Now the main way it differs from the standard venue 2 is that it now incorporates a built in speaker and microphone, more of which later another difference is that, whereas the standard venue 2 is available in two sizes, with a 40 millimeter and a 45 millimeter body, This venu 2 plus, is just available with a in between sized 43 millimeter diameter case, its still fiber reinforced polymer, and it incorporates the screen from the larger standard venue thats a four one: six by four one: six pixel 33 millimeter diameter amoled. It also comes in slate black and ivory, and it takes standard 20 millimeter, quick release strap, so you can change those as well. The plus also has a slimmer ring around the uh screen, which gives the watch a more compact feel. The screen is still pretty well protected, its gorilla glass and it has a metallic coating to resist scratches on the back like the standard venue too theres a pulse rate and oximeter sensor. Theres, a charging port there, its waterproof to 5 atm thats about 50 meters and theres little hole there for the microphone. A grille here for the speaker on this side and an extra physical button there in the middle, which you can set various custom functions for and when you give it a long press, itll automatically summon up the voice assistant on a paired phone, whether its google assistant Bixby or indeed siri now this isnt necessarily quite as useful as it sounds, because you dont have access to all the phones apps, but you can do things like reply to text messages, ask what the weathers going to be like, or indeed play music through supported apps, Including amazon, music, deezer and spotify now those tracks can also be played through the phones built in speaker, its quite low volume, though that could be useful at times.

You can also make and receive calls using the watch. I found people could easily understand what i was saying. The microphone quality is good and it cut out background noise. Well, although again the speaker itself is quite low volume and when people started talking, i thought i could miss the starts of the conversations a bit now on top of the speaker and microphone. Youve got the easy to use menu system. You get on the standard model to get your data you swipe up from the bottom of the face, and youve got a whole list of different categories. There. You can customize whats in that list. Obviously things like steps and floors. Climbed are likely to be amongst your choices. I found the data in those categories to be comparable with those i got from other devices, the accuracy of the floors, climbed helped by the fact that youve got a built in barometer and gyroscopes and accelerometers. I did find, though you needed to calibrate the altimeter quite frequently. The watch takes all the data, including the heart rate, variability from the heart rate, monitor and combines it to come up with a lot of subjective data categories as well. You get a sleep score. You get your stress levels recorded. You get a body battery to see whether youre running low. You also get a fitness age calculator and a health snapshot feature, though battery life is slightly reduced from some versions of the venue, its still a strength, its claimed to be up to nine days.

That very much depends on how you use it. I found with the pulse oximeter on continuously with the screen, not on continuously and at medium brightness and using gps. Occasionally i was down to 19 battery. On the fourth day after a recharge, i went to bed competent in the knowledge that i would be able to charge it in the morning, but unfortunately, it conked out during the night and i lost some of the data i hadnt sunk to my phone um. I think id end up charging it about every three days, just to be sure, notifications come through clearly from apple maps and whatsapp. For example. I found i actually had to turn some of the notifications off, because i found them more obtrusive on the watch than they are on my phone theres, a healthy range of workouts. You can download to the watch for free, including graphics in many cases, and you can also download different watch faces. Many of these are also free. You can also download maps to take advantage of the gps and the watch supports garmin pay their contactless payment system, although at the moment very few uk banks support it. So you need to check that yours does. I think the venue 2 plus is an excellent fitness. Smart watch, the main decision is whether its extra price for that speaker and microphone is really worthwhile for you.