So this is how the box looks like on the front you get to see the branding of mevi and the illustration of the product on the left side of the box. Its written engineered and made in india on the right side you get to see the tagline of mivi push the limits on the back side of the box. You get to see the key features and highlights of the duo parts listed Music now lets quickly open the box inside the box. You get to see a user manual warranty card, a welcome card, the dual ports charging case, charging, cable and silicon gel tips. The charging case is made out of polycarbonate material, and it has a glossy finish. It has a magnetic lock and the duo bots wont fall off. Even if you dont close the case, the magnetic lock is quite powerful. The look of the product can seem a bit premium, but the feel is exactly as that of a budget wireless earphone. The design of the product, could have been much better. If you shake the charging case, the earbuds inside produce a weird sound. It could have been minimized or removed by proper, build and design. The earbuds looks like this. You can see the mivi branding on it. Each earbud has a multifunction button, earbud indicator microphone, earbud cap charging, thimble and usb type c port. You can pause and play music control volume or answer calls using the touch sensor present in the earbuds talking about the fitting it fits well in your ears.

It doesnt fall out. Even if you are jogging or running or doing any sort of exercise, you can use the silicone gel tips provided in the box to check which one fits your ears well talking about the sound quality, the bass and the vocals are well defined, and quite good. Considering this price range audio quality in calls isnt that great the dual ports has quad mics, but your voice might sound quite distorted if you are outside, you have to speak a bit louder. Here are some of the audio samples. I am recording this audio using mivi duopods f60 in a closed room. So this is how the audio sounds like there is no environmental noise outside noise. As of now, because i am sitting in a closed room and i will again record when i go outside and well compare the audio quality, if, if the audio, if the duo parts, if the earbuds remove the environmental noise, as it claims, lets check so im recording This audio using movie door parts f60 on the rooftop of my house and theres many surrounding noise now lets see whether lets hear whether it can remove the surrounding noise or not whether it really filters out the surrounding noise or not lets check. The charging case has a battery life of 50 plus hours at 70 volume and 8.5 hours in earbuds. It also has the enc feature as one of the key highlights. The environmental noise cancellation feature filters out.

The noise from your surroundings and the charging case takes almo, takes almost like an hour to completely charge itself. Overall, if you have a budget of under 2k, you can go for this product. I ordered this for from flipkart on the day of its launch, and the launch price was around 999 rupees, but now the price has increased a bit. So this is all about todays video, please do like and share this video subscribe to this channel for regular updates.