Today i was on my usual retail hunt and i stopped into party city because i know that they have they’ve had cards before and, to my surprise, they were fully stocked with a bunch of unified mines, pokemon packs. So i grabbed all the mewtwo mew ones uh. So just four packs: nothing super crazy um, but i thought i would open them up and let’s see we can get uh. They have some really really nice. Full art trainers in this set so i’m really pumped to see what we can get out of here. So let’s, without bending anything let’s get these bad guys out of here and let’s, see what we can get and i want to take them all out of the cardboard first. It just makes it a little bit easier, so bear with me i’ll. Try to you know. Do this as quickly as possible, but yeah if you’ve never checked your local party city, um they’ve had sports cars before uh. They they do do a lot of pokemon. You’Ll, probably typically find yu gi, oh because nobody’s buying that right now um but the the cash the cashier was like hey what’s, going on with pokemon cards. Right now – and i said oh my word – you wouldn’t believe the craziness that pokemon cards have right now so explained everything to her. She was actually really interested in the whole thing, so i thought that was pretty cool to talk about why we are going crazy for retail.

So here is the code, as always, i don’t do anything with them, so that is all for you and for the front, and we start out with fairy energy fracture uh lgm, pukey, mucu, fletchling, onyx, fletchender, snover, murkrow, a reverse riolu and a circuitry i’m. Hopefully, i’m pronouncing that right, but it’s a cool looking ultra beast, so not a bad start, not great, but you know we’re looking for some full arts and some tag team cards, but you know just i’m, just always happy to find something out in the wild uh That hasn’t been destroyed by people just getting everything so oops there you go there’s the card, so i’m always happy to just find something. You know i ca. I have no reason to complain about anything. So we have the metal energy caracosta, great potion: bibarel, cosmog, magmar, it’s, cool artwork, cottony, snow, runt, tynamo, a reverse celebi that’s awesome for a nice rare and a haunch crow, so reverse celebrity that’s, pretty sweet. I always love pulling reverse raiders, because you just you know, they’re rare and it’s kind of hard to do so. Uh there is the code. I think it was another green we’re we’re not doing so well on the mewtwo mupex. If it was another green uh, water, energy, delmise, cresselia, uncommon, legendary, you don’t see that too often dragonair slack off fungus, hot age, magnemite, fletchling, a reverse, yen, mega and zygarde. Okay, i love zygarde. This thing’s got, you know, really unique forms and everything, so i think that’s, pretty cool and really really hoping for some last pack.

Mojo party city don’t fail me now there is the code for you guys, and here we go. We got darkness energy, munchlax, magneton, bibarel, drutagon, cottony, fomantis, seawattle, mourini, a reverse axe, you and it’s, not even a hollow it’s, licky licky. So ah, not the greatest opening in the world. Um that’s. What i get for picking the same pack four times, but i mean to get a celebi reverse rare that’s, pretty awesome. So thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate all of you. Please leave a like subscribe uh if you’re new to the channel we’d love to have you on board that lovely willy mays project 2020 card over here will be a giveaway at 50 subs.