Do another unboxing and thats gon na be the silent click wireless mouse. You can buy it in any electronic or computer shop size, so look for this brand dress so actually uh this portable mouse that we found some of the brand like um. You know the creative brand its more expensive than this one. So, if youre, looking, if youre looking for a comfortable mouse and affordable mouse, so i think i advise you to try this brand guys. Alright, so were gon na do unboxing of this brand and were gon na do a review for this because uh i just bought my new locked up so so we bought at the same time this trust wireless mouse. I choose wireless mouse than the cord one because of its comfortability, because if you want to move to another place, so its easy for you to you want to make your things in the sofa or while youre watching tv, so its easy for you to grab it. No need to plug it right, so so all right without further ado lets get into the video Music.