That was the microphone which i have set up right here and it is working, and i hope that my voice is sounding clearer and better than in my previous video but of course, adding to the whole streaming setup. We need to be able to see the streamer and thats where this little webcam comes in. This is a value webcam, a company i have never heard of before, but when i was searching for a webcam that was affordable but also good. I saw the price i clicked on it. I saw the rating read some of the reviews and i decided to buy this little webcam and give it a shot and we are going to unbox. This thing were going to try it out ourselves and see if it is as good as people say it is so. The one thing that i was looking for in this webcam was the fact that the resolution needed to be good so thats. Why? I opted for a full hd webcam, but well see if its truly full hd once we set this thing up, it should be very simple: its just plug and use it Music. Let us unbox it together. Okay, lets get started and unboxing this little beauty. The box is nothing to really be excited about honestly, its a very simple looking box and when we take it when we open it up, this is the first thing that we see this is the little manual.

But honestly, i dont think that we will be using that at all. This is the little tripod it comes with, but, like i said, i dont think that i will have to use it and we have here the webcam itself with a nice long cable, which of course, we love to see, and i can see a little plastic Music Lets see Music, i dont know if that was satisfying or not. What i also really like about this webcam is the fact that you have a little cover, and that is something that i can definitely appreciate. So thank you for that now. The only thing left to do really is to throw everything else aside, because we dont need any of this and lets see. I will put the manual back in the box as well close the box throw it aside now. The only thing left to do is to plug this little baby in and see how this looks okay, so right now, i am recording this on the im using the webcam of my laptop im, not im not recording with it, but i am using this as a Reference for the webcam that i have right here so looking at this webcam, i think you can tell that it looks very muddy. Look at this. I look like some kind of painting, like a cartoon character, basically thats what it looks like. But if i press this little button right here its going to switch to the webcam and were going to check the quality together and see what the difference is between the two Music and as you can see, the quality of this webcam is very, very different than The one on my laptop on my laptop is just absolutely horrible, i think its like 2 megapixel or something, but this as im.

Looking at my laptop screen right now, this is looking really nice, its crystal clear. I love it yeah getting closer. You can definitely see there is a huge difference when it comes to my face going back to the other webcam. You can see right away how terrible this looks its kind, its really bad and then going back again and as you can see, the webcam looks absolutely beautiful. I am a fan of this particular webcam im gon na link it down below, go and check it out. If you, if you want, of course, so there you go, this was the laptop. Let me cover you up, because i dont want people spying on me when im when im not watching you know so, but uh honestly for the price. I am very very satisfied of this product and i believe that this would be perfect for streaming. I am going to wait for some of the other things that im waiting for, including a gaming monitor im also getting another camera, but that one is going to be for vlogging, because now im using my smartphone, because i dont have a camera, but hopefully next month. I will order a decent camera that i can actually use to record. My videos with and itll be itll be completely different. So what do you think of this webcam? I hope that you might consider buying it. I definitely love it im. Keeping this and im going to use this, if you like this video, then give it a thumbs up.