This is another round of seven questions answered in this. Video were going to talk about two of xiaomis best flagship smartphones, the xiaomi 12 pro and xiaomi 12.. As usual were going to answer, seven of your burning questions that we gathered from our short form contents like tik, tok and ig reels lets get started Music as usual im going to run through the questions and directly answer them. The purpose of this video is to give everyone a direct answer to questions by consumers. If theres any question that you have in mind that you have questions about, be sure to use the comments section below number one. What are the major design differences of the two devices apart from size and camera layout? There isnt much difference in the design of both devices. I like the direction of xiaomi here, as this is very much in line with how apple is doing it. Xiaomi has been dubbed as the apple of asia and they seem to be embracing this in the design aspect of their products. Xiaomi 12 pro and xiaomi 12 have rounded edges, and the back panel has this anti smudge coating. That makes it really look both elegant and trendy gorilla glass victis also protects the devices and it might very well be the most affordable flight today that supports such coating technology in terms of location of ports and hardware buttons, theyre exactly the same on the xiaomi 12. Pro and the xiaomi 12.

next question: why are these devices too expensive? I totally get the point of asking this question. The xiaomi 12 series is not affordable, but affordability is relevant. It means that what is affordable for me may not be affordable for airman. The features presented by these devices define its overall value. In my opinion, these devices are very well priced. The value you get from these smartphones is equal to the price that xiaomi asks for. This is categorized as a flagship smartphone and may be compared to other devices. Like the galaxy s22 and even the iphone 13. prices will vary depending on the features they offer. Of course, in case youre wondering the xiaomi 12 pro retails for 48.999, while the xiaomi 12 sells for ‘.999 next question. What are the cool features that you have found on? The miui 13. miui 13 is all about. You know, making the user experience smoother and more optimized than ever before we covered this on our website a few months ago. I personally like the way the ui feels very personal. With the xiaomi 12 series. There are more widget options and the optional sidebar can be accessed anywhere without leaving your current application. Among the features available on the xiaomi 12 series include liquid storage, atomized memory, focused algorithms and smart balance. Liquid storage is a new system level of managing the way files are stored on devices. Atomized memory is an ultra fine memory, management method and the other one is focus algorithms, which dynamically allocate system, resources based on usage scenarios for a more fluid and responsive experience.

Lastly, smart balance is designed to find the balance between performance and power consumption. Next question: can you compare the quality of the photos you took using the xiaomi 2 pro and xiaomi 12. xiaomi 12. Pro has a better and more capable set of cameras compared to xiaomi 12., if youre after quality down to the pixel level. Xiaomi 12 is a better choice. If you want your photos to look great and ready for posting, but youre, not very specific about how it would look like on a billboard or magazine, spread youre better off with the xiaomi 12., you get the same shooting modes on both devices, except for one extra Mode on the xiaomi 12, which is super moon feature now here, are some comparisons of my shots. Using the devices photos on the left are shot with the xiaomi 12 pro, while the photos on the right are shot with the xiaomi 12. Music. Music. Next question short answer is yes, these devices can very well handle mobile legends and has full support for the highest setting at high frame rate, as this is powered by snapdragons latest chipset. You can also expect your favorite games, like apex legends call of duty, mobile and gamson impact to play well at high frame rate on these devices. Next question performance wise: are they equal or xiaomi? 12, pro is still faster answer here is that both devices are powered by snapdragon 8101. In my artificial benchmarks, you will notice that the difference in performance level of the two smartphones is not significantly huge, except for 3d marked wildlife.

Yes, the xiaomi 12 pro is better. Overall, but it probably has something to do with firmware optimization running in the background Music next question: what do you recommend that we buy honestly if youre, youre, better off with the xiaomi 12, if youre not into photo and video content creation? Xiaomi 12 has all the features you can find on the xiaomi 12 pro, except for better cameras, superman mode and display size regardless. You can still shoot amazing photos and even take 8k videos with the xiaomi 12, and that says a lot about how capable it is. The difference in price is almost 10 000 pesos and that can already be used to buy accessories or another smartphone for your significant other. Well, thats it for our video. If you liked it, i would totally recommend that you click the subscribe button and notification bell to keep tab of our new videos.