Enc f60 enc stands for environment noise cancellation, so this earphones comes with it and speaking about the features it has got. Hd stereo sound audio, it has got dual mic enc for better calling and this product is proudly made in india, so thats. The main reason i prefer this product for you guys so without any delay, lets open the box and see the inbox contents. Okay, guys so lets remove the wrap so guys now lets open it. Okay, this is the warranty card and instruction manual, and some paper lets keep it aside, and this is the actual earphone, as you guys can see, i have choose the black color variant other than that we get the type c cable for charging the earbuds lets. Take it out okay, so this is the type c cable and some extra ear tips. We get two pairs of extra tips, so these are the accessories that we got inside this box. So now lets come to the actual earbud. So this is the here, but, as you guys can see, there are also three more color variants: white, green and one blue color. I have choose the black color and just got a round design and inside it we get the earbuds okay and, as you take it out from the charging case it get pair. So speaking about the quality of the case, i will say its not that much great. It has a glossy finish of the top and back side, so it may get scratches very soon.

This one is plastic, okay and inside they have given matte finish. It would have been great if they have given this matte finish outside the case, because it should have resistant to the scratches but thats okay. Now we will have to do the sound test of this here, but first of all ill have to charge it using the cable provided, and we will do a two hour, sound dust and after that i will tell if its sound is good or not, and whether You should buy it or not. So now let me charge this earbud using the cable provided. Yes, i have charged this earphone and i have used for almost two hours and i got a pretty much idea about its sound quality and i must say some points about its sound. First of all, speaking about the vocals, the vocals in this earbuds are clear guys. You guys can hear all the details while playing a sound and coming to the base. Speaking about the base, i must say that the base is not that much great as compared to the previous, maybe dual ports a25, and i must say that the base is not that much great in this. It has got a low level base. I have tested it in five to six bass, booster songs and i must say that uh, the bass i didnt like it in this year, but okay, maybe dual ports a25, performs much better than this in the base department and now coming to the call quality uh.

Here also, i am not that much happy with the call quality since they have told four mics. I thought the call experience would be great, but it is like an average call experience that i got and its not bad and not good. I must its uh an average type of call experience that i got so uh. Speaking about the sound, i will give a rating of just seven out of ten because also mentioned envy on my noise cancellation. Actually, environment, noise cancellation comes in the fitting of this earbud, but when i used it, i didnt experience that much environment noise cancellation in this earbuds its good, but its, not that much great in this uh. So, overall, in case of sound quality, i can just give seven out of ten. If i have to write the maybe dual ports 825, i would give it eight to eight point five, because the sound is little more stabilized and little more punchy in the maybe dual ports a25. Compared to this. So for the price of thousand three hundred, i wont actually recommend it to you guys, but if you are getting it for 999 or 800 rupees, then its worth for the price. One thing that i would like to say is i didnt, like the design of this earbuds its not that much compact uh. It just got a round design and it takes space while, if you keep it in your pocket also, so the design is also not that great and i dont know if its the problem in my unit, it has got a shakiness if i insert this here, but Inside it i have inserted here but – and it has got a shaky sound, let me bring it close to my.

Can? Yes, so guys for the price range of thousand three hundred its not worth, but if you are getting four thousand rupees and so its good uh, because if you are looking for a earbud which has got a longer battery like this, has got 50 hours battery backup. As compared to the mivi dual ports a25, which has only got 30 hours battery backup, so this has got 20 hours extra battery backup in this charging case. So if you want a longer battery life earbud, then you should definitely go for the movie dual ports: f60. Otherwise, if you just want a good sound here, but then go for the mavic dual ports a25, it has got a little more punchy base as compared to this. So i would only recommend it to those who want a longer battery life here, but others go for the mi video ports 825. For winding this video. I will play some music through my mic so that you will get a pretty decent idea about the sound quality of this year. But now i will play non copyrighted music through this year, but okay, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music. Baby. Can you pray Music Applause? I hope you got a rough idea about the sound quality of this year, but its not at all bad guys, its good but the base. I didnt like it that much because i love little more punjabi bass, so thats the only problem i had with this year, but other than that, its a good tier, but it has got a longer battery uh.

The call experience will also be a little bit better because it has got four mics and also as the environment cancellation feature, but its not that much effective. I must say, but its good considering the budget of thousand. You guys can definitely go for this here, but i hope you guys got an idea about the sound quality of this year, but guys its not at all bad. The sound is good, but the bass could have been a little more better uh. The base should have been little more pungier, like the maybe dual ports 825, so if youre looking for a long battery but definitely go for its good for the price of thousand rupees, otherwise go for the mivi dual port c25.