The exciting and fun part is getting new gear, but we should probably chat a bit more about gadget end of life. What do you do with your old tech Music? While youre scouting out electronics recycling, we hope youre keeping up with all the work here on so hit those subscribe options down below. Follow us around. The socials weve got articles and reviews ready to help. Save you some cash, and this is one of those conversations. Thats kind of tricky were going to start with a broad overview, but we hope this is a topic you take from a youtube, video and just think about the specific needs of your own family gear. If you havent noticed, were on a bit of a spring cleaning, kick on the website on our youtube channel. As we pick up new gadgets, we have some choices to make on displacing older gadgets. Older tech might not hold monetary value, as well as analog appliances used to back in the day. Phones, tablets, consoles computers, tvs cameras, theres, so much compute power and capability in our home immediately. We can look at markets to sell our old gear if its still in good shape and it still works. Then theres someone out there that might want to buy it sites like ebay or swapa its a little extra effort, but you can search you can see how much similar items have sold for and then you can try and score a little extra cash.

You know help subsidize your future electronics purchases, because i do so much work with phones right now. The trend for things like smartphones would be trade in deals. Im a little wary of these amazing swap deals which tend to crank up the fomo. You dont want to miss out on the best value for your old phone, so a consumer might be encouraged to upgrade sooner than they really need to, and instead of just owning and using a phone for a while were constantly leasing, new products that devalue radically fast. So then the manufacturer hypes a trade in deal and that keeps a customer hooked on one manufacturer instead of shopping the best products for their needs. But i digress. I feel that might be worth a buyer. Beware: video! In the future, if youd like to see something like that, please comment down below. Of course, you can also keep gift and repurpose your old gear, its another thing that i dont get. I really wish this idea would take off a bit more when people flip an old phone that still works im personally, a big fan of keeping an old phone as a beater or a weekender phone that you dont mind it possibly getting messed up. I went and got the brand new hotness to show off to my friends for most of my work, but then i also still have my old phone, which is already set up. How i like it when i want to hit the beach or go on a really aggressive hike areas? I might not want to take my new expensive phone to possibly get messed up its also a little less sexy, but i think a number of families should still do hand me downs.

You know mom gets a new phone and her old phone goes to one of her kids, old phones and tablets have a lot of life left in them as alternative gadgets, media players mobile gaming. Even if you dont pop in a sim card, its still a brilliant little pocket, computer ditto, old laptops and computers, where i think its always worth a couple, calls to a library or school now, obviously were talking about stuff thats still in decent condition. Dont dont try and pawn off a 15 year old dust, caked encrusted entry level, dell like youre being so generous to your local library. But when youve got the hardware you can also experiment, maybe build a little arcade machine or a home media server. You can make a better backup solution for family photos, maybe reduce some of your cloud subscription costs or just make it a simpler digital photo frame. Just something fun you get to tinker, learn a bit about what the hardware can do and the gear doesnt immediately become landfill e waste. Basically, anything we can do to keep stuff out of landfills as long as we possibly can, but eventually we have to look at that last step where we really want to get this stuff properly disposed of its the trickiest to talk about, broadly because every area has Different rules, regulations and resources. Here in california, we pay taxes upfront when buying electronics, but that should make it easier to drop off and recycle things like consoles and tvs.

My family has made several trips to a city, run drop off center for toxic materials. That absolutely should not go directly to landfill pickup, and our rules, at stores, like best buy, are a little different for dropping off devices to recycle, where we should pay fewer drop off fees at the end of life, because we already paid a disposal tax. At the time of purchase, alright landing the plane on this video, i grew up in the era of reduce reuse, recycle psas about plastic saturday morning cartoons taught us we could save the oceans just by cutting up our soda can rings radical yeah that wasnt really true Back then, for plastic, and today, consumer electronics waste is another beast of a challenge entirely. I would humbly propose that we switch from reduce reuse, recycle two repair, repurpose and recycle lets try to fix our gadgets as long as it makes sense to repair them. Then lets see if we can find a second life or alternative use for the gadgets we own, and only when were out of options, and we cant sell these devices to other people. Do we start looking at properly disposing of them its just something to think about, and hopefully its a conversation you can have with family and friends were all doing a little spring cleaning right now and increasingly, our tech should be a part of that yearly strategy too, And if you have any solid tips or resources you like to use for your old gadgets, dont, be shy, drop us those comments down below, as always thanks.

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