We had to um buy a couple of uh um like um, uh, happy meals, happy meals, huh. Can, i think, of the word uh yeah we had we. We bought a couple of happy meals but uh overall they sold these individually. So if you guys uh have a mcdonald’s close by make sure you can make sure to ask before uh, you know forcing yourself to buy a lot of happy meals which we did not do. We just bought like one happy meal and the rest uh they. Let us buy separately so uh yeah, we’re kind of excited for these packs, because you get the exclusive 25th anniversary cards and uh we’re gon na start. We have ten of them actually so we’re gon na split it up from me and chi. So i’m gon na have let’s see you have one black one. I have one black one. I have two white ones and then i have i’ll have two blues, and then you have these two okay yeah you get the two uh blues, all right, that’s, fine! Well, you’re gon na get the extra blazing vortex back. So all right, so we’ll start all right, let’s see. So these are pretty cool packs, they’re, they’re packaged really nice. Look at that that pikachu looks so round, and then you also could build your own deck box. Yeah, it looks like they have uh their own deck box. So once you open it, you get look at that.

You get a nice booster pack and then you get a little puzzles. You get like a oh, you get puzzles different kind of puzzles all right. This must be for your where you put your card, and this one is where you put your cards in the duck box, your deck box. There you go, we have this and the 25th anniversary booster pack. It looks like a classic from the 1996 booster packs yeah. These are old, these these feel old. They look old right, yeah! Oh, this is a great quality, yeah and og made in mcdonald’s 2021.. Oh yeah they’re going to see that upside down montana. Oh there you go oh made for mcdonald’s, 2021., nice all right. So we’ll start the pack openings. Now i am going to go to mcdonald’s tomorrow to see if i can get more just for myself, let’s see let’s, see what i get all right, so here’s the first one. So i got a grookie. You have your 25th anniversary tag here and i got oh chicorita. This is one of my favorite pokemon and then i get a roulette. So when i went oh it’s, all grass yeah someone, i actually went with um for my starter and then for our holo. We get total dial nice look at that total, though very nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, i’m gon na start sleeving these up, because i want them in the best condition, because look at that look, these cards are, i might be very, very hard to find so once This event is over.

Maybe these might go for a lot, but i don’t really care this. This is just really cool. To have 25th anniversary total dial right here, fury strike: okay, it’s my turn and i got a ted pig hollow. I got a froakie anniversary. I guess phobia subtle and uh score bunny. I don’t know why they put the hollow in the front. No, so no! No! So what i did is i got it. I flipped it upside down and you move the the front card to the back. Oh yeah, so the hollows are on the right: yeah yeah, okay, it’s, not yugioh yeah. I don’t know that’s what i was thinking right now: yeah, so i’m gon na start packing putting these in. I saw you guys these deck boxes for a dollar i’m just kidding but yeah. Oh this looks nice. I picked yellow because you know pikachu pokemon 25th anniversary and it fits the symbol. Yeah that’s right, oh here you go. Oh you’re sleeping i mean you should keep the ball yeah i’m, going to sleep, all of them all right i’m, going to open my x pack, sledgehammer, sleeve, that’s, nice really mince. This is mincemins all right. All right! We’Ll put this on top right. The hollows on the top yeah bulbasaur, oh nice, that’s, my favorite pokemon, another soul, bowl turtwig and oshawott waterfalls 20 damage nice uh let’s get my pack open. Oh oh man. I think i just ruined it for myself.

Wow i’m just so excited to see the last one. So i got trico a lot of grass pokemon taping and mudkip nice mudkip that’s a cool picture. What is it, what is it? What is it you freaking lucky son of a gun. Look at that lucky son of a god that’s a nice pikachu – oh my god! Oh my god, all right! Let me sleep this one in it looks perfect in this. In the yellow sleeves all right, he got the mascot the cover of the the the face of the pokemon franchise. Yeah where’s yours here, i’ll put yours here: i’ll put your pulls there. Ah, he looks like he won. I bet you well i’m, pretty sure, because she’s the hardest one to get well, that might not be true. We don’t know who’s actually hard to get all right. I love my old gen stuff. First gen second gen. I love it. Piplup chickarita score bunny and charmander. Charmander, hey: this is a red version, uh a charmander right, that’s, sick dude that is sick. All right, i’m gon na leave here sleep sleep it up so okay. So i opened this one right and it came not with a booster thing, but it came with this. I don’t know what this is: it’s a post or something what they gave you a poster. I i don’t know what this is it’s like a book. Oh you put your cards in here. I didn’t know they gave you that what the hell that’s nice – oh, that is nice and then oh, it comes with.

