We are going to be talking about the geekom mini pc. Now this here, basically, is a mini computer system and it is running windows 11 pro. So in this video, what were going to do is were going to set this thing up, see what you get in the box and all the features of this little product. This is literally a desktop pc. It is simply ultra small. Do you understand how small it is theres, my hand and theres that computer all right so lets quickly see what you get in the box when you buy this? Of course, you get your mini computer, which is right. Here were going to be talking about the specs in a minute and then over here we have the power adapter and the power cable, so this connects to the wall and connects to the computer to power. This on, and then we have a cable here. This is an hdmi, cable and basically youre gon na attach one end of this to the back of the pc into the input. Ports and the other side is gon na plug into a monitor, just like any other pc, and finally, you do get a case to carry this. If you want to make this portable and then you also get a mount, this mount allows you to mount this product in the back of a monitor, which is fantastic, because you can then hide this computer behind the monitor. So that is what you get in the box now i do want to let you know that this mini pc does have bluetooth 4.

2, so you can attach wireless keyboard wireless mouse via bluetooth and, of course it has wireless wifi for internet connections. All right so lets do a quick tour around the device to see all the ports and whats going on. So this right here is the front panel. You can see we have the power button. We have a 3.5 millimeter jack here for headphones and then over here we have a usb 3.0 port. This is the usb 3.2 gen 2 port, so it is going to be super fast transfer speeds up to 10 gigabits per second and then over. Here we have a usb type c port, which is fantastic, thats, just the front alright. So that is the front. So when we look in the back over here lets talk about all the ports in the rear, so over here you can see that we have an hdmi out port thats going to be for connecting a monitor uh. Here we have a usb type c port that also doubles up as a display port. If you need to use a usb connection to connect to a display, then we have two more usb ports right here and i do want to let you know all these usb ports are in fact usb 3.0 generation 2 ports. So that is going to be super speed, plus 10 gigabytes of transfer speeds, and then we have an ethernet port right here if you want to connect it to a network with a wire for faster transfer speeds and then finally, we have a display port.

Here you can connect another monitor or just use this one its going to be up to you. The computer does support multiple monitors at the same time and finally, we do have a power port right here and then another great thing. If you look to the side over here, we do have an sd card slot right here to connect sd card heres a little sd card. If you want to read this, you just plug it right in here and youre good to go theres. Also, this aluminum mesh here and the whole thing is built out of metal and aluminum. So this is not a cheap product, it is not plastic, it does feel high quality, but you have a mesh system here and a mesh system here and that is for airflow. So there is a built in fan on the top here. It brings in cold air from one side, okay from one side inside and then cools the system and heres the exhaust. So the hot air comes from here. Therefore, uh cooling, the system all right, so i built this setup as you can see, and i do want to really quickly talk about the specs of the geek.com mini it8. So lets look at those all right, so the core specs are quite impressive for the price we do have an intel coffee lake i5 processor. We have intel iris, plus graphics, 655 windows. 11. Pro has been pre installed on this particular model.

I have 512 gigabytes of solid state drive, which is connected via an m2 interface, which means its going to be super fast, and then we also have 16 gigabytes of ram, which is also expandable to 32. im going to open this up in a minute im going To show you guys the inside and how to upgrade uh the ram and the storage which is expandable up to one terabyte. Now i mentioned to you guys that this computer uses a solid state drive, and i ran this benchmark right here and this is yielding some really solid numbers for a small pc theres only five hundred dollars, so thats gon na guarantee fast and snappy performance. As i have experienced using this pc now, as an example, here is my pc that i built for four thousand dollars its giving me these numbers, so theyre pretty high, but the price is eight times more expensive. So when i come back here, this one im getting for five hundred dollars again, these numbers showcase the speed of the read and write speeds of the actual solid state drive in this computer im, also able to easily play and stream 4k movies. The wi fi connection is rock solid, so this movie here is playing at the highest quality. Theres no lag playing the movie or theres no lag for the wi fi connection. Now one thing i do want to show you guys: real quick is how to connect the geek com mini ita to a monitor so basically heres an hdmi cable.

I connect one and right over here and the other end goes to the back of the monitor or a high definition tv whatever that you have its not a problem, so it is very easy to connect you can see. I have the power cord right here. That is powering on my computer and also i have a couple of usb devices plugged back here as well. Now remember. You can also use this usb type c to connect to a monitor that accepts usb type c connection, or you can use the mini display port to connect to a monitor that has a mini display port in this case im just using the hdmi. As you can see so plenty of options now, because this thing is so small – you can have it anywhere, you can even have it next to your high definition, tv and use it as a computer and a streaming device. So i can log into my netflix account and just start watching movies, as i please so thats just fantastic as you can see. Of course you can go full screen, so it does have multiple uses. No question about that. So i also wanted to run the geekbench test to see what kind of numbers we get here. So when i pull up the browser here, i get the results. So multi core score is uh over 3000 and this is almost a thousand the single core score. So these are great numbers again relative to a pc.

That is only 500, and this thing is a solid workhorse great for office duties for administrative tasks, for video editing, not at the professional level, but will get the job done and also it is going to be great for photo editing for photoshop and stuff, like that. Youre not going to have any problem with this guy here, im running uh, word: okay, so so great office, workhorse of a computer, all right. So if you want to open this pc up and do some upgrades internally, basically you just turn this around and youre gon na see four screws here you lose on those screws and then this whole thing just comes off. So all you do. Is you lift this up very carefully? Okay on the top here we do have a slot for additional storage. If you want to add it, you have the connection right here, so im going to put that to the side uh, but right over here. This is the ram thats 16 gigabytes in this model. Here you do have another slot. You can add another 16 gigabytes of ram and over here we have the solid state drive. Now this one is 512, but you can go up to one terabyte. So all you do is again unscrew this plug it out and put the new one, its all going to be up to you so thats fantastic. It is just like a computer but its super small. So three points of upgrade the ram the solid state drive and you can actually add a regular sata hard drive right here.

Okay, you even have a little housing here to plug it in now. One more thing i want to show you guys is: if i flip this over okay, i actually removed the front panel. This is just the pull out panel. You can just pull it out. It comes off, but heres that fan i was talking about in the beginning of the video so that fan takes in the cold air, cools the system and blows out the hot air. So that is right here, if necessary, thats also replaceable so thats. Basically, what the geek com mini it8 is all about its super small. It is a solid mini computer with great everyday performance, great for work from home, working with documents, minor creative work, streaming movies, media consumption. It does come with moderately powerful specs. It is upgradable and the solid state drive is super fast. It also has every port you need in a computer, and i love the fact that it comes pre installed with windows 11 pro for a price of less than 500. It really is hard to find a con. The only thing i wish it had was a small set of speakers as a backup, but you can attach your own speakers if you need them, but anyway, links to buy this guy are gon na, be down below with discount coupons to reduce the price even further.