So i’m currently running unreal engine version 4.26.1 and that’s. What you see opened up here – and i already have the scene from metahumans in here – so if you were on the internet any time this morning, basically you saw this video going all over the internet. This is the human that was inside the example there, and i do have an example of her running in real time on here and so i’m running this system on the threadripper three and i’m, using an rtx card i’m using that nvidia 2080 ti. I know inside of the documentation, they said that you really want to have like a high powered rtx card to fully be able to utilize this. I don’t have my hands on a 30 90, and so i ran this with a 2080 ti and it seemed to work pretty good, and so let me actually run this in real time, so you guys can see it so i’m going to hit the play button Right here just give this a second to load up and there we go a metahuman. The next generation of digital human powered by unreal engine metahumans are high fidelity digital characters created by you, the user on our new content creation platform meta human creator. I am fully rigged ready for animation and motion capture allowing you to work in context with everything, running, live and unreal engine. My motion works seamlessly on other characters. I have eight levels of detail and have been tested on a wide range of hardware platforms from feature film to mobile.

If you’re interested in learning about my animation, rig or high fidelity deformations built on control, room, the new strand based hair system via the groom component or how everything is tied together and animated in sequencer, then have a look under the hood in this project. This is just a glimpse of things that come and what’s crazy is. This is running real time inside the viewport like this isn’t even rendered out yet, and you can see how flawless this was running. So if i just look around my scene here, you can see this is fully running inside of unreal engine. I have all my assets down here and everything you have the royal outliner over here and we have the two humans here as well. So what’s cool is, we can actually it’s already coming fully rigged, and so i can actually jump in. If i had an iphone, i could start playing with the facial morphs or i do have the rococo suit so later on i’m. Actually going to do some experimenting with live linking it with, you know, body, mocap and things of that nature, but if you wanted to jump in, you can actually test this out today. So let me show you where to find that. So if i actually open up the epic games launcher, if i come right here under the learn tab, all you have to do is scroll down a little bit and it’s right here under engine feature samples.

It says metahumans, you just click on this right here and this is actually going to bring it up to where you’ll see like a little button here would actually say, free or download. I can’t remember but it’s around, like 4.4 gigs, and once you download it, you just say – create project and it’s, going to make this example that you saw right here, so you could go in there play around with it with yourself and kind of see like you Know if your specs is up to par with this, you know it’s fully running ray tracing and everything, and so this is a good test to see if your computer is ready for it and i’ll leave this documentation down below as well. And so, if i come to the unreal engine docs, they actually have documentation on everything that’s included inside of that project file. Here how you can mess around with the grooming system, how you can sync it up with your iphone and things of that nature, and it has some tests here, like it actually comes with an animation starter pack. You know that comes with epic games is so it will show you how you can rig them to using your different mocap data that you might have you know from the marketplace or with miximo i’ll. Try to run some examples with that as well. You know in the next couple of days it actually has cloud physics which is really cool, and if i keep scrolling down yeah there we go, you can see a gif for the hoodie there and the cloth physics and everything.

But i think the coolest thing is how i can run this with mocap in real time. So, if i click on this other tab, i’ll leave this in the description as well. It shows you how you can retarget the meta human to work with your different mocap setups and things of that nature and so i’m going to actually run this live link with my rococo suit, so make sure you guys subscribe. If you want to see that video i’m going to run some tests first before i run through that tutorial, but if you want to try it out on your own, if you have any type of mocap suit, i’ll leave this link in the description below as well. So you could go in here and retarget it for yourself, but i think this is really cool. How they put this example up yeah here we go i’ll leave this down in the link below as well the animation starter pack. So if i click on this, this comes absolutely free with your epic games, account it’s a bunch of different animations, so if you’re kind of tired of the miximo stuff, you can just come here and download some stuff from here as well. So i just wanted to kind of give you guys, you know just a rundown of what this is. I mean i saw this this morning and i immediately was like. Let me jump into it because i just wanted to explore for myself and see if what they were pitching was actually real and, as you can see in this example, i ran everything fully on my desktop real time inside the viewport, and i have pro tools running In the background, they record the audio, i have obs, i have a bunch of other things, and so my computer is using other resources and it was still able to run unreal engine with ray tracing in real time, which is fully crazy.

So can’t wait until they actually fully release this in the next couple of months and we can start creating our humans and really just start playing around with it. So i just wanted to give you guys that preview, if you want to go and download it for yourself, you have the full capabilities of diving in checking out the road time preview hooking it up to your iphone or your mocap suit and fully going to town With it, and so the next logical step for me is i actually have my rococo suit, ready to go and so i’m going to dive into this run a few tests and then hopefully put up a tutorial in the next day or two so make sure you Subscribe, if you want to see my mocap test and see how these virtual humans are running in real time, so if you’re new to the channel – and you like what you saw here – make sure you subscribe, as i said, i’m going to be diving more into this. As they release more info and make this fully released to the public, make sure you leave me a comment down below and let me know how it’s running on your systems, like, i said i’m using a 2080 ti on here but i’d, be really interested to see. Like how this runs on, you know like lower grade graphics card, or even if you have like a 30 80 30 90, and let me know what your experience is like and until next time stay fresh, keep creating and i’ll catch.

You in the next video i’ll see you soon take care.