What is this look at that wait? This is open what oh it came with stickers. This is cool. Look at that. You put your stickers on that thing. Yeah. This is pretty cool for mcdonald’s yeah. That is actually really cool. This is nice, so maybe these are all the cars you can get so far. We have pikachu. We have this one. We have where’s charmander, no charmander, oh they’re, like first gen. This is really cool and then there is a coloring pikachu. You could just color the pikachu, oh yeah mine’s different. I guess i forgot to show you. Oh, i got the same one, the one with the little squiggly lines and then i got a maze same thing. Uh those are front and then the other one is the squiggly thing too. I opened it backwards again and i got a technique so pepe, charmander, sabo and toyota got charmander yeah but it’s. Oh you know what pokemon is you get a? Did you sleeve yours up, yeah, it’s sleeved up so far, i think i’m. Winning! Oh, i got charmander man yeah, but i have totodile and pikachu so that makes up for that charmander. Who cares about this one? All right, my next one? Oh, i got a booklet too nice with stickers. Are the stickers different uh let’s, see let’s, see? Oh look! Another one, oh it is different. Nice. You got first gen, second gen, third gen, oh no, first, second, first second, third yeah and then fourth, oh, i got a cooler uh sticker.

Oh i got another. Is your oh look? It’S a different environment. I got grass, it might be. The same. Let’S see oh you’re gon na open yours, damn no it’s the same one. I want the other one. Oh yeah, that’s, cool i’ll show you guys that’s that’s cool, set, yeah charmander, oh yeah, all the classics, cyndaquil and all that called her doll, all right, it’s. My turn folks let’s see what i pull wait. Did you pull your fourth? This is my fourth right here. All right cool all right: oh you’re, gon na go first, oh you go first i’m. Just oh i’ll just reveal the hollow toe chick jaspin, bro cinderella. I got all the fire and the second gen right now you guys jealous, i know uh, you don’t have all the second gen. I mean i’m, sorry jewel. True yeah. I got charmander squirtle. I need we need that squirtle shiny yeah. I know we got. Oh, my god, i don’t even know how to say his name. Washawat ah shaw, i think score: bunny that’s, a cool that’s, cool that’s, a cool art that’s. All right, i like score bunny, he’s cool. We got cinderella charmander and pikachu the rarest ones. My last one i’m nervous so we’re tied right now. I think we are tied, but this is the game decider right here. Another pack is that the black one it’s the uh black one yeah – they came out with black ones and they look pretty cool.

So let’s see another my pack and another set of stickers. Oh same environments, oh i got a different. Oh nice, oh yeah, mine’s different. I got the deck box, but they have different characters. Yeah. It has different the characters and pikachu’s doing something different. This is the black one nice i like the the sticker pack awesome sticker pen, so let’s see charmander, probably what get oshawa i got. Two oshawa shines. Oh my god. I just that’s yeah that’s, a disappointment: okay, charmander cyndaquil, score bunny and mudkip nice all right. The last one was a game decider and you actually beat me mudkip here i like mudkip, i do too mudkip i i would have won trico i’d love trico. I would have loved bulbasaur bulbasaur squirtle yeah, but it’s cool. You got pikachu that’s, probably the hardest one. Dude i’m, not gon na lie. I think it is look at that or the first gen that pikachu looks hella nice. It does doesn’t it and then these are the ones i got. Charmander topic: nice dude. This was a nice. This this it was a nice uh. Nice pull not bad. I really want this squirtle uh holographic. Hopefully we can get it mm, hmm that one and bulbasaur bulbasaur and chickarita. I want all the first gens first though yeah well yeah that’s, true, okay, we’re not done yet guys. We still have some we’re coming back with the blazing vortex specs, because we still want arm dragon yeah.

Well, do you want to just do it or you want to pick your pecs, hopefully get that all right, here’s, the shuffle? Should i go first, yeah yeah! You pick or do you wan na, go one one, one one i’ll pick four all right! You picked your four all right. You know the name of the game, guys whoever gets the best pulls wins so far. I have one i’m gon na put yours upside down. So we know who’s our witch all right, i’m ready. I go first, since i got that four all right, let’s see let’s, see, let’s, see, let’s, see angel statue and you know the rest all right. I’M. Next, alright guys give me all your energy. So i can get this pot or the secret rare pot night of arms dragon boom. Oh, and we got that pendulum all right. All right, let’s go let’s, go let’s, go let’s, go let’s, go yeah more! You guys know the rest. We have to at least get one secret or ultra arm dragon. Oh, the two rock star, dudes ooh arm dragon thunder level, five it’s, not a level 10 but i’ll. Take it i’ll. Take it better than nothing all right, ready, uh, link card s, force, justice, ultra rare at least we got an ultra out of it. Oh, it is an ultra yeah, all right. My last pack guys remember if it’s spot agreed if it’s potter grade it’s, not even part of this other pop card arm dragon lightning.

Oh, oh damn all right one more! For me, oh mean i got an ultra out of it yeah, but you know that’s, not bad yeah it’s, not well yeah, guys, uh. I think you went on the yu gi, oh side, yeah, because all i got was i mean i did get armed drunk, but you got an ultra. You can’t beat ultras yeah, but yeah uh that’s our older uh pools for today, my mcdonald’s of the week. Mcdonald’S. Remember guys go to your local mcdonald’s and ask if you can buy them separately instead of getting the whole thing and we don’t endorse mcdonald’s by the way, just letting you know yeah. So thanks for watching guys, this is a nice damn. Pikachu and charmander show them the charmander: oh wait: cyndaquil and charmander. You got the fire once it’s cool. I know wow yeah. These are really nice. Nice all right, guys. Well, we’ll probably make a video soon.