Now, to find the worst car i’m going to be performing the worst move in rocket league, but don’t confuse how bad the mechanic is with its difficulty, because it’s actually quite hard. It takes a lot of skill and concentration. Sure we’ve all done it accidentally. At some point, but when you’re trying to hit the crossbar on purpose, it becomes pretty difficult. What is the athena flick? Well, the athena flick is basically the crossbar challenge, except for flicks, not shots. Shooting and hitting the crossbar is not an athena flick as long as it’s a flick, though you can do a wide range of setups and flick types, because, as long as you, a slam, the crossbar b, don’t score and c scream something anything immediately after you have Correctly performed the athena flip, please don’t, please yep that’s me now. This move wasn’t actually invented by athena since rocket league players have been flicking the crossbar for years now, but she has popularized it to the point where it’s named after her, you don’t always have to be the first one to do it to get naming rights. That’S. Just life guys accept it today, i’m going to be challenging. My mechanics by performing this difficult new move in every single common and legacy car in rocket league to find out which one is the worst let’s begin. Our first car is the aftershock looks kind of like a jet. I don’t think a lot of people use the aftershock kind of a kind of a thick boy kind of like him.

Look at that turbine. Look at that absolute unit of a turbine on the top. I know this thing’s going to be good at athena. Flicks, oh yeah, the thing is, the athena flick is actually going to take a lot of accuracy. You got to hit that crossbar that’s a very specific target, plus we got sweaty opponents, so that’s gon na be tough. Here we go, oh my god. Oh that might be too low. Yeah that’s, not what we want. I am pain by the way, so that should fit this video pretty well. Okay. Here we go straight up. Oh no, so close here’s, a let’s try to do a 180. nope, never mind dang it! I do want to win this game, though subconsciously want to win. I did it yes, first game and i did the athena flick. Okay, now i can just win over time there we go on my first try. Well, first game, not my first try. I tried a couple times. Car number one checked off. Next, we have the backfire. I have five wins with the backfire, not sure when. Oh, i think my wife played with this when she played uh flip’s wife, wait wait until lens. Okay, now go ahead. All right, let’s see it. Oh, that was a chance. Athena flick takes a lot of composure, not everyone can do it. That might be it. Oh, a little high, even for an athena that’s, also a little high.

I kind of like this backfire. I don’t mind it. I could use this athena complete in the backfire let’s. Go a little sauce on that athena time for the breakout. Now i got a couple wins in the breakout. This was like my first car it’s kind of clean with those gold stones as well it’s. My first alpha reward item that i’ve owned. Oh, you really challenged me so i had to had to do it to him. Couldn’T go at the end of that time, full demo. Okay, i have a chance. Yes, it’s, looking good breakout completed onto the dominus, basically the same thing, just a little less a little less flat. I used to use the dominus quite a bit too more than the breakout for sure, like i started out with the breakout and then the dominus was back in my season three days. I think the beginning of my youtube channel i’m using the dominus and i switched the octane like season four right before you guys were born. I thought it was coming for me. Okay, here’s, the phoenix book not too low way too low got ta get those up. Gon na give me a free athena flick. I did it very simple, backflip athena, i don’t, think i’ve ever used the aspar. Oh my god. Listen to that engine, it sounds like a very old car is, is daddy coming or is he is he ever coming home? Is he just gon na leave Music? Oh, he athena’d nice dang.

It might be good. Didn’T want it to uh this too low there nope Music dang it not high enough to hit the crossbar. In fact the money bounced Music. Ah, i just cannot get this thing down. Man i’m, too, on target okay, one more chance. Yes, i did it a zero second, athena esper complete moving on to the gizmo. I like the gizmo gizmo has a special place in my heart. I don’t know why. Just does i remember why it’s, because these flaps go up when you boost it’s, so cool Music? Is it in? Yes, an athena complete with the gizmo ooh, the grog? Very rarely do i use the grog, but this is a special occasion. What an absolute monolith! This thing is holy Music wait for it. Ah, i tried to flick it up close one close one Music, hey, we did it. The demo is key for the athena flick gives me plenty of space and the grog is now complete, it’s time for the hot shot. This thing is weird man it’s, so like a front, heavy could be good for athena. Flicks, though Music. What car engine is this guy using close Music? Yes, i did it Music that guy just athena flicked try to demo me, sir i’m, flicking. Ah too far. Oh you’re, going now: oh, i almost dang it. I almost had a musty athena. There here’s my chance here’s my chance, no here’s, my chance. Yes, we’ve done it in the marauder marauder complete, oh yeah.

