The stuff they keep releasing and announcing is just staggering unlimited polygon sizes in unreal engine 5. that is exciting, quicksole uh mega scans available for everybody that uses their engine that is exciting, but today, today we have metahumans that you can see from the unreal presentation video In front of you, this is a tool in the cloud for making uh realistic natural looking humans in under an hour. Yes, that is nuts, and in fact, i wouldn’t actually believe it if they didn’t release this as well. They released two such humans. These are two human models that were actually created using the metahuman process and let’s go take a look at the kind of detail we get out of here, so you can actually get these uh exported out in various different resolutions for various different hardware. But as you see as we get, oh, that was nightmare fuel, okay, let’s not do that again. The level of detail on these humans is staggering, so we get two of these human exports out from the metahuman project. This is obviously one of them. You get all of the stuff that goes together to create it, so you can see it, it is fully rigged. The cool thing, too, is: if you use a metahuman and you set up facial animations for it, you can transfer from one metahuman to the other. There is also another demonstration over here here is another metahuman from the project in a proper oop.

I zoomed out past her. I don’t know how that worked, and my computer is not happy. It’S like i said these are not small uh at all. So here, oh they’re, back to back all right, so you can see there is the one metahuman you can create using this okay, i got ta turn this way down. This is getting way too fast. Okay, let’s! Do that again slow motion, so there is one of the demos you can grab from a demo project, look at the skin quality and their hair quality and it’s just it’s really impressive. These are actual uh, pretty much stand. Ins for real humans, like you could put these in and the uncanny value valley effect, is definitely there and then again we saw him in action already. So this is the demo project you can download. You can get it from the learn side of things and now i’m, just gon na go ahead and shut it down because, quite frankly, uh it’s, causing my computer to chug, so uh be right back now there were a couple of things that actually led up to This and it was kind of telegraphed that they were working on digital human technology and one is they bought this company called three lateral which actually specialized in um creating digital humans. This was done about two years ago. I covered it on game from scratch. I will link to that story as well. You may recognize her from a previous gdc demonstration, where uh people interacted with her live, where she was remotely controlled by somebody in another room and then we’ve got the acquisition of cubic motion who also um specialize in the creation of digital humans.

So these two companies together were purchased by unreal over the last couple of years. On top of that, they’ve released something called live, link face, which is a motion capture application for animating, getting production, quality uh facial animations, but you can use your phone to do so. This is available on the app store by the way, and then here is today’s announcement. The sneak peek at metahuman creator, where we get into the detail so to create great and truly convincing digital humans is hard. It takes a huge amount of time, effort and skill, not to mention costly equipment and staff. There have been some great examples running in unreal engine over the past few years from fictional characters such as senua and siren now siren is the um. The one from the gdc demo uh senua is from seno sacrifice, uh to um, andy serkis and mike seymour companies. Like three lateral and cubic motion have led the field in um, creating performance capture driven 4d animation, we’re, proud both of those now part of the epic family, so we’re going to offer you at first glyphs at metahuman creator. So again i will link this down below. If you want to watch watch that whole video, i highly recommend it. Amanda human creator is a cloud streamed app, so it does run in the server uh designed um to take real time. Digital human creation, from weeks or months to less than an hour without compromising on quality works by drawing from an ever growing library, of variance of human appearance and motion so i’m.

Guessing those two companies that epic bot have been just pumping out like real quality, digital humans and then they’re probably doing the rest of this, with a combination of sort of like deep learning and deep fake kind of technology, machine learning and deep fake technology to make This work, so it works by drawing on an ever growing library, a variance of human uh, appearance and motion, enabling you to create convincing new characters through intuitive workflows that you let you sculpt and craft. The result you want, as you make adjustments, metahuman creator blends between actual examples in a library in the library, in a plausible data constrained way, you can choose a starting point by selecting a number of preset faces, uh to contribute to your human from the diverse range In the database, you can select from around 80 hairstyles that use unreal engine strand based hair or card hairs for lower end platforms, which is kind of cool, because that means you’ll be able to use it on. You know mobile devices and so on as well. Also, a set of example, clothing to choose from as well as 18 different uh, proportional body types. When you’re happy with your human, you can download the asset via quixote bridge which will bridge they acquired as part of their quixote application. It is an interface program between the mega scan textures and your own textures, for example, and then, of course, unreal engine fully rigged and ready for animation and motion capturing unreal engine complete with levels of detail.

Uh. You also get the source data in the form of a maya file that includes mesh skeleton, facial rig, animation, controls and materials which, by the way means you could use this outside of unreal engine as well. So long as you own maya, once you have your asset, you can animate it using performance capture tools. You can use unreal engines live link that’s. The ios app we saw earlier are also working currently with vendors, on providing support for ar kit di4d digital domain dynamics. Xyz uh faceware, jelly speech, graphic and cubic motion solutions or keyframe it manually, uh animations, created for one metahuman, will run on any other metahuman uh, enabling you to work across projects. Uh we’ll be ready for testing as part of an early access program within the next few months you got ta sign up, you’ll get updates as it goes and uh. If you can’t wait to check it out, they are available in the learn tab. There is a project that is available there to download you saw it in action. You also saw it kicking the crap out of my computer uh, which, by the way, is an rtx 2070.. So it is a potent scene file. If you are interested in grabbing it, it is available. Where did you go here? We go epic launcher head on over to the epic launcher, go to the learn tab like so once here. You will find the new category here for metahumans, go ahead and grab this and create a new project.

If you are curious, how big this thing is, it appears to be approximately four gigabytes in size, so there is the project file right there. I don’t think you can get all right, so let’s open and show in folder all right. So here is my file. Metahumans properties, yeah, it’s, uh, almost five gigabytes in size, so do be aware, is going to take a little bit of time to download and to run, and it is going to probably make your computer run like a stuck pig, but otherwise it is demonstration or proof Of the kind of results that we are going to get out of the metahuman creator, this is amazing, stuff. I i just it again: it’s going to come down to how it’s priced uh, but if we’ve seen anything as a trend it’s that epic games tend to price things as reasonable and then free. So basically, this will be reasonable to use if you’re, using a third party vendor solution or another game engine or whatever or a film or whatever kind of project, whereas if you’re using unreal engine generally, this stuff is free, as part of your royalty structure, be interesting To see if that remains the same but wow i just wow uh it’d, be also interesting to see how much the member we said down here, it’s going to come with a limited amount of outfits, so you’ve got 30 hairstyles and um also a set of example.

Clothes to choose from so it doesn’t sound there’s, going to be a whole lot. There so i’m wondering if we’re going to see between the the addition of hairstyles and clothing and so on that stuff really coming to the unreal engine marketplace. It kind of gives unreal engine creators a whole new opportunity. They can actually come in and compete with the likes of well. Actually, they could probably put out of business the likes of um: oh what’s, their name there’s, the poser there’s uh, daz, 3d there’s character, creator there’s a lot of people in this space that have got to be very, very scared because the epic games tends to do These things – and they do this in a very developer, financially friendly way. So let me know what you think of metahuman creator is the future.