Now and it’s them really trying to crack down on cheating on rainbow six siege, so i thought i’d just sit and read out this document uh just to help you guys, you know, understand it and everything and just talk through it, because i know these big documents Are kind of a bit tedious to sit down and read yourself so it’s kind of better when someone else is kind of reading it out to you and talking about it, okay, so the first bit is intro and basically what it says: it’s been half a year Since our last dev blog post on the rainbow six siege war against cheats for the last six months, the team has continued the fight and we would like to share with you a bit of what’s been happening behind the scenes, while we’d like to be fully transparent. Doing so could hinder our efforts as it could aid in the creation of new cheats. Most of our changes will be made on the back end, so you may not see any to summarize our current state. We have are actively reinforcing cheat detection by adding to existing security measures and listing the overall ability to cheat in rainbow six siege and they kind of gave it like a glossary as well. Basically explaining what some of the stuff is. So people can understand when reading this a cheater is what they call is a player using a third party application, script or macro to obtain an unfair advantage in game or in a manner that violates the terms of service of rainbow succeed.

A cheat developer is someone who creates these applications to use for themselves, sell and give to the cheaters, and a hacker for them is for the context of this article. These are malicious individual social groups who are taking over accounts that are not theirs and reselling. Those accounts uh that they do not own. This next book says the siege teams approach towards cheating and they kind of have a little diagram which has different pillars, which says: increase barriers to prevent cheaters, improve cheat detection and reduce cheat opportunity and impact. So that is our three different barriers of what they’re really focusing on when it comes to tackling cheaters in rainbow six c they’ve. Given us some statistics for 2020’s battle eye bands – and you can see you know – it’s reached like a high of 12 000 bands in april of 2020, with a total over the year of 91, 000 and 112 bands. So by the end of 2020, we confirmed we exceeded our previous annual band numbers record by 44, so that’s, an increase of 44 percent, improved detection, detailed reporting and data sharing with battle light were big factors in the span increase with a continually growing population and the Increased availability of cheats, new cheese and cheaters regularly keeping us on our toes in august, we start issues issuing a new type of chain sanction based on player data, something that we will go into more below. We use this new data detection model to ban over 4 500 players between august and december, adding this to our cheating sanctions, bringing us to a total of a 52 increase in cheating bans since the previous year, and they show us some more uh graphs, backlight bands Based on player data, so that that’s, like the new thing uh, rather than just them like actually using the normal uh form, which was shown before on that graph.

This is their new method as well looking at more stuff based on player data itself, okay, so the next bit says i’ll look back at 2020 and where we’re heading the june, dev blog described three important topics for 2020. detection, blockers and vulnerabilities. These continue to be our focus, and we have some updates to report improved sheet detection sheet. Detection will always be a work in progress, as well as a hunting process as cheating isn’t ever evolving. Thanks to changing behaviors. They continue bypassing the systems and more. It will always be impossible to detect 100 of cheaters that’s. Why we’re building new treat detection system based on statistics to uncover our most disruptive cheat users? Bands based on player statistics are still new to rainbow six siege. One of the major goals of database cheat detection is to sanction cheaters, faster we’re, happy of the accuracy of our first model, but we are still operating the band waves manually. This is causing the process to be slower than we’d like it to be automation. For this. First model is planned to be implemented at the beginning of year, six so i’m, pretty sure this is based on like if, like someone has like a 12 kd of stuff, like that – and you know, like 100 headshot ratio – i’m – pretty sure that what they mean by Player statistics and that is currently obviously down there doing that manually, they’re trying to make that an automatic thing.

