So you don’t miss any of my videos and don’t know you guys enjoy the vid alright guys, so the flash cup will take place tomorrow, february 10th. In addition, guys, the flash cup will be a duo’s tournament, so you’re going to need a partner in order to compete in this tournament. Also guys you can play up to 10 matches in a three hour window. So what this means is that the tournament will take place in a three hour period and you have up to 10 matches to compete in the session and guys if you win, you’ll, be unlocking the flash outfit and the speeds force backlink. If you place in the top performing duos in each region, alright guys, if you want to find the specific timing for each region, it can be found in the compete tab in game. So you just go in the camp tab and check the event details for your specific region, all right guys. So the requirements for your sermon is that your account level must be at 30 or above and have to fade enable on their account, and that also means that your dual partner also needs account level of 30 plus and have 2fa all right guys. So some of you always ask that if you need to register for this tournament, however, for the flash cup you do not need to register okay, it will just show up in your compute tab, unlocked ready to go and to play all right guys.

So this is the scoring system for the flash cup tournament. As you can see, the award placement very very well so before we get into the points, i recommend you to play for placement every single game and the reason why well as you can see each elimination, you only get one point, but when you already start playing The game 50th place 50th place is when there’s still 100 players in the game. You will already earn one point. So, as you can see, you’ll be start earning points. 44Th. ‘Th. 34Th. 29Th. 24Th. You will start earning one point increments after each placement and then, when you reach already fourth place, you will have 30 points, two point increment and third, two point increments. Second, and then you get a total of 42 points for the victory royale, all right guys. So if you want to play for the victory royale you need to play for placements and how you’re gon na go for placements don’t go for risky eliminations don’t go for risky fights play it play it safe. You have to play it simple and safe, and always go for zone always go for some boys also, if you can go for high ground, if you go for high ground, you have really high chance of placing in the top five and ultimate reaching the victory out. 42 points, and that is your goal to play for placement all right guys. So these are the prizes for the flash cup tournament.

As you can see, they depend on each region, so let’s start with europe. So for europe, in order to earn the flash skin and the backlink, you must place between first and three thousand five hundredth now for naes you’re, going to need to place between first and one thousand, seven hundred and fiftieth for na west. You need a place between the first and five hundredths and for brazil, also between first and fifth, hundredth and now for asia, oceania and the middle east. You must place between first and 250th, but guys you guys need to know about this important rule, because if you don’t follow this, you can actually get banned. So fortnite uploaded this new rule like a few months ago in december, and not many people know about it and it’s this rule players may only have one entry using one epic account into the event for a given session. Players are expressively prohibited from having additional event entries entries using additional or secondary epic accounts, alright guys. What does that mean? What this means is that you only get one chance actually competing in a specific tournament session and if you can’t compete with more than once, so what does that actually mean so let’s say i’m playing with a dual partner in na east? You guys can’t switch your team. You must play with your dual partner throughout the whole na east flash cup session. You can play in separate and you can play in the other sessions.

So you can play an n, a east and europa servers with a different team, but you can only play one region one time with your dual partner. So, even though, if you do bad the first few games, you want, you have to finish it strong and you have to play with the same dual partner, because if you don’t do that, you will get banned and guys. If you don’t, win in the tournament. Don’T be sad because the tournament the skin will be in the autumn shop on saturday february, 3rd at 7 p.m. Eastern time so yeah in just a few days, the skin will be in the item. Shop and i’ll be just showing you exactly what’s going to be in the item shop. All right, as you guys know, the flash skin and the speed force backlink will be in their shop as well as the speed for slashers pickaxe and a new remote. The quick buy emote all right guys, so here is a picture showing everything that’s gon na be on saturday. So yeah guys. If you win the tournament, you’ll be earning the skin and the backbling, but the pickaxe and the emote you will have to buy them in the item shop, no matter what so yeah guys. That is everything you need to know about the brand new flash cup. So don’t forget to subscribe and peace out.