This is the best format, because i have a lot of thoughts on vivo x4 origin os that i want to show you guys on camera. So we have the galaxy z43 on the right and the opal fine end on the left side. So this video will mainly be a review of the vivo exfold, but i will be doing comparison against these two for a little bit here and there. So i was very excited about the vivox fold when it was first announced because, in my opinion, this phone came closest to offering me the perfect foldable hardware that i want because im someone whos been sold on foldable phones since day one while samsungs improved the foldable Phones, a lot, the galaxy, z4, 2 and 3 were arguably my phones of the year ive been quite disappointed by the fact that samsung has given us a compromised camera system in all of its foldable phones, meaning not just this one, but even the fold. One for two flip one flip two flip three: every of those phones. The camera system, is not close to what samsungs best offerings are. If youre familiar with the galaxy s22 ultra, you will know that that phone has a 108 megapixel main camera. With a large image sensor, you dont get that here you have a 12 megapixel sensor, thats, really small one over 1.7 inch is a tiny sensor. You only have a 12 megapixel zoom lens here and its a two times telephoto lens, so that means anything beyond two times its kind of useless.

Now the oppo fine end gave us a slightly better camera system, with a 50 megapixel main camera, with a respectable one. Over 1.5 inch image sensor, but then the ultra wide camera is also below par compared to what opal is used to offering us, and also this is only a telephoto zoom lens. The vivo x4 excited me because on paper, this camera system is really close to vivos best offering which right now is still the vivo x70 pro plus, you have a 50 megapixel main camera using samsungs gn5 sensor, one over 1.5 inch image sensor. So this is a much larger image sensor than the galaxy z43, so that means the main camera pulls in more light and you get shallower depth of field for that professional bokeh. Look. The ultra wide camera here is also much better than these two, its a 48 megapixel ultrawide camera, f, 2.2 aperture and a pixel bins down to a 12 megapixel shot when you get the pixel bin. That means you get more details in the shot and the ultra wide camera here is definitely sharper than what you get in both of these phones. However, it is missing the gimbal camera system that weve seen in the vivo xml pro plus, so ultra wide videos are not as stable and smooth thats the v4 extending pro plus, and then these two zoom lens are basically identical to the zoom lens you get in The vivo x70 pro plus you have a 12 megapixel telephoto zoom lens, offering two times optical zoom and then an eight megapixel periscope zoom lens.

That gives you five times optical zoom, so just by virtue of having a periscope zoom lens makes me excited, because you get much better zooming than you get on these two phones with either of these two phones, anything beyond 2x, 3x. Its terrible. However, i must say that the periscope zoom lens here is nowhere near as good as the periscope zoom lens in the galaxy s22 ultra. So this camera system, i cant say, is the best camera system on the market. If you compare it to the vivo x70 pro plus or the galaxy s4 ultra, but it is a big step up from the foldable camera systems that we get from these two phones. Now i think, as you can already see, the vivo x4 is the largest phone of the three and its much taller than the oppo, and also wider than the gausss z43 thats, because you have a 6.5 inch display, auto display that actually resembles a typical phone screen. It has a 21 by 9 aspect ratio and when you unfold, it is an eight inch panel with a mostly squarish aspect ratio, its a little bit taller than this wide. But it is closer to a square than what you get on the oppo finance, a 7.1 inch rectangular screen and the galaxy z4s 7.2 inch display thats taller than it is wide. This is an upright rectangle. Now one of the big concerns people had about the vivo x4 was its weight, because this phone weighs 311 grams thats significantly heavier than the 271 grams of the gausss e43 and the 275 here, and i have to say initially the first day of use.

This phone did feel really heavy in the hand. I remember the first afternoon i was at the coffee shop just holding the phone like this and after a while, i did start feeling tired right here and when i put this on my pocket, it does hit my pocket a little bit heavier almost like it pulls Down my shorts a little bit but im happy to report that, after about four or five days of the phone, i am now used to the weight it doesnt feel like, oh, my god, its so heavy anymore. I can make deal with it. Of course, i still prefer a lighter phone like the gausss, c43 and theres rumors, that the z4 will be even lighter, but the best in hand feel the three i have to give it to the oppo find that not just because its a smaller form factor. This is only a 5.5 inch auto display, but oboe did a really good job of rounding. The sides of the phone, so the right edge of the display is curved. I think you can see a little bit here, but also the left edge. This is also curved subtly, so when you hold the phone, it really feels like its curved on both sides and right here, its pretty smooth, you dont, feel a rough edge on the gausss e43. This edge is pretty harsh. You see its. It comes a little point. A little angle here so when you run your finger through it, you definitely feel the edge the vivox fold is somewhere in the middle.

