But for this i wanted to try something a little different, so we’re going to be scouring the world wide web on the hunt to find the oldest rocket league video in existence. Most of you probably know, but there was a prequel to rocket league called super sonic. Acrobatic powered battle cars, so we’re gon na be looking at some of those super old videos along with some really nostalgic videos. So you can see what it was like back in the early days of rocket league and in a lot of these videos. I was watching pro players or top 100 players at the time, so just keep in mind. These videos were recorded five plus years ago, so basically, everyone sucked at rock league back then so yeah we’re just going to be watching a few of rock league’s oldest videos. So make sure you sub to the channel if you do end up enjoying the content and make sure to use creator code musty in the item, shop and let’s get into it okay. So this is the video that actually inspired me to make this entire video, because i saw this on my uh recommended page like five years after it actually came out so here’s what it is: it’s squishy muffins, i think one of his best aerial plays so just Keep in mind this was five years ago: hey guys squishy weapons and i’m just going to show you a real, quick clip from an area.

I got in a match i’m going to be uploading, an entire aerial compilation from me, aerial compilation, comment subscribe and i’ll see you next video camera shake on. He saw the same exact outro like comment subscribe, i’ll see in the next video all right. That was a good shot. I don’t know what song that is, it kind of kind of came up on me a little bit. It would be cool if you maybe had like a fade in or something or like a warning that uh that happened so yeah the compilation is coming soon, guys so make sure to look out. You know for that in the future and in all seriousness, if we re watch this and like try to compare this to today’s ranks because squishy is at the top of this game. You know in in this day like that ariel, especially considering it’s a highlight play. I would say like gold or plaid and honestly leaning more towards gold if he’s like flipping back as one of his best shots, some more nostalgic videos. Here we got jaser signature, freestyle friday, series uh. This is the very first episode of it. I actually haven’t ever seen this. I don’t think so. Let’S give it a watch, so i started playing the game around february of 2016, so i wasn’t really getting into it too much yet so that’s. Why i’ve never seen this one but let’s see uh jaser’s. First, ever freestyle friday, oh yeah, and he just hit a million subs on that that’s.

Insane honestly, i don’t see the freestyle okay. There we go honestly, oh okay. I thought he’s gon na hit that i’m not gon na lie. I mean this remembers, is 2016. okay. There’S teammate Music, oh i didn’t realize his teammate actually hit that that’s, actually not too bad he’s, not like cutting it like he does now in 2021. This wouldn’t really work nowadays, just showing all the stuff in between actually hitting the shots. People’S attention spans are low and, like you, you can’t really do that anymore for the youtube algorithm they’re already going for, like uh, like team pinch plays and like passing in the air like in 2016, which honestly blows my mind, is i don’t even know that stuff? In 2021, wait: this could be it no it’s too early dang, it jay, z, honestly, decent jason, jaser aligned the music better bro. It would have been 10 times more epic, really cool shot and it’s. Just crazy i’ll go to one of his videos now, okay, so his most most recent freestyle friday, just to put it into perspective, how much better he’s gotten quality the videos much better. Obviously, jazer face cam clean angle. He invented his own jaser flick now he’s, not even looking at the ball. Okay, i don’t, even i couldn’t, even dream of doing that. All right, and this is 2021 jaser – the shot he’d be proud of bro. That is ridiculous. That angle, doesn’t even fit on the protractor all right and another one.

You guys may know the channel rocket league effects. They have the rocket league insanity series that still goes on to this day. But here is the very first episode it’s like a pro match. Latino. The thing is: this is like literally the highest level. Gameplay possible. I buy power at the time, was the best team in the entire world. The thing is that that would never go in in like 2021, just because the defense is so good. You have to get so creative now to even score goals. No, i remember the shot dude this shot. I remember seeing the shot on reddit and i was like the fact that this is possible for me to pass like that in the air that, like inspired me to like grind the game, a ton just like the fact that i saw that was possible. And this. I remember it’s a lachino clip it’s, like a super good shot like that. The aerial twirls and everything but 2021 freestylers would get so mad like that hit the ground and bounce before it went in. Oh i’ve never seen this on reddit pre, flip that’s before pre flips were like really a thing before it was called a pre flip season. All these all these clips were from reddit man. I remember like way back in the day nice play honestly like i’m, more impressed than i thought i would be. Oh marquee, duda yeah. I remember this it’s a huge fake.

