So today we will compare the most obvious differentiation of the two, the camera, but how good is the pixel 6 compared to poco f3 outside this camera comparison? Video poco f3 is a flagship killer with an insane specs while pixel 6 is the newest flagship of google and probably one of the best camera phone. Today. This is googles flagship, pixel, 6 versus the android flagship killer, the poco f3. We will compare both photos and videos to see what the difference are and whos better. Who will win? Hey dont forget to subscribe. My friend lets go Music hi everyone good morning. This is jade. Your gadget review friend. This is the camera comparison, video of pixel 6 versus poco f3. We just finished comparing poco f3 with iphone 13 mini or iphone 13.. So i was just thinking one more phone left or maybe two, the pixel 6 and samsung s2. So today join me uh. We will compare pixel 6 with poco f3 lets. Do this hi everyone? This is jd your gadget review friend. This is the audio comparison of pixel 6 versus poco, f3 hi everyone. This is jd your gadget review friend. This is the audio comparison of pixel 6 versus poco f3 on our first test, the audio almost the same, my voice is loud with good noise cancellation. For both this is an easy call, its a tie for me next is color profile or saturation. I think this is one of the most obvious difference of the two poco f3 spongier, while pixel 6 is natural.

Looking i mean both of them produce a really good quality photo on daylight. If i will do a blind test, i might enjoy the colors of poco f3. I just noticed on some shots where there are subject: separation. Pixel 6 images look like a shot taken from a camera while on poco f3, you know its from a phone. You just dont know what phone it is. The true to life, colors of pixel 6 is definitely a great aspect of the phone software imaging and its hard to beat. I think pixel 6 is the winner here. Lets start the comparison with the sensor size. Poco f3. Has one half inch sensor? Well, a pixel 6 has one over one point. Thirty one inch for pricing, i would say both are affordable for pixel six, its 799 canadian dollars plus tax well, poco f3 is 300 in aliexpress plus. Shipping next is light and exposure on this photo. Pixel 6 manages the highlights really well shooting on a different angle. You will see the details and the colors on the lamp checking the window. I think its almost the same just a little bit more details on pixel 6. for flaring both are really good in daylight, but later in night shot you will see flaring on poco f3 shooting this building against the light. Pixel 6 is a better dynamic range and it exposes the subject better going for a low light scene. You will see that the hdr pixel 6 is fantastic.

It is super detailed compared to the smooth photo of poco f3 pixel 6 is the winner here. Next is nature photo, and this time i dont know i like the blue sky of poco f3 again, pixel 6 has a better dynamic range and i think the greens are more saturated too. The only thing i notice is fringing pixel 6 corners are bad when got hit by the sunrays, its a tie for me outside this camera comparison, video um, poco f3, is running on android 11.. It has snapdragon 870 with 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage, its a flagship killer, while pixel 6 is the latest flagship from google. It has tensor chip, 8 gigs of ram and all the belts and whistles a 90 hertz screen refresher. Next is tech. Sharpness – and i know you already know it if youre already following me for quite some time now – pixel 6 because of the bigger sensor is also introducing fringing, which resulting to soft corners. Poco f3 is the winner here. Next is close, focus almost the same distance. In terms of close focus, this is a tie nexus details. Both of them has great details. The only thing i noticed is the white balance warmer on pixel 6 and a little cooler on poco f3. This is a personal preference, so its a tie for me next is portrait mode with non human subject, and i think this is a night and day comparison.

Pixel 6 costs the subject better compared to poco f3 poco f3 is unusable. Its gimmicky dont use it. Pixel 6 is the winner here, four issues: uh poco f3. I think the main issues im receiving from this phone is whenever im connected to the mobile internet or 5g. It disconnects me from time to time well on google pixel 6. I think they have battery issues camera app issues. I think it was fixed on the last update, but some of the people are still reporting those issues. Even today. Next is portrait shot and on these sample photos. Pixel 6 is a better background blur. I also like the consistency of photos on all light condition for pixel 6. My skin is just slightly reddish in low light condition. Its a little tricky boko f3 is not as bright as pixel 6, but images are not soft. Still, i think overall pixel 6 is the winner here next is snapchat, and this is where the 300 will come into play. Pixel 6 is a better night shot capability. It manages the flaring really well cleans up the noise. It has better dynamic range and more detailed on extreme dark condition. Poco f3 is super soft, while pixel 6 retained a little bit more information. Pixel 6 is the winner here and, lastly, versatility. Both phones is regular in ultra wide shot. Both of them can also make two times crop, but only poco f3 has micro capability, so poco f3 is the winner here, if you own pixel, 6 or poco f3, or any phone to see on our channel, were making more videos of these phones in the future.

Please hit the subscribe button to see more videos like this pixel 6 versus poco f3. Video test were starting with video stabilization and were walking and now were running. Both phones are handheld were walking again and now were running. Music were checking the autofocus super fast pixel. Six versus poco f3 selfie video recording test in daylight condition. This is the harsh light, and this is against the light. Look at the sky in the trees and were checking the video stabilization were switching to the rear camera, because normally the rear camera has a better video recording capability. This is the vlogging test, so this is against the light Applause. This is the harsh light and we have skies and trees Applause and were also checking the video stabilization Applause, poco, f3 versus pixel 6, again in low light condition, but selfie video recording, let me know, which is better look at the noise and the exposure poco f3 Versus pixel, 6 in low light condition, look at the sky and the flaring how about the trees and the shadows and the stars an extreme dark condition so on video test, pixel 6 is a better stabilization in selfie recording and also has a superior night shot recording On both selfie and rear camera, pixel 6 is the winner here. So what is gadget? Revenues verdict, pixel 6 or poco f3; two great phones, two different price points and two different target consumers, one banking on a cheaper price tag and one giving a well rounded experience.

Poco f3 is more saturated, better in handling fringing texts are sharper, color white balance and has macro capability, while pixel 6 is natural. Looking it manages the highlights and flaring better, better dynamic range, better noise reduction, warmer white balance, better portrait and night shots and better video recording capability. Two popular phones, poco f3, is a good phone for people on a budget. I think the camera performance is decent to above average, while pixel 6 is known to be a camera. First then phone, you watch it a little bit more, but its worth it. It is superior than poco, f3 and thats. It hope you enjoyed this video.