1 by 76.4 by 8.8 millimeters weight 195 grams display size, 6.6, inches type, pls lcd resolution 1080 by 2408 pixels density 400 pixels per inch, refresh rate 60 hertz peak brightness, 587 nits positive points, 1., dual sim 2. excellent screen, saver, gorilla, glass, 5, 3, good screen resolution, negative points; 1., no official, waterproof certificate, 2., 60, hertz refresh rate 3. heavy and thick 4. color Accuracy is mediocre: 5. brightness is mediocre, smash that subscribe button, Music performance and connectivity, Music, cpu, exynos, 850. gpu, mali, g52 ram, three, four slash: six gigabytes: storage, 32, 64, 128 gigabytes operating system, android 12, one ui, 4.1 and 2d benchmark 136286 valon, dual band wi fi Direct hotspot, bluetooth, 5.0 a2dp la gps, yes with a gps, glonass, usb usb type c 2.0 usb on the go fingerprint side mounted: Music, positive points: 1., nfc, 2., accelerometer compass, galileo, bds, 3., microsdxc dedicated slot negative points; 1., no 5g and radio 2 for hardware 3.. No gyro and proximity camera section cameras, quad wide 50, megapixels, f, slash 1.8 daf, ultra wide 5 megapixels, f, 2.2 123 degree, macro 2, megapixels, f, 2.4 depth, 2 megapixels, f, 2.4 led flash hdr panorama, video main camera 1080p at 30fps, selfie, 8, megapixels, f, 2.2, video Selfie 1080p at 30fps, camera review main camera in this price range. The image quality is very good, convenient details and low noise. Shooting speed is not good due to poor hardware ultra wide, like the main camera.

The quality of ultra wide photos in this price range is satisfactory. Macro good for entertainment, depth. Portrait quality is very good selfie. The quality of selfies is very good. Nice details and accurate colors focus is steady, but good shots can be taken. Video recording the quality of the recorded videos is satisfactory, but you cannot shoot 4k movies. There is no image stabilization and you cannot take good motion. Pictures Music smash that like and subscribe button sound and battery loudspeaker, yes capacity, lipo 5000 milliampere hours fast, charging, 15 watt positive points, one 3.5, millimeters jack, two good battery life negative points, 1., medium, sound quality, 2. charging speed is slow. 3.. No stereo speakers conclusion section positive points: 1., excellent, screensaver, 2., good screen resolution 3., nfc, 4., good quality front and rear cameras, 5. good battery life, 6., good quality, main camera Applause, negative points; 1., no official, waterproof certificate; two 60 hertz refresh rate three poor hardware; four, No 5g and radio and gyro five four hardware: six, no image: stabilization 7; medium, sound quality, 8. charging speed is slow, alternative, section, samsung, galaxy a225, gn xiaomi, poco m4, pro 5g n xiaomi redmi, note 11 and samsung galaxy a22 and samsung galaxy f23n. Realm 8 rate. This phone from 1 to 10.