I remember this zoo air dribble and then the pop the shots that were like good at the time were just like weird shots where it’s like an air dribble and then like something after like an air dribble with something different ceiling, shot. No, the ceiling shots literally weren’t a thing in a 2016., so nice little air, dribble, Music, okay, that is ridiculous. Even for for today’s standards, these feeling shots, weren’t, even a thing nowadays, even if you’re platinum, you would you’d be going on a ceiling there. Most of these players are like top 100 super high grand champ bro. These shots are so dumb that is so insane, though. Okay, pro lobby for a lobby – oh and here’s, kenobi again, like it’s, a very straightforward eligible, i don’t, even twirl too much yeah, no arrows or anything, but in 2016, like the skill ceiling, like the skill, the players are just everyone, just maybe like a diamond two Highest, i would say, it’s a crazy angle. I remember seeing this, but now like my astro, would just be. He would just turn differently in that it’s, like literally the easiest day of his life and like at the time in 2016, like you, can’t, really understand it, but like that shot seemed unsavable, that’s, a really good shot, that’s, just one of those shots it’s. Just like an open end, but it’s really hard to score. That is literally just a completely basic shot in 2021, though, by the time it seemed like the craziest angle out there that save is insane i’m seeing that on already even for today’s standards, that would get 10 000 ups on reddit, that’s, crazy dude and just for Reference: this is what, like the most skilled freestylers, the most skilled clip headers, look like in 2021.

. Ever you can see how much faster they are just moving around the field again, a completely ridiculous uh that’s, one of the shots now i’m like genuinely in like so putting this in comparison. A player in 2016 here would maybe get one touch or, if you’re, the most mechanically gifted player like laccinio at the time you get maybe two touches max and you don’t guarantee yourself to get past the defender. But now people are just they just get bored. This guy’s a sport, a reverse, pogo flip reset double touch insane shot they’re from den – and i remember seeing this video way back. I didn’t watch it when it was like trending or anything, but i saw it a very long time ago. Kernoby was the number one ranked player in the world. He still is. I mean five years later, one of the best in the world still and gibbs, uh gibb’s fallen off. Quite quite a bit. You know let’s be real here, but gibbs at the time was the number two in the entire world. So this is like a huge deal number one in the world versus number two in the world. This is gibbs point of view, so i guess the meta at the time was just to not go for the kickoff. I know boost that was awkward yeah. I thought i could pick up some of the boost pads, so i didn’t get any. I don’t know yeah. Oh, my god, literally, had no boost unsavable shot.

It’S, like most people, are having trouble even finding the ball. So this is like peak gameplay. Granovi. Has it now now he’d be going for an irrigable. He has 100 boosts, but that’s, like literally just isn’t a thing. Okay, that’s, a really good flick, though, should be a goal. Okay, gibbs actually gets back. I hit that pretty poorly good, save that’s kind of shadowing really well, there savable shot honestly chronology’s popping off right now, let’s be real, save should be saved nice and the meta. Then isn’t to keep possession or anything it’s just like if you have a bounce and the ball is coming near – you just bang the ball like every time, because the other player will only be able to control their side flip coming from from the gibbs kickoffs. No one flips into it, uh twice so just drive up to it and flip into a huge shot coming in from kenobi good save by gibbs. Just as karnavi says. Oh, no, the athena flick into the right corner the thing in 2015.. It might be a goal. Oh, i didn’t know that was that far out wow yeah yeah yeah that’s crazy. I i want to see kenobi’s reaction. To this i mean at the time it’s like a fast shot coming at you, you’re, like you’re, panicking doesn’t seem like there’s much you can do. I really want to cr novi i’ll. Ask him if he can. I want him to react to this.

