You may have already watched previous videos in this series where i’ve covered both weird items and weird game design decisions, but today, instead we’re going to focus on a list of things, psionics hasn’t done now, these seven game ideas, aren’t necessarily the best ones i’ve ever heard Of but it’s more a list of reasonable and seemingly obvious additions that i find weird psyonix hasn’t added over the last five years now. Despite that, i will try and be objective and explain both sides, including some justification as to why we haven’t seen these yet now before we start, i have a quick announcement and don’t skip this it’s, not an advertisement guys there’s been a lot of account scams going On through discord – and i just want to warn you – no creator is ever going to dm you that you’ve randomly won a giveaway that’s, not real. These scam bots have been using names like psionics gifts or rldrop, or even impersonating creators. Don’T click on these links, don’t put your info into these sites, stay safe, guys, alright, once you’ve hit that subscribe button we’ll start the countdown at number. Seven, the ability to make and use custom training packs arrived in patch 1.25 december 2016.. It was a pretty big addition and scionx even spelled out a list of planned future improvements to make it even better. The only problem is none of this ever happened. I could probably make a whole video about ideas to improve rocket league training, but i wanted to focus on one thing that i think should have been included from the start.

The ability to train as a team, whether it be passing, plays defensive, rotations or just a way to hang out and work on the same shots. The ability to do training packs with friends is a much needed feature on a similar note, even something as simple as party free play would be nice. The feature pretty much already exists in between casual matches. Why not? Let us have it when we want now at this time you can make an artificial version through private match mutators, you can set the time and boost to unlimited disable goal reset there. You have it a scuffed version of team free play. Just a note in defense of the lack of improvement in custom training synax did make a reddit post about this just a year after it came out there. They assured us that the plans were still in place just at a low priority. Dev resources were being spent on things that impacted a larger portion of the player base and helped push the game forward, which is a reasonable excuse and probably could be applied to a lot of the great ideas that players have now. This idea is far from new. Over the last five years, a post about customizable demo explosions appears on the subreddit at least a couple times a month. I even made my own post back in 2018, though this was mostly just to show off a thumbnail i made for a video. It is a pretty obvious cosmetic option that has been neglected to this point.

The batmobile and delorean already boasts their own unique explosions, so it’s not like psyonix hasn’t considered it, but there are a few counterpoints that come up whenever this is discussed. First of all, an explosion that does not blind as much as the original could be seen as pay to win, and i would agree with that, which makes me think maybe just having a selectable word instead of boom, would be an option. Think of a demo that says savage or sorry or even a colored explosion such as this green one i used for a thumbnail. The one counter point i won’t accept, though, is the idea that customizable demo explosions will make people chase demos. Does a new goal explosion make you recklessly try and steal goals? Does a new boost mean you’re gon na end up wasting boost because you’re looking at it, probably not now, at the end of the day, it could start as a bit of a novelty but new demo explosions won’t suddenly make people good at demos so dodge those Suckers and take those wins, and i don’t think i need to tell you where to go. If you need help with that, the rumble game mode came out as a casual playlist in september 2016, and since then i think there’s been a lot of missed opportunities to revamp and replace power. Ups, if you search through reddit, there is no shortage of player’s suggested ideas, one of my favorites being the suggestion of having one heatseeker shot.

Even leth was recently tweeting his own suggestions, and i thought this reply from digital jedi was pretty funny. His idea is an ability that makes the opponent only have soft touches and he called it weak sauce as a counterpoint. Now that rumble is ranked it does make it less likely that sonics would want to mess with the power ups like i said they missed the opportunity for lack of a better word. This rng game mode is surprisingly balanced, as is there’s actually been. Only one item related patch in the history of rumble a month after release, spikes received a nerf, as they were actually even more powerful than they are now. If you can believe that now i know this might seem like a very specific or selfish idea. That would only affect a small group of people, but remember the point of this list is not to talk about the best rocket league ideas, but instead things i can’t believe haven’t happened yet, as well as rewarding creators that promote the game. Verification could go a long way to prevent impersonation and scamming, not to mention finally stop the endless questions in game also to add banners or titles are a pretty low cost edition. The only thing really up for debate here is the requirements to be verified. What do you think they should be a million subs, 100. 000 subs. Let me know in the comments below demo. Spawns is really the only rng element of regular rocket league there’s four spawn locations per team, but which one you end up in is completely random and that can have a negative impact on your ability to get back into play now, despite the long running myth.

No, you can’t select which side you spawn on with your d pad, but i think you should be able to make that choice to go along with that. You could also include kickoff positions. Now this was brought up by one of my patreons in a brainstorming session. For this video, the idea is, you could choose, who does the kickoff and who goes for boost, and it could really push kickoff strategies in place to the next level. It also would mean i’d never have to do a kick off again, which i’m totally okay with by the way. Guys, if you want to see the inner workings of video creation, such as the discussions that led to this video or be one of those people that seem to time travel and comment before a video is live well, make sure you check out my patreon that’s linked In the description, all right, this is a big one, especially for you console players, but i do want to look at it from a realistic standpoint. Making maps and mods work across all four platforms is a difficult task. Thus, the fact that psyonix hasn’t completely opened up this capability to the whole community with some kind of broad custom map support, is understandable to me, but i am surprised they haven’t decided to take a more targeted approach by choosing specific maps and mods from the community. Maybe, by way of contests or votes, they could then implement them into the game themselves.

It would obviously take some dev time, but it seems like it would be the perfect compromise for this tricky issue and also be the first step in seeing if more custom map support is warranted for the future. Come on. Psyonix people are out here making tons of new game modes for you, like the recent rocket league racing community. I highlighted in my last video. This game has endless possibilities, but we need some support to make it available to all. There are over 8 000 tradable items in rocket league. Why don’t? We have a system to make trading easier, now, i’m sure every one of us that has traded before knows the pain of searching websites and discords and trying to group up with people ugh it’s terrible. Now the item shop has streamlined the ability to get certain items, but sonics really could learn from other games that use auction systems like madden, fifa or even world of warcraft. Now this isn’t a new idea, i was actually even able to find a mock up on reddit from back when we used to use keys as currency. I also can’t think of many negatives about this. Besides the dev time and servers that would be required to make it work, if you make credits easier to spend, people are going to spend more credits and you can even add a buying fee on top of that. But since zionix hasn’t done this, yet i do know of one discord that is their auction.

Bot is still in beta. But if you want to check it out, make sure you head over to the board of shadowy figures, discord that’s linked in the description that brings to an end my personal list of seven game ideas that should be in rocket league by now. Keep in mind these aren’t necessarily the best community suggestions i’ve ever seen. This is more a list of reasonable changes that i think should have been an easy choice to add sometime in the last five years, which one would you like to see the most. Let me know in the comments below, as always, i appreciate you watching my content and would love it if you could subscribe and check out some more of my videos linked here.