I wanted to go over the brand new skins that just came to live server with patch 10.3, which is out today on pc and it’ll, be out next week, that’s a february 16th on console, so we’ll go over to the store all right, so we’ll filter this From featured to new and we’ve got a few emotes we’ve got the lunar queen the lunar king set. Then we have the king’s guard set and then there are some other ones for the pgis which we covered in a previous video, and i know a lot of you have been waiting on my picks, for which teams are going to win the uh. The esports pick em challenge and that video will be coming out tomorrow or thursday, and the reason why we want to wait as late as possible is because that’ll give the teams an opportunity to play all their matches, or at least play more of their matches. To give us a better idea of which teams are gon na, make it to the top four and which teams we think are gon na, have the most kills so make sure to be subscribed to the channel for that video again, that’ll be uh, wednesday or thursday. When that video comes out and i’ll try to do that every week, so a video every wednesday every thursday going over my picks, okay uh, so let’s go over these items here, so let’s go to featured new all right.

So first up is a victory dance for 400 gemstones. What we got: okay, that’s, pretty cool, a little break, dance, that’s gon na be pretty cool with the uh, with the new team emote feature, ooh don’t buy it slow dodge. Oh that’s actually really cool like the matrix one yo. Imagine that you’re doing this emote in game and someone misses the snipe on you. Oh now they heard it they’re back, okay, all right, and that was the cheap one too. Here we go, this ebook can be performed with up to four team members. Oh did the other one not say that. So this is part of the new team emote dance uh, which, if you haven’t seen my latest video on the patch 10.3, make sure to go and uh. Read that or go listen to that rather go over everything. You need to know about patch 10.3 that one doesn’t say team, emote, interesting, so that’s, the only team, email right now, all right so lunar, queen costume, set for 1550 gemstones and you’re gon na get the hair the hairdo right. Okay, the hair doing little was that a peacock crown what the hell is. That looks like a peacock crown up up something like that. I guess i don’t know uh, and then we have the uh. Obviously the dress, the outfit, which is okay, not really my style but it’s, okay, the lunar king costume. Now i actually okay, so this headdress first of all is dope, love that and this bit here i wish you could do just the purple i’m.

Not a big fan of the red pants um, but that’s cool – i mean you know it looks nice. One thing about these kind of outfits, too, is that they can trick the people who are shooting at you, where they think they’re, hitting you on the legs or something or in the arms, and that bullet’s actually going right through the uh, the arm or the back. The back part here so it’s actually kind of um kind of cheeky to have a loose fitting outfit, the king’s guard costume. This is probably the coolest one i think of these to me of the new ones. I just think it just looks like uh the most warrior, like obviously it’s a king’s guard, but this mask 2 is super cool and you can get that mask separate too. If you just love that it reminds me that that netflix tv show uh money, heist really cool, show all right now. Here we go the lunar weapon, bundle and i’ll admit i haven’t purchased any of the actual skins. Yet because i just dropped some g coin. On the pgis to get some tokens, but i do love these i’m, a big fan of black and gold, and i think they look really cool nice little dragon on the side there, the g36 still holding it down, looking pretty good, the first i’m pretty sure this Is the first mosin skin right it’s about dang time that you get a skin for that gun, not that anyone picks it up anyway, right it looks good good, good skin nonetheless, and then the uh, the qbu yeah.

I think that is a peacock right. That’S kind of a nice little touch a little emblem there or jim rather that’s, for what twenty three ninety, so you get forty percent off. If you buy the bundle, the lunar weapon bundle one just as the ak and the qbe for 1500, you can get uh. Just the mosin and the g3 for 1500. Now this bad boy uh, my buddy molu, has this in game. This actually looks really cool. This applies to the there’s 300 gemstones. The only problem is that it’s kind of bait, because, like this isn’t actually where it hits like the the hit marker is like somewhere around here, so it kind of it’s kind of tough to get melee hits with that. The lunar king dirt bike, i think, it’s pretty cool. I like it. I like the little red accents on the suspension, the brake calipers and just it looks neat i like that. Uh lunar, queen motorbike that’s, not really my my favorite here. This is kind of meh imo, uh, just the mass for 300, just the kingsguard outfit. Without the mask for 14.90, you can buy the weapons individually if you want, but, like i said, i haven’t bought any of those yet because i just dropped all the freaking g coin on this pgis value bundle because it came with all of the skins and 21 Pgis coupons, which, as you know, we’re gon na need to vote for the pick em challenge and then i think we’ve already gone over those uh.

The colorful chaos set, which i got the uh the weapon set, which i thought was pretty dope, um. Okay, so that’s it for new skins. So just a quick recap: my videos for esports pikmin challenge will come out every wednesday or thursday somewhere around there, giving you uh two days or three days to get your votes in on which teams you think you’re gon na win and also i’ll have another video Coming out tomorrow, with this brand new event mode zone tag, i’ll have all the details and the gameplay in that next video it’s a limited time mode only for five days on pc and it starts next week for console so more than that to come. It’S kind of like freeze tag, but for pub g all right guys. Well, i hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did leave a thumbs up if you’re new here make sure to subscribe for more pub g content, and i will see you guys in the next video and today’s clip shout out goes to historic shots. You can find him on twitch and on twitter. This crazy shot came from the backseat of adasia after his buddy was egging him on. If you guys would like to be featured in the next video make sure to be following me on twitter, where i post, where i’m accepting the next clips. Thank you guys again very much for watching hope. You have a great day take care peace.