Oh yeah, half lips weren’t a thing. He would be half flipping back here, that’s crazy, oh kenobi, with the with the width and gives you the insane dribble past him now like if he did that he’d be like so mad at himself and then he’s like oh yeah it’s. Just you know like a in random error, it happens kenobi. That was not intentional, wait. What i was trying to get it close enough so that it would go out like i was trying at the corner right there yeah and i hit it, but it didn’t really wow. That is very interesting from kenobi, honestly, like a a good shot. His first arrow of the game, i think, can gibbs get the comeback. He does. I feel like there’s, probably more kickoff goals then compared to now. These kickoffs are more consistent and it’s, like game goals, still happened quite a bit, but not quite as much i’m. Honestly, like i’m gon na edge in my seat right now, like i don’t, know, who’s gon na win this dude nobody’s gon na mess it up again. Oh it works it’ll open neck. Is he gon na score it? He is yeah that might be game. I honestly don’t know who wins, i think that’s game yeah we shut it down for zero seconds. Kenobi does end up winning it takes the dog. You see. I even commented in 2018 two years ago, like that i was here and just to put that 1v1 into comparison here.

We have another like what would be world class for today’s standards, aj versus kinsey, so let’s just look at a few goals and like see what like the meta is like in 2021 for the best 1v1 players in the world. Kickoff’S a lot faster, you’re gon na see how much faster everyone is that’s gon na be aj air dribble bump, but air dribble bumps that’s, like the meta now, because 2017 is like air dribbles and like 2018 it’s, like really really good error, dribbles 2019, everyone can Block air trouble so the irrigable bump it comes to meta that’s. Why it’s so intriguing to me to figure out what will become the meta in like five or six years from now. I literally have no idea all right, so back in 2015, like the best outplay you could do is like that is the most mechanical i’ll play right now, but maybe in six years, it’ll be like something i don’t even know anything. Is the opponent almost saved that too, like we’re inches away from saving it? Okay here’s a montage from cuxer 97 back from 2015 back before the game even came out for xbox, i believe or like maybe right around when it came out dude. I really wish cuxer. Would keep doing content man coxer if you’re watching dude? Like start uploading, people want to see your game play man? Oh the cuck, swiss, yeah that’s. Why people people call it the cuck swiss is because he kind of popularized that backwards.

Diagonal spin in the air. The meta now is using arrow, left and arrow right, it’s simply more efficient than doing this now, but i don’t even think arrow left or right was a thing these are still insane like back. Then it was so rare to do that because you couldn’t really maneuver your car to get a good pass or a really good, uh angle on the ball, like you have to just get everything lined up right from your touch and hopefully it works out. I was like at the time, especially dude, that passing play was like game. Changing people were like figuring out. Okay, like you, can pass your teammates. That kind of reminds me of what jaser uh, what like what his video was like: it’s got like slow, but cool, freestyles and it’s just crazy how slow everything is like it’s, just insane and that’s it dude that just brings back the memories man so much in The soldier in that montage all right i’m trying to find john sandman’s first ever rocket league video now all right. So this is one of john sandman’s earliest videos, the best comeback of 2015., oh he’s, rocking the merc, okay, it’s uh, sombrero hat. I think bang camera shake really emphasize, i feel like john – would still get just as excited from that shot. Now john is the same exact person, man, okay, the hat trick coming in for mr sandman: hey three open nets but john.

