So lets dive in and talk about the features of this tinder paperwhite. So the kinder paperwhite actually comes with a 300 ppi resolution with a glare free surface and its super light and very very easy to hold when youre reading it. So it fits in most bags. So it also fits in into my small bag that i carry around every single day, so theres a brightness control, backlight that you can control, depending on the situation that you are reading your kindle on. So you can actually change the font, size, the font type and even the margin. This is one of the things that i really love a lot because in the physical book, sometimes they really print it. So small that you just dont want to read it at all, because you just like for me, i just cant, read it and on the kinder, you can actually adjust it according to your liking, like if you want it to be smaller or bigger. So this is one of my favorite features, theres a dictionary built in which you can just click on it, and then it will show you the translation and usage in the sentence instead instantaneously. Also, one of my favorite part is: there is a display of time left in the chapter, so you get to know how much time is left in the chapter. So it comes the text back, so this actually comes in a six inch display and it comes with uh, eight gig or 32 gig, which i think that eight gig is more than sufficient, because i use less than five percent of it like unless youre a heavy Reader, then you, if you have like a few hundred or few thousand books, that you want to carry around in your kinder, then theres, the cellular and non cellular models, which i think that you should actually get the non cellular models in state.

Unless you have a lot of money to spend, because in these days, like its quite obsolete, because you have hotspots from your phone and you dont – really download books every day or every hour, so theres also the water resistant feature, which is an ipx8 rating water resistant Which allows you to submerge it into water for up to two meters up to 60 minutes, and there is 16 levels of brightness which you can adjust, which i think that it is way more than enough, because youll be using around like 5 to 12 or 13 Of the level brightness normally so theres the tips and tricks, so the first one is something that i shouldnt be talking about in youtube. I might be banned for it, but you can dm me for more information, so that is like downloading books externally. So tip number two is reading before bit. It actually helps insomnia and helping you sleep better and then tip number three will be the light setting. So if you have gotten a new kinder, so i would say the light setting for a beginner for you to adapt to the lighting uh with no lights on at all. You can actually set it to about eight to ten and then uh in indoor situation. You can actually set it to about 12 to 14, and in outdoors you actually dont even need the light at all. You can actually dial the light to zero, so use scenario.

You can actually use it while youre commuting, while youre traveling. This is very good for traveling, like you, do a lot of waiting in the airports and waiting for this and that, and that is the time where you can actually pick up the kindle and actually read from there and one of the favorite one i have is Reading in bait, in awkward position like you can actually read this in like awkward position, you can skip sideways and then you can be like different awkward positions, whereas a book you cant really in awkward position because the book will keep falling apart or or whatever you Call that, like the pages, will flip and and whatnot its very hard to hold a book, but for a kinder is like very easy to hold, and then there comes the charging, so kinder actually lasts for about four to eight weeks, depending on how much you read. So if you read about 30 minutes to an hour, it will last you for four weeks to eight weeks. If you are reading crazily like two hours a day, it would last you about two weeks, which i think its quite reasonable and the kinder paperwhite four and the base modded is actually still using the micro usb and you need to charge it for like three to Four hours, which i think its also very reasonable like when you charge it once and you use it for weeks or months, so the conclusion is, it really encourages light to medium user.

Like me like, i do read, but i only read occasionally, but it does encourage me to read even more, and this is definitely very, very recommended for heavy readers like if you read every day, you read a lot every day. This is something that will really change your way of reading and change your perceptions toward reading. It is so easy and so simple, like you, can carry around all your books with you wherever you go, so what i think is you can actually leave off any models of the kinder, even the basic one, because ive actually gotten the basic kinder back then and Ive actually used it for one month and fell in love with it. If the price is way too much difference, i would say: if you are on a budget, you can go for the kinder basic, which is a 167 bpi resolution, but i think its actually quite fine. But if you have more money to spend, then you can actually go for the better version with 300 ppi and the rest of it is actually quite the same. Maybe this the screen is much bigger and if you are looking at the paperwhite five, it has a 6.6 inch display, which is slightly even bigger, but that really depends on the budget that you are going for. So we have come to the end of the video. Thank you for watching my video. My name is chucky.