So, if you have a certain stat, which is pretty unrealistic, you’ll get banned automatically new detection models will always launch manually. We start by identifying data that will make our detection model relevant next. We launch it in the back end and make sure we’re comfortable with the results. The first bandwidths are done by hand allowing us to review each impacted player. This helps us ensure that detections are identifying concrete proof of cheating. We’Ll continue to develop new models that give us better visibility on what is happening live in order to expedite the identification of cheaters and sanctioning them. Next. They talk about improving battle line siege. For the last six months, we have been working with battleye to improve cheat detection in siege we’ll, continue to ensure that our partnership with battle eye has a positive impact on the rainbow six siege. Community next is increased barriers to entry and cheap prevention. Cheat detection is only one piece of the anti cheat puzzle siege. We are also working to increase barriers to entry for both cheat developers and the users. Our goal is to cancel any benefit that could be gained from practice by making it costly for illegitimate players in our quest to make cheaters lives as difficult as possible. We have included apac regions in the two step, verification rank block. This is not only deterred cheaters, but also to help secure a wider array of accounts from being hacked increasing the overall security of accounts in an effective way to help fight instances of accounts, stealing or selling, and makes it harder for cheaters hackers and cheat developers alike.

Uh two step verification is where you need to have a phone number linked with your account and every time someone logs into your account, you get a like a code sent to your phone, which you have to put in to verify that it’s, you so that’s. Basically, what two step verification is another tool in the arsenal of cheaters and cheat developers is the creation of burner accounts smurfs to compete uh to combat this, we have linked battlelight bands with steam, vac bans which prevent banned players from receiving game refunds so i’m, pretty Sure this means that if you are like make a steam account for siege, you start it. You know you buy the account you get banned, then you can do a steam refund, i’m, pretty sure that’s what that’s saying there. So if you get your account banned, you won’t be able to refund the game in upcoming months. We’Ll also be keeping a closer eye on leaderboards. We are aware that cheaters are appearing in the high rankings and will dedicate efforts to manually cleaning the leaderboards periodically. So if you’re in high ranks and everything i’m, assuming it’ll, probably be like plot two plot, three and above they’ll like manually, go through the leaderboards and ban cheers which is um quite interesting, uh last bit, for this little section is making life difficult for cheat developers. While we cannot offer specifics on this topic, please know that we are making it harder for cheat developers to analyze and modify our game with every update we’ve launched for the past few seasons, we have continued to further secure code, making it more difficult for cheap features To keep up g developers may be only part of the equation, but they are the source of the problem.

We we will continue securing our code and eliminating vulnerabilities in order to make the upkeep of cheats more costly and time consuming so basically they’re just trying to make it harder for cheat developers to do what they’re doing. Finally, in section three of this reduction of vulnerabilities, cheap opportunities and impact of cheats, we’re continuing to learn a great deal for our battle against cheating, as we fight on multiple fronts, from live issues and fires to planning the future of siege and achieve responses through to Making sure we maintain visibility on our vulnerabilities next part, cheap developers take advantage on vulnerabilities to create their cheats. For this reason, we assess our vulnerabilities every season to not only detect current vulnerabilities, but also to predict what new loopholes could be found in the future. We keep the ubisoft game security team close and use their knowledge to plan our initiatives and understand past and present errors. In addition to using software to discover potential risks, we actively keep an eye on social media and work closely with the community team customer support to concentrate our efforts on issues that matter to our players. As soon as we discover vulnerabilities, we get to working on them in some instances there is no simple solutions, so we complement prevention with detection and, finally, in the what is next and conclusion bit, we have big plans on our housing for our team and for the Game we have no intention of slowing down.

Well, we can’t go into full detail at this time. We hope this dev vlog has helped. You understand some of the work we do behind the scenes. This work is really user facing and can be all the thrown by a new chi iterations, but we’ll keep pushing to improve on all fronts in the future. The antig team plans to remain transparent by publishing dev vlogs when we have multiple updates to share like this uh conclusion for every wall. Reinforcement that we deploy sheet developers are trying to breach in another room, but it far from deters our will to rid the game of as many opportunists and cheaters as we can. We are dedicated to making siege secure and fair for everyone. We look forward to sharing exciting their releases in future dev vlogs until then keep reporting, cheaters and game and stay safe out there, so that was ubisoft’s new, updated blog post talking about cheating in rainbow six siege, um, nothing notable about console or ddos in that c. But they do go into that about other dev blogs, so it’s not like they’re ignoring it here. This one is more focused on uh pc cheating by looks of it and it does look like they are taking it very seriously, and hopefully we do see some. You know uh more change like surrounding it, um yeah. I hope this did help. I hope you guys did understand uh. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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