I respect you bro five. Five around ten seconds remaining puts it on net. Okay, good defense, seller, defense. There it is wow he’s, using voice chat in the game. Nowadays, the meta would definitely be for jon to just bump that defender. That would like be the smartest way to get that goal. Is bumps are so useful nowadays, all right and something i did, which i didn’t expect? I went on carnovi’s channel and he has a video from 10 years ago, an entire decade of rocket league. This is a pre code of rocket league called super sonic acrobatic power battle, cars i’m sure most of you have heard of it. But if you haven’t it was basically a scuffed version of rocket league. So this is a double touch aerial from 10 years ago, and i honestly bet a lot of y’all weren’t even born when this video came out so blurry jesus christ. You got the ariel and they kind of bounced off of it and the double touch. This is just so like this is before my time. Like i didn’t, i never heard a rocket league. I was how old was i. I was 11 years old when kenobi had this slow motion, epic cinematics by kenobi, so he touches it. Bounces off the ground. Honestly, compare that to the shot we were just looking at kind of like the the pogo. This could be the first pogo ever honestly. I just want to watch this again here, like that’s, you know that’s what arsenal would call butt bounce butt bounce into the double touch i’m, not sure how much of that was luck.

How much of it was skill, but at the time i mean he must been freaking out. This looks like rocket league if you bought it on wish.com all right, and i had to include this one in there, the uh, my first video on my channel, i don’t ask two million views. It probably is the same thing: what happened with squishy’s video, where it just gets, recommend yeah three years it gets recommended on the uh on the recommended page. I don’t know why but uh. Apparently the algorithm works like that for for people’s, first videos but it’s from 2017 i’m, like a little later than everyone else. I was already grand champ at the time, but a lot of people think this is like the first musty flick ever or something, but it’s. Actually, not not even the first monster flick, i did, it was just some random clip. I did where my teammate told me to musty flick. It was it’s been a thing for maybe like four or five months at that point and uh, and i just did one and it was like a super cool thing and i uploaded it to youtube because i didn’t know how to zoom in on the chat. For my editing software, so i got someone else to edit it for me with it zoomed in that’s. The only reason it’s on the channel, just because i needed help with editing or something it wasn’t even meant to be a public video.

But that is a my first ever video all right guys. So to finish off the video i have found something even before for novi’s 2010 video. This is from march of 2008. I would have been seven years old. I would have been seven here’s. What 2008 rocket league gameplay looks like Music? This is uh on the ps3. This could i think this is the oldest recorded footage of rocket league or the prequel to rocky league march of 2008. I don’t think demos were a thing i don’t know if they were or not. This is where it all started. Man, no one knew how to like. Do anything. Brings you back to the old times man, you just you see the ball and you just try to hit it that’s, like all you have to do. I think this isn’t really like. Oh, it is a montage. I don’t know if it’s like a montage or just kind of showing gameplay in general. These are all decent shots, no goal explosions in 2008. Apparently, honestly, i would have missed that good cinematic shots there, probably wasn’t like a replay mode back then, but it’s like it’s from psyonix uh, like the developers of supersonic acrobatic power battle cars. What the heck is that a mechanic we haven’t discovered yet or something i don’t know how he popped the ball and his car. He was turtling kind of sick. What is the defender doing wait? What is, did you see that little speck right there? I think that’s a defender on the nose of their car they’re, just vibing out, i don’t, know what they were doing back in 2008 man, but this is what it looked like.

What is the green stuff? What is that is that boost there’s, a small pads? Obviously they look the same in 2020 about that has to be a big boost. Surely but aerials were a thing, that’s kind of an aerial kind of like it’s, a double jump, but still it could be the first ariel ever in rocket lake history that we just saw so the ball could go in the gold but like you could still defend It i don’t understand that i’m glad they did at a goal. Explosions though, but this i’ll have the link, if you guys want to check it out for yourself, but i could be wrong but i’m. Pretty sure this is the oldest rocket video in existence so make sure to check it out, but yeah i figured this would be a decent spot to end the video it’s, the oldest rocket video i could find so i hope you guys did end up enjoying this. One so if you did make sure you’re sub for the channel and all the videos i watched by the way, are going to be linked in the description.