So when youre gon na say unbox ill, just post the link up there panorama and full unboxing for nato and, right now my quick specs nang real me, nine. I embarked on price set on real me nine. I know my six gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage is 11 990, but theres an early bird price from may 5 to may 7.. Now my last 1200 pesos and ill be posting it on the description box below check me around paramount clinio and discount love. The display and gundam liquid laser, not design silicone, which makes it elegant even at the price point its quite affordable. Normally, you might be saying a flagship like lets say the real me 9 pro plus the ringling 9 pro, but this time around vineland 9i, which is definitely a mid ranger and definitely my i know um is not the latest me qualcomm. Another score passion on 258 thousand points is antutu benchmark and im. Pretty sure item benchmark is just basically a guideline to show asco capability. Um snapdragon 680 is more of a power efficient chip, giving you extra battery on the go now speaking of power efficient intel for nato, it has a 5 000 milliampere hours of battery and supports up to 33 watts of fast charging and so china station phone 10 Was able to achieve the full charge in just 70 minutes, normally 33 watts more than i mean surprisingly 70 minutes at the show, from 15 to 100 and speaking of pankanyon power efficient item for nato, it was able to last me almost two days on regular usage Grabbing i was blown away with efficiency net on phoneto on regular days like basic usage, though social media, taking some photos watching some videos.

You know uh mostly yeah wi fi at all, so it was able to last me for two days and 70 pc mark battery stressed a snap on a chipset, 18 hours and ‘ minutes not screen on time, which is definitely very impressive for a device like this One now on a daily use, multitasking is definitely a breeze manning money like browsing through the social media, watching your favorite movies here on this phone grabbing, its a breeze, given that my 90 herself couldnt rate, the browsing is a lot smoother than my used 160 hertz. The phone young screen is probably not the biggest and hawaiian okay real me, 6.6 inch now ips lcd and on china. So it takes away a little bit more long size than screen. Now it could have been six point. Seven pi vanilla on some occasion going under the direct sunlight watching videos playing games: okay, okay. Of course, the most important compares amoled display. Ips lcd has its own advantage. Amoled definitely is brighter more punchier and color, but definitely ips lcd, hindustan exerciser, not amulet burn, and did you know that display nettle is being protected by the dragon 12 pro glass, its something new nah first time got another as compared to corning gorilla, glass, sabine dragon Trail glass is light, scratch resistant and flexible. Almost the same recording gorilla glass now playing some of my favorite titles, details of all nato, like the call of duty, mobile and the expert nine i need to set in settings now to somewhere messing it now or a little bit lower than that Music.

If you set it to the maximum coffee feel more, then my frame drops my legs a little bit more smoothly on game nato and playing around two hours and roughly 43 celsius, not so hot, and probably the only solution. And if Music, i know you want, a Music is okay for me was able to fill a small room with sounds, but of course, if you want you, you can always put on your favorite headphones, starting with the 50 mp in the main lens 2 mp. In the depth sensor and two empina macro lens ultra wide lens and sahara, some punch hole, detail. Nana support and 16 mp nephron selfie shooter engine performance. I was able to bring it outside. I was able to take in some really nice shots using the rear camera, and some of these photos are really punchy. I was able to take some of our pictures about. It was really nice very sharp amount of photos and, of course, dinner is indoors. I love the coffee shop and i was able to take in some real alternate shots, not to the point of sobrang ganda, but i was able to use some kind of zoom lens 1x 2x 5x and i was still able to get in some pretty legit. Now. Photos, kahi, 5x, but still okay, now the front and rear camera was able to shoot up to 1080p. Now video im, not quite sure i know, setting nano 30 fps or 60 fps settings and the video quality is quite good using the front and rear camera menu.

Shaky shaft quality, not the best but okay, inaudible, nato and pros, is battery efficiency, camera and uh design and on the side, hindi and hamlet, display and major hit up gaming. Now would i recommend it if youre a casual user nah, you like taking some nice photos now hindi na ko, concentrate on gaming, and you want your phone to last you for two days. Yes, ill recommend this and, of course, if you can grab this at a discount of 1200 pesos, but if you are somebody who loves to play games, i would of course highly recommend you to get something better from real me, which is the real me 9 pro Plus or the real me 9 pro for gaming purposes, now guys if you want to watch more of my videos, ill, be posting it here and comment in case. I have a video comment in the comment section below dont forget to like subscribe and, of course, click.