So first of all, these actually started to drop 24 hours early uh. I think a little bit over 24 hours actually and, of course, that annoyed a lot of people, because people wanted to farm them so being able to farm them. Basically from the start would have been nice, so they didn’t start on time, which is not good. Then the actual esports packs can also be duplicates, which is just on a limited time. You know something that you want to farm and you have to spend like five hours like people are literally leaving my computers on overnight and potentially getting duplicates. That is just crazy. Then the actual twitch drop system is taking at least 24 hours for me, it’s just over 24 hours in order to actually show a pack from the previous day that i was watching that and i could definitely confirm that it is every five hours, at least so. At least we can have figured that out for sure, because we weren’t sure if it was five hours or eight hours. Another annoyance is the ubisoft twitch drop website, which will actually show that you’ve got double the packs that you actually have. If you click on it, you’ll see that there’s time, um stamps for each one of them and the ones that are at the same time are actually a single pack just showing like three times, which is also another nice key thinking wait, i should have you know, Like seven or ten packs – and i have like either three or four so that’s another annoyance, the other thing, though, is that actually, this is going really well, because people are tuning in on twitch to watch rainbow six siege.

Now, of course, this is a lot of people, just in the background, leaving it running and not actually watching the streams, but from a purely corporate point of view, this is going to be hitting some great numbers that will be totally ticked on the market. Inside of things, so these packs will return in the future, like probably different variations of them, and i think they’ll probably just keep that same kind of aesthetic where it’s just a black and white, which some people like some people, don’t like they should, of course, ditch The charms that are in esports packs because that’s a bad idea, charms again as twitch trucks. It is amazing how much because we’ve still got the next phase. You’Ll notice some um twitch streamers, are saying this is phase three right now, but actually this is the end of phase two. I think some people can call it phase two part b and the next phase actually starts and uh well might not start anymore, because there’s, no sex, invitational anymore, but that’s a whole bunch of other charms and again other chances are esports packs as well because effectively, If you know six invitation was still going on as normal. This would be only halfway through the twitch drop cycle that they’ve set up so yeah whole bunch, more charms to come, which is just nuts anyway. The corporate success here or the player frustration is going to end up being the metric.

The ubisoft ends up whether this has been a huge success or potentially a failure, and, like i say, i think, to actually choose success and they’ll just tweak it in the future. With no dupes and hopefully no charms in the packs – and i think this will be back and hopefully with a better drop system which doesn’t take over 24 hours to give you your stuff or at least give you a notification that you’ve got stuff and uh. I know there’s a lot of people that are frustrated. You will get your packs, it seems to be showing up like it took until basically monday for me to actually get some packs that i watched on sunday morning so it’s really taking a very long time now. Let’S move on to other subjects, so let’s talk, sixth innovational that was delayed but, like people have been quite delayed, it’s effectively cancelled because there is no future date. Yet so there will be, but they’ll have to wait till covert dies down before they can really probably plan it and actually get everyone to fly out to it and take part in the event, people have asked why it cannot be a remote event it’s, because you Literally, have teams from the other side of the world facing each other and that lag just would not work in a competitive level at all, so they’re going to have to do in person thing which could delay this expectational for a very long time until they can Actually get everyone together in our news.

We also got a blog post on cheating as well, which went over how many people have actually banned on pc for 2020 that went up to 91 000, which is quite a considerable amount of people. Obviously getting banned and the biggest spike is actually at the beginning of the year when covid first introduced itself and the whole world basically went in the lockdown. So everyone was playing computer games, but also everyone was bored enough to actually try cheating under or even building their own cheats, as well so that’s when the biggest spike was and it dropped off after that they also began to base people on the data. So this is basically like it would be simple stuff like if your kill rate was crazy, high or maybe your accuracy was crazy, high or something like that, then they would ban based on just data alone, instead of actually finding you know a cheat on your computer. So they’ve been doing stuff like that, and this was a blog post, that i didn’t bother making a dedicated video on just because it’s, the usual data reiterated over and over and it’s the usual war. That is continuing to always happen where cheaters and developers fight back and forth and it’s. You know it’s a battle that no one will ever win. It will always be back and forth and unfortunately, cheers will always show up in the game. At some point now, let’s move on to cosmetics, so talking of esports packs, i actually got in the mail.

A real life esports pack, which was a six seven national 2021 jacket, there’ll, be a link in the description below. If you actually want to buy it, and you can use my code to get uh like 20 off, but this is the official jacket made for the six invitational twitter one. It was actually shown off in an animation with sam fisher wearing it, which is kind of cool and it’s, a pretty damn nice jacket, it’s very thin, so it’s not great for winters, maybe like a spring and summer jacket, although even though i have actually been using It in winter, because i’ve just been wearing it with like a lot of fleeces underneath and it’s. Very very nice keeps the wind out and of course it’s waterproof as well so i’ve been loving. It it’s got a lot of cool details and reflective patches and stuff. Like that so yeah it’s, a very, very nice jacket, there’s, not much else. I can really say about it and i was very happy to unbox it or unbag it. I guess because it actually came in a resealable six invitational bag as well, but anyway guys. The other cosmetics we’re going to talk about is that of yana, so janna basically got a spartan bundle or at least inspired by spartans, because it is definitely a john 117 green outfit, which is kind of cool and the headgear is actually really cool. I really do like the headgear, although i would have loved for them to jump into the actual spartan and give her more of like a spartan helmet.

I guess but i’ll take the spartan, green, uniform, very nice and then i’ll finish this video on the news of the reveal of the next season, the first one of year six. So it was going to take place on the 21st, because of course, that was the six invitational finals, but with that being delayed, it was gon na put up in the air. What would happen about the reveal and the reveal is still going to take place on the 21st? Presumably, the roadmap will get shown off there as well. Although that could be a different day, it could be earlier, but yeah. The 21st is actually when a new season will get shown off so it’s, not long away and presumably either a day or two after that, the test server will go up and everyone can jump in and play so yeah. The new season is just about to hit us, which is very cool. I cannot wait to see it and i especially want to see what they’ve got planned for year six, i hope it’s as good as year, five and uh. I hope they’ve got some really good surprises in there, but we’ll have to wait and see. Obviously what they decide to you know give us anyway guys.