A category product that i think is is something ive always wanted to try out. This is an ice cube maker by rw, flame thats, rw, flame and theyre, professional manufacturer of home appliance appliances such as electric fireplaces wine refrigerators, ice makers, freezers and so on, Music. So, once again its rw flame, you can find them at rwflame.com. The company sent this owed me, so i really appreciate that very excited to test it out. Uh in case youre, wondering sku26581202512 item number z5812h black. So this is a product. Ive always wanted an ice cube maker. Actually, i love having cold drinks, and so if this is actually works, ill be very excited, so yeah lets open it up, see whats inside see, if its any good see if it actually works, see if ill actually be using this on a regular basis. I have no idea where im going to put it, but it could be a cool item. So here we go all right. So its a pretty heavy item just based on weight. I dont know how many pounds it is, but it is quite heavy which is, i guess, a good sign. You know its not some cheap little thing, you know all right, so you get a cord. Do the little unboxing we have the. Let me just move this back a little bit: the instruction booklet right here, portable automatic ice maker, hzb 12h, all right, some sort of handle the cord, so its always a big test.

How do you get these these heavy items out of the box all right there? We go you kind of hold it. I dont want it to like fall everywhere, all right, so there we go its upside down all right. I avoided disaster, but check this out. I i think i might have to get rid of my blender. I have this big bulky blender, but i think once i get rid of that, i could possibly have some ice cubes ready to go all right. So let me just its got a little fan right here fan on the other side, you got a nice long cord, which is nice. This thing opens up like so, and a little handle check that out little handle for your ice cube, ice, cubes and theres. Another piece of tape here i dont know if you ever got a refrigerator, but they have all the when you buy one. They have all these little pieces of tape to kind of secure everything, and this is kind of thats. What it reminds me of you got to take off all these little pieces. So let me just show you its got. A little drain cover right there that little piece comes off theres, a piece of tape on that and then, if you can see, let me just show you theres little metal tips right there. I guess thats, maybe for cooling its got a little lead. It says risk of fire or explosion flammable refrigerant used do not do not use mechanical devices to defrost ice breaker.

Do not puncture refrigerator tubing danger. Lets take that off thats good to know um, so, basically its very simple. If you can see that it just has like an on off switch right here, power ice fill or ice full and then add water. So i believe the water im not sure it should be easy, so thats. This is probably where the directions come in. Oh thats got a little handle so the handle – i guess goes in like so it kind of just locks into place yeah. So there you go and then you kind of lift it up and it hides in the back all right. So just some interesting tips. So you wan na the uh the basket the ice shovel and you want to allow one hour for the refrigerant fluid to settle before plugging in the ice maker. So im going to do that, just let it settle. So what im going to do is kind of clean out everything with a little paper towel here, just kind of wipe everything down take up the ice back basket clean the interior with diluted, detergent, warm water and soft cloth. Then rinse the inner parts with warm water drain out water by unplugging the drain cap, the outside of the ice maker, should be cleaned regularly with mild detergent and warm water dry. The interior and exterior with clean soft cloth when machine is on use for a long time drain water completely out and dry the interior, and, let me just see Music, the ice making cycle lasts 6 to 13 minutes, wow thats crazy, so it makes does that really Is that really saying this makes it in six to 13 minutes uh recommended room temperature is 50 degrees, fahrenheit to 105 degrees.

Fahrenheit the water pump can inject water. That, i suspect, will stop automatically add water. It says so you want to press on and off add water to the max line, theres a little uh, some text right there that says max thats, where the max water line comes into place right there, its got a nice plug right here and its all cleaned Out and im just gon na, let it sit to get that refrigerant, fluid. You know, take the recommendations into place and ill show you how the basket sits in here so check that out the basket sits like so you can take this out. The water goes up. The fill line you have the little scooper im interesting to see how this thing works all right, so here we go its on the counter, its ready to go and look at this i have a nice bottle of soda diet, soda ready to go so hopefully this Will make some nice ice cubes because you cant have your soda without ice and i usually do have it without ice, because i dont have an ice machine and i think the ice that i do make usually ends up sitting in the freezer. So by the time you want to use it, it doesnt taste that great all right so im going to put some filtered water in here, get it up to the fill line, all right, so next im going to turn it on okay.

