We have buy it in mi. Now we are unboxing this. Our tv is like somewhat uh old, so we want to watch youtube chromecast, prime. The next fix everything lets see how it works with worth of, like 2 000 rupees. Now its done now lets open this mi tv stick uh. Here we got an mi tv stick and a bluetooth voice, remote and power adapter with this uh. This is the remote and uh we we need to plug this into our tv, which we get this all everything. Google assistant, youtube, netflix, horseshow, wood, spotify and everything now lets open this somewhat. This is all for 3000 rupees see we got a remote nice, remote uh. We need to close this Music now lets connect this into a tv here. We need to connect this uh here to a tv. This thing to a tv connect this to an hdmi slot, after plugging uh to hdmi uh. We need to get into this and we get a screen like this into this installation guide. First step is like done: plug mi tv stick into tvs, hdmi port. We did it and next plug the power adapter into a socket outlet. Yes, we have done that and the third step is like switch your tv to hdmi source accordingly in tv settings. Yes, we have done that and next set up mi tv stick and connect to your wi fi network. This is like remaining now in your wi fi press.

These two buttons, as shown here like this now its connecting yes and choose the language english Music. My region is india connect with wi fi. You can also connect with mobile data im here, connecting with wi fi type or say: okay, google set up my device now here we search for devices like this already we have connected with the wi fi and next part. We need to connect with your phone. You just its like a simple process now i want to show this connect using a mobile data. Okay, select this! You get available networks here here i choose and enter password. Ub pause after signing in you get this. You are signed into with your connected gmail.com, and next we just next continue. Apps are installing. Next, these are the instructions. Its a voice assistant cast your tv, like smart, mirroring, agree to the conditions. Now we are into finally to our fire. Stick sign in to your network and successfully. We are done that and now you can see anything prime netflix screen mirroring on youtube and everything we just go into anything and just search for anything uh. We are here now i signed into my account and now just you can see this and you can. I went to the first song here, a trending song pushpa. Now i stop my sound and now you can put on your sound and just look this picture uh.