It still is really good and actually theres. Some things about this phone that i like better than the more expensive phones and the first thing is going to be the design. So this is a more boxy squared off phone. I mean when you look at the edge of it. You look at the back of it the way it feels and also it does have a flat display. It just feels really good in your hand, and this makes this phone a lot more enjoyable to hold. And i find myself not wanting to use a case on it because it fits in my big little mitts here, a lot easier than the s22 ultra. And while this isnt a huge departure from the galaxy s21 series, they had a nice design too, and you can see the camera module on the back is similar, but its less rounded as it is on the s21. Here you still find that you still have a nice looking phone in multiple different colors like this green. It also comes in phantom black and white as well, and if you do buy this phone on, they have some exclusive colors there like graphite, cream sky, blue and violet, and those colors look really nice. They have like two tone designs with those, but overall youre gon na find this phone to look really good and fit in your hand. So a lot of people dont want a bigger phone, so thats a great reason to get this phone and then youre also getting a flat display here.

So it comes in at 6.1 inches and it still does have that ultrasonic fingerprint scanner underneath the display which works well, even if your hands are greasy from eating chips or just wet from water or something but yeah. The 6.1 inch flat, amoled, infinity old display, looks really nice. Of course i mean you have 1300 nits of peak brightness, which is still really good for being able to see the screen outside in direct sunlight and then also the hdr support on this and just the general color quality that you get from the screen its something That you expect from samsung, but watching really nice looking youtube videos or downloading some movies on this, its going to be enjoyable, its a little bit more of a smaller screen, but still the quality is there? Oh and this phone does have an adaptive refresh rate of 120 hertz, but there is some clarification to this because originally samsung said this phone can go down from 120 hertz, all the way down to 10 hertz and that 10 hertz is great, because the lower the Refresh rate the better your battery life can be at times when the phone display doesnt need to run at a high refresh rate, but once the phone was in hands of people, people found that the refresh rate only really got down to 48 hertz and samsung has Come out and clarified that, even though the hardware can actually go down to 10 hertz because of the software and the way the phone runs, users will only see it going down to 48 hertz, so thats.

Definitely something that im happy that they verify. But in the s23 i really hope they can get it down to 10 hertz thats just going to be better for everyone and to just end all of the confusion and now lets talk about the specs of this phone. So it does have the qualcomm snapdragon 8. Gen 1 processor, inside of it, which is going to be the standard for all of the best phones. This year you get eight gigabytes of ram and you get either 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage, and so this phone still does not have a micro sd card slot. So if you do need some more storage in the s22 lineup youre gon na have to skip the s22 plus and go up to the s22 ultra which can get up to. I think one terabyte of storage, then, as far as the battery inside of this phone, you do get a 3 700 milliamp hour battery inside of it. Now you can stretch this to get all day battery life, but im definitely not going to be able to play a lot of call of duty or do a lot of games, as i typically would do on like a bigger phone that has a bigger battery. But if you do adjust your usage here and there you can definitely get all the battery out of this, but when it does come time to charge it, this does support 25 watt wire charging.

You dont get a charger in the box, but you still can get 25 watt wire charging. You can get 15 watt wireless charging and also this still does support. I think, like 4.5 watt, reverse wireless charging, so those are the specs and generally the software performance of this phone has been really solid. So this phone has android 12 with one ui four point i think one or 4.2 or whatever running on top of it, but its what you know and love from samsung software, its really clean interface and some notable changes from one ui4 is that the quick settings Page is definitely a little bit more cleaner. You can swipe down from the top and you can access that. It looks nicer, then also the widgets look better. This year, the system animations flow a little bit better and also you have better control over privacy and things. So overall ive been really happy with the software running on this phone ive been using this phone for a couple of months now, so it has gotten a few updates and i havent really had any issues on my end now. This phone does support samsung decks. So you still can get some productivity with this phone, but it is unfortunate that this phone does not support the s pen because you get that with the s22 ultra and they introduced that with the s21 ultra last year. But yeah. If you want to use the s pen on this, you cant do it, even though i think samsung could do it if they want to, but um you have to go with the s22 ultra.

If you want that capabilities, but hopefully next year they can add s. Pen support just to really bump up the productivity, and maybe for things like drawing and signing signatures and contracts, and things like that can be better on this phone. But if i was a betting man, i think a lot of people trying to decide between this phone and another phone in the s22 lineup. They want to know about the camera. So lets talk about that. So, on the front you do have a 10 megapixel selfie camera that can also record 4k video up to 60 frames per second and then, when you go on the back of the phone, you have a triple camera setup with the main wide angle camera coming in. At 50 megapixels the telephoto camera coming in at 10 megapixels, and that can give you three times optical zoom, and then you have a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera. And so now, as you look at some of these pictures in videos, the easiest way to break down the camera system on this phone is that look. It has that signature samsung, look and feel to it as far as the colors and things when it comes to your your photos, but you dont have that extra zoom capabilities of like the s22 ultra. But when you look at these portrait mode photos, you see that that edge detection is really solid. It looks really really good and its the same thing when it comes to ultra wide photos and even photos that i take at night.

All right lets switch things up. Real quick – and i just want to show you the difference between this 799 s22 versus more expensive phones like its bigger brother, the galaxy s 22 ultra, and so both of these phones have samsung space zoom feature, but on the s22 it maxes out at 30 times. Zoom and on the s22 ultra it maxes out at 100 times zoom, but just looking at the side by side comparison at 30 times zoom, you can see a significant difference in quality. So if you do like to zoom in when youre going to the zoo or trying to take photos at your kids football game or something youre going to lose a little bit of quality with that s22 and then i also ran into this issue. When i was trying to take portrait mode, pictures of objects and the s22 just didnt lock on most of the time, but when i pulled out my more expensive iphone 13 pro, it was able to lock on really easily to that subject. Now again, these two phones cost hundreds of dollars more than the s22, but if you are just trying to decide whether or not you want to spend more money, these are just some of those little things that might add up in your personal wants, and just generally, I found that look im a content creator, and so i do use my smartphone a lot for my content creation. I use photos and videos in my videos myself, but if you dont actually find yourself needing a phone for work.

As far as like the cameras, i find that the s22 is going to please most people for just taking the phone out taking some pictures here and there taking some selfies with your friends and things. This is going to be one of the best performing cameras in this price range and some little bonus things about the camera is that you do have that object, eraser tool inside of it. So after you take a photo, you can remove things like objects or even reflections from the photos which is kind of fun to play around with and also you do have auto framing this year, which means that as more people kind of enter the frame of the Camera it will actually widen out and adjust to be able to make sure it gets everyone in frame so thats kind of cool. So what else? What else about this phone um? Besides these stereo speakers, sounding really good on this phone? This is a very easy recommendation. Look for 7.99: this is a great phone at this price point: youre not going to find a lot of phones that can compete with it on the software side and definitely on the camera side. And if you like, samsung phones, you like the way they do their things. This definitely is a good buy. Now, if you do have any of the s21 series, its going to be a little bit more of a tougher sale, because these phones are still really good.

But if you have anything below that youre going to find that this phone is going to be a nice. Upgrade to have a great display great cameras, great software, its not that much that i can kind of complain about just a couple of features that i want to see added to this phone that are in the more expensive, s22 ultra like s, pen, support and things Like that, but outside of that look very easy recommendation really solid, all around phone. But what do you think about this s22? Leave your comment down below and let me know your thoughts. Oh also make sure you like this video, if you do like it and also hit that subscribe button and that notification bell, i dont know why i keep flipping this phone one day. I am going to drop it, but not right now, but yeah.