I have to finish this game. This guy kind of slaps. Oh that’s, a corner, i don’t know if that counts. I still have a chance Music, yeah whoa. I thought they hit the crossbar for sure dang it okay we’re, going back and taking a look at this one. It did hit some of the sidebar, but it’s close enough to the crossbar uh. The most important thing is it missed so it’s it counts. Oh i’ve been waiting for this i’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Let’S, do this it’s beautiful, it’s, absolutely beautiful, Music yeah! Oh! No! What gosh darn it? Oh, what Music Applause Music? That was that hit the crossbar and it was kind of a musty flick. It was more like a butt shot, though, to be honest, there’s, the athena. All right, merc complete, oh now, here’s a car i’ve, never used. That was strange. Look how the spoiler looks so weird, just sitting there that’s just who would use this Music? No! Yes, i did it. Okay, the octane is complete the paladin. I guess i’ve never used the paladin, but i know it’s an og car. This car used to actually be the meta. We could have been all driving this paladin pellet and paladin damn. He says i meant to type same oh he’s, talking about because my name is Music pain, athena that was sick, it’s, quite scuffed, but that’s the way we like it dang this thing, flicks hard.

Oh, no, the proteus! You know this is good for me. There’S no way i’d ever use these cars boom. Did it already a little low all right there, you have it the proteus, oh man, the ripper. I have such good memories with the ripper. I actually use it a lot. I don’t know why it says two wins. Unless i got two wins in like a year, i think it’s, because i used this mostly when i was on the xbox Music. He got me yeah, we good Music. I don’t know if that counts. That was a little high. I have to put that one under a further review Music. No here we are in the replay booth, uh yeah that looks a little high, but it’s it still counts, uh. Yes, the merc 2.0, also known as the roadhog yeah that’s. What we’re looking for right there? Oh that’s just way too low. That is not a clean athena right there. That is terrible Music. There we go about two years ago. I did a challenge where i used the scarab for a month. It was terrible. I hated it. Apparently i got 140 wins that month. That seems low. Doesn’T seem good what i missed. What the! Why is my car moving, what the heck the scare of moves before the kickoff? Is that a new thing, or is that, like a scarab bug, i get it because it looks like a bug, bro it’s, so hard to get the flicks up high on the scarab it’s like trying to flick a ball with a ball? It does not work i’m.

So entirely using this car Music there. Finally, oh my goodness, i did not enjoy that good little car looks just like a good little car Music way too low for an athena flick boom. Did it. I, like the backflip athena that’s, a good way to do it. The triton another one i have pretty much, never used let’s go. This thing looks like uh. What are they called? The hunger games like the the empire or whatever the bad guys looks like a card they would use nope may the odds be ever in your favor. Here we go, no, you know, i think i like this better than the scarab. This thing’s, like a freaking literally a submarine that’ll, be a submarine than a ball Music. Yes, oh it’s, good, the zero boost, triton athena flick and also check out how, when i turn the uh propellers turn in the back that’s sweet, the venom i use the venom. A fair amount. 561 wins. This is like going down memory lane for me, because i used the venom before i used the breakout, the dominus pretty much those three cars before the octane, oh yeah, and the ripper, the vulcan, oh that’s fun. Oh, the wings spread out: okay, that’s it’s kind of sick. That will not do yes, just a glancing blow off the crossbar, all right, we’re into the home stretch with the x devil. Oh, that might have been it just to be safe. Ah there it is no doubts about that.

One and last but not least, the zippy basically looks like a stumpy version of the octane Music boom, crush that one all right. So after performing the worst mechanic in every original rocket league car it’s time to decide which one is the worst here’s, my top three coming in as the third worst car i’m gon na, have to say the hot shot, because it was long and plank like it. Wasn’T necessarily difficult to flick, it’s just every time i managed to. I felt terrible about myself and all my decisions in my life that’s. All it just feels unbalanced and not in a good way as the second worst car i’m calling out the almighty roadhog and not just because he’s fat. Okay, i think all big bodies are beautiful, like the grog or the proteus see they’re, big and awkward and difficult to use too, but at least they look interesting. The roadhog is just and finally it’s time to crown the worst car in rocket league. I have an intimate knowledge of this vehicle and i can personally vouch for just how bad it is. You can try to play well in this car. You can try to athena flick in this car. You can try to score goals in this car. You might succeed. You might not either way weird things will happen and you will not have a good time. I know it’s funny it’s a joke car, but there’s no getting around it.

The scarab is the worst car in rocket league.