It is not as harsh as the galaxy z43 edge, but it is not as smooth as the oppo finance, but now youve already seen that this phone isnt in display fingerprint sensor and it works really fast and accurately its an ultrasonic sensor. One tap unlocks every single time now, since the v4x4 is newer than the other two phones, it obviously runs on a newer processor. This one runs on the snapdragon 8 gen 1, compared to snapdragon 8 on these two phones for the most part, ive seen no performance issues. Everything is ran around zipperedly. Now the hinge is pretty well built. It stays in place at any angle. So that means you can now open a camera app and do this. You can just put this on table and then you can take pictures of yourself or a group photo hands free without a tripod. So, overall for hardware, i dont have much complaints other than the phone is slightly heavy. However, when it comes to software origin, os here is just not as polished as the gausss default 3s one ui, and also the color os here in oppo finan. So, first of all, for those of you who are wondering you can install google easily, i showed this process in my first unboxing video now the second issue that a lot of chinese phones have is you dont, get push notifications in a timely manner. These chinese phones, at least the chinese version of software, tend to be very aggressive at killing background apps.

So that means when the app is not running on your home screen, if its just sitting on the background, the phones really aggressive as shutting it down. So you dont get notifications and unfortunately that is still a problem here. However, there is a fix. So basically, what i have to do is i have to jump into settings jump into battery and then go to background power consumption management. Here then, i have a list of apps. I just have to find the apps that i want to basically white list the app so i jump into whatsapp and i allow it to use high background power usage by default, its set to background power, smart conservation, to switch to this. That will tell the phone: hey whatsapp is very important, dont shut it down and then just on top of that, just as a precaution, i also lock whats up. So if you jump into whatsapp, you can tap an icon. You can lock the app which ive already locked. That means, even if i close all my background, apps whatsapp will still be there and since ive done these two tricks, i now get whatsapp notifications on time. Ive did ive done this with whatsapp rechat, slack and gmail. These are the four apps that i need to get notifications for, and they do come through in a timely manner without any issues. However, it is still annoying that i have to do all these things just to get notifications to work.

I really wish chinese phone brands would stop doing this, because the oppo finan has the same problem now. For the most part, i do like the look of origin os. As you can see, the phone has a look thats kind of inspired by ios, the ridges, the interactive widgets, so everythings interactive, like you, have a weather widget. Here i can cycle through to see the weather. During the day. I have a timer widget here, so i can just start a timer immediately. I have a gmail widget here i can read my gmail and ive managed to set up an app tray too. In my original video i said there was no app tray. I was wrong. You actually can set up an app tray by jumping to settings, and you can also swipe down to bring down the notification share. You can double tap on the screen to lock or wake so its a pretty intuitive software. For the most part, however, there are two major major issues i have with this software. That really annoys me, and i hope vivo will fix this down the line. So the first is that, despite the fact that you get such a large screen, origin os is just not as good at multitasking as the gausss e43 or the oppo finance. So let me show you why so the vivo x4 does allow you to open apps in a floating window, but only with vivos own first party app.

So if i go to vivos browser, if i swipe up from the left corner, i can jump into a floating window mode, but this is vivos own browser and i dont really want to use vivos browser. If i want to use chrome, i cannot do the same thing. You see. It says it does not support small windows. I also cannot do this with whatsapp. I cant do it with slack. You can do this with both the gaussian z4 3 and the oppo finance see the gausss c43. I can open whatsapp in a floating window on the oppo finan just grab like this. You have chrome in a floating window. Slack grab like this. I have slack in a floating window, so it really annoys me that vivo does not. Let me open apps in floating windows, at least not on third party apps. So the only multitasking method you can do is split screen, but even this is not good. So let me show you so: im gon na have youtube open, go into split screen, so now im running youtube and chrome. You can only split vertically, though you cant split horizontally. So if i play a video on youtube, you already see where the issue is right, because youtube is a v, its not meant to be split vertically. Youtube runs better if its split horizontally, but theres no option for me to split horizontally. I can only swap the two apps that is this, so youtube just has to play in this tiny window, like this theres no other way around it.

