Hey whats up youtube bronco outdoors here with another gadget review today, were going to be taking a look at the absolute easiest and fastest way to clean your tires, using an awesome kit by drill brush on amazon. You definitely dont want to miss this. For those of you who have taken it upon themselves to wash your own car most of us probably know the struggle and pain of trying to wash our own tires. Not only is it difficult to crouch down if you dont have a small stool to sit on, but its the crazy amount of scrubbing and well, how often you really have to do it now washing your car is a whole job in itself between the lathering scrubbing Rinsing drying and treating that by the end of doing the whole body of the car were so tired. We dont even want to think about washing our tires. Well today, we aim to make that a thing of the past so lets go ahead and check out. What comes in the kit and how to use these dro brushes opening up the box here we see we are going to get a nice array of different size brushes that way we always have the right tool for the job. I will go ahead and throw up the product images that way you can see the sizing but feel free to pause, the video to grab a better look or visit the link in the description below which will take you right over to amazon to get your kit Now lets go ahead and take a quick look at how to attach these drill.

Brushes to the drill. First thing you want to do is: take your drill and open up the chuck wide enough, so you can fit the stem of the drill brush into the chuck. Then, once youve done that you can go ahead and insert the stem of the drill brush into the chuck and once its in you can go ahead and tighten it down, locking it in place and thats. All you really have to do. First were going to start by rinsing down our tires, trying to remove any big debris and get our entire work surface wet. Then we can simply fill up a bucket with some water and your favorite car wash soap or use some tire cleaner and get those drill. Brushes ready to roll now before we begin, i am going to recommend that, if you plan to do this often you may want to pick up a drill bit extension that way we dont have to risk damaging our tool or the rims themselves. Getting our drill, too close to the tire im also going to recommend wearing some eye protection while doing this part, because these can definitely throw around some washing solution, and we dont want to get that in our eyes. That being said, lets go ahead and get started with the scrubbing, as you can see these attachments, especially when paired with the extension allow you to effortlessly, get all the way into the rims making sure to not leave a spot untouched.

The first pass definitely removed majority of the greasing grime from the road. Where now all thats left to do is rinse it off and do a spot check to make sure we did a good job up next were going to be switching to the flat brush. That will allow us to clean the tire rubber itself, simply repeat the same process: rinse it off and apply your favorite tire shine and before you know it were done now. Lets go ahead and get the rest of the tires. Wasnt that awesome, a borderline becomes fun to wash your tires, leaving those annoying backaches and endless amount of scrubbing a thing of the past. Now before i let you go, i do want to mention that these brushes are not only great for washing tires, but theyre. Also perfect for scrubbing down floor mats carpet and upholstery theres, really so many jobs that you can speed up by using these that it just makes so much sense to pick up this little car wash kit and save yourself some time. If you would like to check out some more of my car gadget, reviews be sure to check out the description below for links to other videos and, while youre down there consider hitting like subscribe and ringing the bell. So you dont miss a future upload, go ahead and drop a comment down below as well on a gadget youd like to see me review next and ill be sure to check it out.

Well, thats! All i have for you today. Thank you so much for watching.