It says, give your collection a boost and massive energy and wild colors all right. So if anybody wants to read it uh, they can pause the video and read it. I was trying to get pokemon cards. I love i just love pokemon cards and like try to get my hand on them everywhere. You go they’re very difficult to buy nowadays, everybody’s buying them they’re in high demand all right, that’s our car and we’ll. Try not to bend it all right. Three packs. Oh yeah let’s go oh wow there’s, like this shiny coin, that came with it. That’S cool all right. Welcome to my collection, all right boys and girls, so we’re gon na be opening a pack. So this is the first card that you can. That was visible from the pack itself, so that is pretty cool, so we’ll love the graphics, that’s a good start. All right, let’s dig into it, that’s so difficult to open all the time. I will try not to pen yeah the cards i’m, really trying to get lucky and good. Some get some good cards. Oh all, right, all right, one, two, three, four, all right! Obviously, energy macargo, nessen Music see that’s a nice card. Wilmer tynamo all right, let’s go baby, let’s go let’s, go let’s, go let’s, go my heart is beating so fast that’s, a nice card, all right boys and girls. Wow it’s, okay pack, it’s, okay pack, we’re gon na hit it we’re gon na hit a good card.

Is there some pairs and these are hard to open yep there you go yeah they’re so hard to get. Nowadays i’ve been trying to get some pokemon cards everywhere. I was going, they were sold out. Hey you, can’t blame the people, they love the hobby. One. Two three: four: all right, let’s go all right: we got energy, oh that’s, a nice card, crook rock that’s, a nice card; okay, bm, all right all right trainer card come on, be a good, be good to me, see that panpy ship it pacina come on. Come on come on come on, come on, oh leon, nice that’s, an awesome card, wow, wow, okay, let’s check it out; let’s check it out, that’s a nice card nice little on the back. Everything looks good put it right here: wow that’s, a nice card, all right, boys and girls. We need to get the leg let’s keep on going man. This is harder than it looks. It’S like come on work with me Laughter all right. We got it. We’Re good we’re, good we’re, good boys and girls we’re good. All right come on one two. Three four come on this: is it let’s hit some big card, all right, energy, all right trainer card nice, oh that’s, a nice card, that’s, a nice card, all right, tripper, that’s, a beautiful card it’s like almost realistic, look at the art on this card; man they Make such good cards all right be good, be good to me.

Please come on come on, come on, oh that’s, a nice card, what’s gon na be what it’s gon na be, but it’s gon na, be yes, didn’t, ya, that’s, nice, well, boys and girls. This is the nicest card that we pulled today leon. This hunting looks good on. Oh, maybe a little bit on the right, but hey awesome addition to my collection, Music. If everybody likes my video, please give me a big thumbs up and leave me a comment.