This issue is not here with the galaxy z43, so im open on youtube. Like you see, it opens split screen vertically too right, but then i can tap on these three dots and then switch it to horizontally and doesnt. This just look a lot better. I can watch a video closer to full size. While i open an app down at the bottom now, the second big software problem i have is that origin os does not allow me to switch keyboards very easily. So i use two keyboards. I use g board because its really good at typing chinese and i use microsoft, swift key. So let me show you how you usually switch keyboards on the gaussian z43 and just about any other android phone. So im open up tap here so now i have g board right, but if i want to switch to swift key, i just swipe down from the top and see i have this menu here. Choose input method just tap go to swift key. Now i am on swift key now. The oppo finder actually does not have that same uh notification menu that the gausss default has. If i swipe down you see, i dont have that box. That tells me to change input but oppo thought of this and put a shortcut toggle here i can tap on keyboard and i can also switch keyboards. I cannot do this on the vivox fold. As far as i can tell and ive looked everywhere.

There is no way for me to switch the keyboard now you see if i swipe down, there is no menu for me to change input method and if i cycle through here, theres also no button for me to change the keyboard and ive looked into here. There is no button ive dived into settings, there is no button, so the only way for me to switch keyboards is, i have to manually, go to the app and tap on the app and then at this point, this menu will finally pop up so its like. A four five step process now to switch keyboard when, on these other phones, theres, two tabs and im, someone who switches keyboards a lot like 10 times a day. Now i can see these problems, maybe specific to me. Maybe you dont switch keyboards ever maybe you dont need to have apps in floating window. If thats the case youre not going to have many issues with software, then everything else has been working. Fine. Now, looking at the rest of the hardware, its really good, the phone has two speaker grilles at the top and the bottom, and you cant already tell from the look of it. These are really good speaker, grilles and the audio is really great yeah. The screen is good. You see theres, no visible crease, you have to really tilt it really far to see a crease, and when you run your finger through it, you dont feel much of anything its mostly flat.

Unlike on the gausss e43, you can see the crease pretty easily, but anytime you run your finger through it. You feel it now. I said earlier, the v voice fold has the best camera system, maybe go by numbers on a spec sheet. For the most part, real world testing show the same thing now surprisingly, samsungs main camera here actually holds up pretty well against vivos main camera. Shots are very close in quality, but then, if you move to the ultra wide lens, vivos ultrawide lens is just significantly better and sharper in every single instance, particularly at night. If you zoom in it is night and day the difference in quality and, of course, when it comes to zoom photos, the vivo x4 beats the gaussian z4 great and the oppo fine end pretty easily too vivos excellent hdr, which was the highlight of the vivo x70. Pro plus is mostly still here if im shooting against harsh neon lights in a dark scene, the vivo x4 exposes everything kind of relatively on point now. Last thing i need to talk about is battery life, so theres a 4 600 milliamp cell here, which is larger than the battery in these two phones by a little bit. But this screen is also quite a bit larger, but still im happy to report that, for the most part, battery life has been pretty good, like, for example, right now. It is 4, 36 p.m. So ive been up for about five hours and using this phone pretty heavily and im still at 74 battery life.

Yesterday i took the phone out and about all day after 12 hours i came home. The phone still had 18 battery life, so its not epic battery life, its not going to go a day and a half, but it will go a 12 13 hour day, pretty handily and, of course, theres a charging, brick that comes with the package too. That can top up this phone very fast. This phone also has wireless charging, but there is no water and dust resistance, unlike the gausss e43, which is rated ipx8. So that means, if its raining a little bit. I can use this phone with confidence and i probably would be a little bit concerned to use this phone in the rain. So, ultimately, i am very annoyed with the software shortcomings that i mentioned earlier, but overall i am still very happy with this phone because i love this display. I like the intact widgets, and i like the camera system, and to be honest, if you factor in the price, this phones a pretty good deal. This one starts at 8999 chinese yuan, which only comes out to 1 300. So that means this phone, its barely more expensive than a new iphone, now its cheaper than the microsoft dual its cheaper than the galaxy z43. But the software issues may annoy me enough down the line that i switch back to one of these two phones right now. Im still gon na use this because i like the zoom lens, but who knows maybe eventually ill be so frustrated by the lack of multitasking.

That would jump out to these two phones. But i must say, the oppo finance still has the best in hand feel every time i hold this phone im like damn. This thing feels good in the hand, so yeah thats about it for this video. If you enjoyed this content, please subscribe to my channel and follow me on instagram at bens gadget reviews. I have a lot more stuff coming up, including three new flagship phones that i will reveal pretty soon, and one of them has not been announced yet.