So i see the on and you can see kind of some things happening here. Look at this little handle. Let me show you, so i assume its doing its magic right now. I hope so. I hope i did it right. It doesnt say, add water or ice full. Okay, i guess thats the freezing process here all right, so i guess im. Just gon na wait see how long it takes im gon na time it uh so lets time it. I think the max is, like i dont know, lets just time it lets see if it takes 15 minutes or less alexa set timer for 15 minutes 15 minutes, starting now, by the way, if you need more time just say snooze, when your timer is ringing in All that another five minutes all right so lets, wait and see im hoping for the best. One thing i just noticed i forgot to do is i took out this handle and i also took out the basket, but i put this basket back in to catch the ice. All right. So its heard some things falling in the basket. Uh ran downstairs and i think its starting to make ice cubes. So lets see what time it is alexa whats on the timer. You have 8 minutes and 10 seconds left on your 15 minute, timer all right. So there you go about. I would say seven minutes something like that and its already making ice cubes and i can see them.

Hopefully you can see them ill show. You look at that. Look at those little ice, cubes right there and check out the shape of these things. They didnt realize that they were gon na, be shaped like this theyre like hollow centers, thats, really kind of cool, actually, all right so just little by little. I think it makes ice cubes and yes, i made ice cubes in the first, like seven eight minutes, and now we have about a minute left on the 15 minute timer so im assuming it should make a little bit more ice of the ice cubes, but definitely Um yeah, i was wondering if it made all these ice cubes all at once, but definitely just like its a gradual process of making some ice cubes. But i do have enough to test out. I just want to get some video of the ice actually dropping down the chute or, however, it comes out. I didnt see it the first time, so maybe there it is there. It happens, check this out Music. Do you see the ice drop there? This is like one of those jetson products. You know like the the cartoon jetsons or its like a its like its like a robot. Almost it is a robot, so check that out. So this scoops up the ice and it just made more ice. It looks like every seven eight minutes. It makes another, i believe its eight ice cubes, something like that or maybe more than that yeah.

It makes more than that so check this out its how much it made in about 15 minutes so im well on my way to making some nice ice uh for my drink im gon na get the little scoop out here and you can see the yeah enough For a big scoop of ice ready for my drink, my diet soda look at all that ice, alexa off all right. So here we go a little too much foam but check that out its gon na be a cold drink, got ta, give it a taste test. Three two one: the new ice and yeah. I mean it tastes, good tastes like ice um. Let me taste a little bit or an actual ice cube to see if theres, any weird flavors or anything like that. So here we go yeah. This tastes like clean ice. You know no weird plastic or odors or anything like that. It just tastes like normal, exactly how you think ice should taste theres, just no flavor other than being cool and ready for mixing your drink so yeah. This is a fun product. Im gon na im. Definitely gon na be using this. I can see just plugging this in on like uh, i dont know like a movie night or something, and then you know getting your favorite uh beverage at my beverage right here and uh just having ice on on hand and ready to go. You throw a party. I can definitely see having this as well or even bringing it to a party i could.

I could see, bringing this to someones party and like saying hey, you want ice and then just having constant ice for the party. I think that would be cool as well. Doesnt cost anything, but i think it adds a lot to your drink. I mean i mean it costs electricity and you know its a little cost of the water, but i mean thats all you need theres, no special ingredients. So once again, this is the rw flame. Thats rw rwflamed.com. If you want more information, i believe ill link up in the description but yeah rw flame specializes in high quality wine, fridges, portable ac and more with fast shipping sales and service by phone email or live chat, buy direct and save. It says: pay with time uh pay over time. Free shipping, competitive price satisfaction guarantee. So they have a lot of things, including this ice maker right right here and yeah. I do recommend it. I think it did a good job and uh yeah ill be definitely using this im gon na i dont use my blender really. I use this mini blender, so i think im gon na take out this blender and this will be sitting on the counter top for future ice ice making. So thanks for watching everyone, please subscribe like share comment. If you like support my content, go to patreon.com 9malls uh, what else yeah, if youd like to look at my all my products, ive reviewed in the past, check out my other videos.

Also, you can see the products on my amazon store, so check it out until next time ill see you later.