do, but im already thinking that with egg whites yeah to be able to whisk them yeah now.

This is quite long for this bowl, but im sure that if i use the little the little tiny one, the 10 inch one so its even better – and you know what this i im thinking somebody who might have limited ability. You know with wrists yeah, just pressing down might be very easy to do. If you guys want do you want to try it just to see how easy it is. I mean its like effortless im, hardly putting any pressure on it. Its effort – oh wow, yeah, that is really cool. I i like that. Yes, i think that is great, so i i think that it would be a great device for senior citizens or someone, like you said, with limited mobility in their wrists, its just a matter of pushing it with a finger really yeah and – and you can get perfectly Whisked eggs really quick. I think i love that the fact that you get two sizes and a spatula – yes, 12.99, its not all that expensive. But to me i am so happy with this yeah. I would definitely definitely use it. I would too i was. I was a little skeptical at first and then once you, i saw how fast it did it yeah and how easy it was. I it blew me away. Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely definitely a great thing. Our next fun gadget is prep works, compact egg slicer, and this goes for 11.99, and what caught my eye was ive, seen them where you could cut it or slice neck, two different ways: yeah, and this one actually has three different ways which i thought was really Interesting and then it also had a note on there, which i would have never thought of that you could slice, mushrooms and strawberries with these as well.

Oh thats cool. I thought that was pretty cool, so they come all together and you just pull it out and heres, where your your put your egg or your strawberry or your mushroom. Okay, it has the straight one, which would be your slicer and then it has one. It almost looks like a pie like a pizza, yeah and then right directly in half. I have never seen this so um. What lets say. We get some eggs and see how this is okay. Here we have some hard boiled eggs that we are going to slice and dice and do all kinds of fun stuff with um fits right in there perfectly and lets start off with the slicer, the one that has all the slices across. I think thats, the most popular one, yeah people have seen that more so well start off with this and lets just hold it. Oh see all the way down all the way down and lets see and im gon na tell you one major thing that i just found with this and it excites me. First of all, we have all kinds of glasses thats perfect, but you know what it goes. All the way through have you guys ever used the ones that come close yes and they dont go all the way through. Yes, i had one of those the way through. Oh my gosh thats, all the way. Through i love this i must have. I i have a really hard time cutting eggs.

I just feel like when i cut them, they just crumble and they, yes, those are perfectly sliced yeah perfectly. Oh thats, thats, really cool and im obsessed with that. How it goes all the way through. Oh im, thrilled about that. I have never used one that kind of quarters them or you know so well put that there well grab another egg. Put it again right, there fits perfectly and it holds it really well lets see how this goes. Look at this! Oh, how fun? Okay, this is pretty cool and then how theyre like little pie strawberries. I love that theyre like little wedges, yes, wedges yeah. That is the perfect word. I love that that is really cool. Im gon na put those over here that, like ups, your salad game, if you like to do you know eggs inside i love dancing. Yes, i have never seen one that cuts them right in half. So this one im really curious about. Oh, my gosh, it is like so effortless so effortless. I love how about that im excited about this, and i bet you you could do it wheres the wrong way. Just gon na say you got it lengthwise right in here. You guys it just it was so it was like cutting through butter, butter, yeah, so soft yeah. I love that that is worth it to me. Yes, that is definitely worth it to me as much as i make salads and love eggs in my salad.

I would use this all the time well and and not only that, but i have a hard boiled eggs for breakfast, and so i dont just eat the whole, like i like to have it sliced and eat it with maybe like a little piece of bacon or Something and like i said i destroy them when i cut them and this this is so right up my alley. I love it now. One thing ive never cut with strawberries because i am like so so curious about this luscious little strawberry. So lets put it this way and im gon na use. The slicer was pretty fast. It was pretty okay, so you can see that yeah. That is. This is amazing. Awesome. I love this yeah amazing. I i love that that is so fun so much fun. Oh, that is a really cool tool. I like really good tools. This to me is worth the money yeah me too, not that expensive. But to me for how much i cut eggs and strawberries – and you know it is just that – is quick and easy, quick and easy, and it doesnt take up a lot of space in your mouth, no, its just anywhere else. I love it right now and yeah put it away, but i i like that you have choices on how to how you want to cut your yes, yes and your strawberries. Yeah awesome love that awesome. This is the slicex vegetable slicing guide, it is 16.

