We’Ve made it easy to end points for those who come and play regularly. Enough said you can check out the details of the mission and the stats of your rewards at the official lunar year. Promotions website now and then there’s a link to it, which i’ll put in the description of this video as well for you, so it’s, nice and easy there’ll also be a link in the description as well of how to one of the videos i did about how To create your pubg global account uh, because you’ll need that to tie up with your xbox or your steam account, whichever platform you’re playing on and it’ll be a link for that one as well, then. Finally, the schedule, so the schedule for this event is from the 9th and the 10th to the 23rd and 24th of february, depending on your time zone. And how do you participate so the supported platforms for this promotion is pc on steam, console xbox, playstation and stadia there’s. Two ways to choose from you to participate. Uh. Please note that console platform only supports option number two so option. One is visit visit the lunar new year’s promotion website by selecting the link from the lobby option two visit, the new leader promotions website, that’s what you have to do for the console and then, when you click on the website, you click login and then that’s. When you log in with your pubg global account, but i say if you’ve not got your pubg globe, look out yet take a look at the link in the video in the description under that you get that side effects then go and log in and then you’ll Be accumulating all your rewards and then it says log in with your global account.

Next up is the rewards, so you can get the queen’s guard hat the queen’s guard outfit. The queen’s guard die down, uh victory, dance, emote 38. I believe it is, and the de throw back right as well, which has like quite a few weird skins in from multiple different things. Some of them were purchasable g kind ones as well. As i remember, some are from older passes. I’Ll show you exactly what’s in that crate a bit further in the video and then finally there’s a couple of like other little things that they say when you get to the promotions website. Click agree for the pop up message after participating in the events. Points will be accumulated and rewards will be considered automatically, so there’s need need to go back and click claim or anything once you’ve signed up. You can just do the missions, which again are fairly simple and i’ll. Show you in a second and then just keep doing them day on day, and then you just automatically get the rewards. You can check the status if you’re interested on the website. Uh rewards can be will just be found under the customization menu you don’t have to go to a utility and open them with the exception of the throwback rate, and then it says, points earned through the lunar. 2021 event can all be used for the specific items. As said and you can’t exchange them for g coin or other items, obviously, which is what would have assumed uh, you can only receive items according to the accumulated points during the event uh, and then it says, if you have any, if you’re having any issues uh, Then go through to the pubg player, support page and again, i’ll i’ll slap a link to that in the description as well.

So if you are having issues pairing up, your accounts go through to them, they’ll be able to help you out next we’ll. Take a look at the actual website itself, so when you get onto the website you click log in, like i said, i’m logged in now, so i can show you how the mission is tracking and stuff like that. It tells you at the top when the next set of daily missions is available, so another just short, 14 hours there and then let’s have a look. So you get your exclusive rewards. It just goes over an overview of what we’ve just discussed and then how to participate so and one lucky point per day four, so you get one point per doing each of these, like i said i just basically turned the game on uh to see what, whether It how quickly attract it uh it tracks it super quick uh. It didn’t look straight away. I just pressed f5 on the keyboard and then it appeared immediately uh, which is pretty good player due or ranked match five minutes and then play three games for five minutes. So basically, if you play three games a day and one from the duo or squad, then you’re gon na do all of these. So that means you can get four points a day: the event’s on for 14 days, so that’s like 14 times four, so that’s like what 58 points or something like that, quite a few.

So more than enough to get all the items, i think you, the highest item is 28 and it accrues. It’S, not i’ll, show you in a sec. You get one bonus point for uh doing this, but you have to do this to be able to get the stuff anyway, so, on the first day, you’ll get five. If you do everything, so you get to your rewards tracker here, uh, like i said i’m on the over on the xbox and i’ve, currently on three points, so that’s, one, two, three so i’ve so far, i’ve unlocked the throwback crate. Now, by the end of today, i’m going to play a couple of games later on and i’ll be on five points total. So then, tomorrow, when the new missions are on, there, i’ll be able to go up, so you don’t click claim anything it just. Does it automatically but i’m still on three points? It’S not took my point away from me, so it’s your total points. You just unlock the highest item, which is the victory. Dance 38 is 29 points so, like i say you don’t even have to play every day during the event just like most of them and then you’ll be able to get that. So probably, if you played like eight days and did all the missions you’d get everything uh, which is pretty good and accessible for a lot of people, i would have thought and again this is just about your pubg global account stuff.

So these are all the different platforms that you can do. Obviously things like discord, twitch and stuff aren’t relevant this time around, but they have been for promotions uh in the past. Uh, like xbox you’ve, got your your consoles and stuff there uh so that’s over at the website. I’Ll now show you the in game. So here we are on my pub g game uh. So, as you’ll see the first item, which was only what the one point has appeared here now in terms of the items itself in this uh throwback crate, you can actually get some pretty good items. Uh, so you’ve got the tiger print parachute uh one that i’m hoping i can get, is the turquoise light k9, which is in the raider crate, i believe, but it’s like super it’s, like a red level rarity but it’s only purple in this uh. I think, throughout this promotion you get like four of these crates, so you got four chances. So you’ve got the the leather jackets here which are really cool for those people who missed out on when they first launched. Uh you’ve got this dress, which i’m pretty sure this dress was actually a g coin item it’s not got the full outfit here. I think the shoes are part of it. Perhaps yeah they are uh, so you can near enough get the full outfit of that. If you’re looking uh you’ve got some uh weapons and stuff you’ve got the silver plate, scar, a couple of different things and then you’ve got some of the more basic stuff which you’d just expect.

Although the frying pan is good, if you’re a more recent player because uh that was the first frying pan skin, i think on console and it’s quite an old one now, so you do get a good chance of that and that’s a not rare at all. In this thing, so it should be nice and easy for you. Yes, that’s the menu let’s have a quick look at what i’m gon na get here cross your fingers for me – and i got the checkered shirt. Of course uh, which is amazing, has it got a timer on it: i’m hoping they’re, not a timed skin, because that would be stupid, uh yeah, so you it’s what what’s the yeah that’s stupid to me. So it’s a timed skin for these as well so that’s. Just really stupid, uh yeah, i mean so the the throwback crate is pointless, then uh, that’s official uh, but certainly the other items i’m, hoping that they’re not a time skin. Otherwise that will be super annoying uh but yeah.