99 and this is supposed to assist you in cutting those round vegetables and fruits that are hard to cut on a cutting board, and this is supposed to assist you in doing that in one quick and easy slice And youre supposed to get perfect slices every time so lets see if that is actually true all right. So this comes with two plastic pieces and it is dishwasher, safe and youre supposed to just be able to slide these together, like that. Okay – and it creates this x and youre supposed to be able to put your food in here. Oh, that is a really nice slime. So we have a couple different items here that we are going to try lets start with the cherry tomatoes. You put them in here like this and um, and then lets see what happens. Okay, so all of the tomatoes are in there and im using a serrated knife, because i find when i cut tomatoes. Serrated knife works, better doesnt squish them. So, oh you know what, though i think it has a little little notch here, and i bet if i turn it around this way, yeah im going in this direction exactly so lets hope that i dont cut a finger off in the process and lets hope i Get nice halved, tomatoes in one fell swoop, so here i go oh and they just kind of moved a little. So i dont think that was supposed to happen, but all right, so the ones that were left are it that didnt roll off are oh theyre slices thats.

Pretty i mean i get the concept of it. I guess i guess: well i get it its not that hard to cut tomatoes. I could do them all really quick in one shot, so that to me is a time saver um i dont, like i said i had to roll out so that could have been user error on my part, but at least with the tomatoes it seemed like it. They cut them pretty quickly, yeah so lets try. We have. We also have some grapes and some blueberries so lets see how it works on these all right. So next up are grapes. I theyre just we lost that man over. We have a runaway yep, so um just put them in there so lets see without cutting my fingers off okay. So in one here we go so lets see if oh, the grapes of a grape. So much now we have half grapes, so that was actually pretty pretty easy and easy, and you know especially for moms who like to cut up grapes. I mean i mean perfect snack size to get a lunch so that and its all done quickly – and this is new right out of the box – ive not used this before and it was pretty easy to do im still kind of rusty at it. But im sure i would get better at it with time so yeah i mean the grapes worked pretty well pretty well. Okay.

Lets lets, try the lily ones. Okay, we got blueberries in there which are. This is going to be interesting because theyre very tiny – and i i itll, be interesting to see if they slice quickly. I dont usually slice my blueberries, but you know lets see if it works. Okay, they rolled around a little while one kind of oh but they didnt cut, but they didnt cut it in half. I had one that didnt, but the rest of these are cut in half. That is pretty interesting and it was in one so yeah thats pretty interesting. You know for me, i dont i like it. I dont cut my blueberry, so it wouldnt be used for that. But i cut a lot of cherry tomatoes and i cut and i do cut grapes when i make a fruit salad. So for me i mean to do it quickly for a snack or for whatever its a nice. It doesnt hold that many. So i i dont know compared to how quick it is from doing this to doing it individually, but it does work so the the idea is, you can cut them in one quick thing and thats what it did. I, like that its um storable, you unconnect it and it stores flat and its dishwasher safe. All those are great things for me. What do you guys think yeah? I agree, i think you know, especially if youre, making salads or something that you will be chopping.

A lot of or slicing a lot of, i think, its a time saver. I think the price is a little bit high, though it is a little bit high for for a device like this, that you may not use as frequently right right, but i mean i like the concept of it. I can see how you would get your your stuff sliced, like that. I do i like the idea of it. I i dont cut a lot of small things, so for me i i wouldnt pay. I wouldnt buy that because i i wouldnt use it yeah and that would be going. I would its not it wouldnt be my go to think. Oh, i got to do this right. Yeah yeah, i dont know i dont know if i would just just assume, just grab the knife and cut it yeah rather than pull this out, put it together and then do it that im im, not sure, is the time saver. I think doing it all in one shot and if youre looking strictly at what the device is meant to do, it does what it says its going to do, whether its useful to you. You know i dont know that that im still on the fence about yeah, especially at 16.99. Okay, that does it for us guys. We hope you have as much fun as we did, because we had a blast. We love trying these products and, if you did like it make sure you hit that like button, that was a good one and the subscribe button and hit that notification bell.