This is an honor and celebration of the pokemon 25th anniversary. They have done a collaboration with mcdonald’s, so every happy meal comes with a booster pack of the pokemon trading card game of four cards. I believe there’s, like a total of um with the hollows and comments all together. I believe there’s supposed to be a total of 50 cards. Each card is gon na, have a hollow, and then each card’s gon na have just like a regular comment. So i believe it’s a total of 50 i’m, not 100 sure, but, like i said, each one comes with uh four in each pack in each happy meal – and i actually have one of this type here got it yesterday and then today i got a few happy Meals and they all came with the same one, i don’t know if you know each one has um the same cards in each one or if it’s, just as if you were to buy pokemon cards in the store, if, like you, know, it’s just random cards, even Though it’s the same package and all that just random cards – maybe i’m not 100 sure, but there is going to be a way i can find out, because my niece actually got a pack. She did not want them. This is what comes inside these little envelopes. You just saw she did not want her. She already opened them. I did not look at these yet so i don’t know what they are, so it was actually one from this envelope or the same type envelope.

So if, whatever cards these are i’m going to open up one of these and if it’s different cards, then that confirms basically it’s, just random it’s, not specific cards in each envelope but i’m going to flip over the camera now. So that way, it’s a better view of the cards so let’s get to this and start opening up these cards and see. If we can find that rare pikachu that i keep hearing about online. I know these cards in general are going for a lot of money on ebay and such people are spending like over a hundred dollars. Just for i guess like 14 of these, so it must be random cars, but we’re gon na start opening up these packages and let’s see what we get let’s hope for some good hollows and that rear pikachu all right and, as you can see right here, those Are the happy meals that the cards came in with the food? Of course you got the smiley face, there’s some pop up pairs for the kids, of course, pikachu’s face and a tail that um. Actually, no, those are the ears. I thought i thought that was the tail for some reason, but those are the ears that you can pop out and just have some fun for the kids and we’re gon na start opening up the pack that i mentioned, that is already open. So that way we can find out. You know if it’s the same cards in each type envelope trying to get this into focus here there we go let’s see so this one is already open, as i mentioned earlier, and as you can see, the first one we have here is froakie.

Try to get it back and zoom Music, as you can see, it’s a hollow a froakie hollow with pound and water drip Music. Damn this focus. Hopefully this is good enough quality for you guys for some reason. The camera likes to be focusing on the freaking happy meal boxes, so we got froakie hollow as you can see right there, the nice shine and glow, and then we got the common trico uh. The focus is better now so we’re gon na get that froakie back just so you guys can see it a little better. It does not like froakie for some reason. Trico all right, never mind, let’s, see all right, we’re gon na do it from a distance, then that that’s, the way the focus looks to work fro key pound water drip. Sorry about the focus this camera doesn’t like to fully work all the time. We’Ve got trico common and chespin common card with vine whip and seed bomb and then litten. The cat looks like a fire cat Music, so that’s that’s. What was in those packs, which actually came in this type of envelope here so now, we’re going to open this envelope to see if it’s different cards, and if it is, then that confirms that it’s just random in all of them – and i do want to mention Too, that each envelope comes with something special um. I guess you can put like a card or something in here.

It looks like a stand up frame of some sort. It’S got the lit the stand right here. You just put a card in, i believe, and then there’s a little maze of some sort Music. I believe each envelope has something different we’re going to open this up and see if it actually has different cards and if so, then that means it’s just random, which is a good thing Applause, so every happy meal, every pack, yep it’s, definitely random. First, as you can see, it’s the hollow of score bunny right here and then we got piplup common of course is only i don’t know if it’s a guaranteed hollow in each pack or not, but it seems that way: there’s one hollow in each got poplio or Poplio and then oshawott so that’s, actually cool it’s, just random in each envelope. Even if it’s the same envelope, i was worried. It was going to be the same cards but it’s, not which is good. So far. We got different cards Music, so i’m going to have to open all of these i was figuring. I would just if it was the same cards. I would leave them closed, but no it’s, definitely different, so we’re going to open up this one, the same type of envelope and the other extra item is the same as the other just the cards that are different for each pack envelope, whichever you might want to Call it, but i actually think this is a great idea, collaborating with whether it would have been mcdonald’s or burger king.

I know when detective pikachu first came out. They did um detective pikachu toys, um for burger king and their kids, juniors meals or whatever they want to call it, and here we have the mud kit hollow. I love the hollows. They all look so pretty and we’ve got the common of froakie, which is good. Now we have the comet and the holo, then we have squirrel squirrel squad common and we got tert wig turt, twig i’m gon na be putting these on protective sleeves after the fact all the hollows anyways, so that one goes in here, leave them in there. For now, Music and we’re gon na open up again the same envelope just see what cards we get so far. It’S all been different cards, which is the probably what the best you could hope for is just different cards in every single one and not get duplicates like you do in the trainer boxes and whatnot. You know what i mean. Let’S see these packages that the cards are in, though, are definitely cheap, feels like paper compared to what they, the foil, aluminum, looking type packaging that they use for the the ones that come in the booster packs and all that trainer boxes. Here we have the hollow of raleigh roulette or roulette. Whichever looks so pretty hollows are so pretty. Then we get another pit, look um, so that’s our first duplicate and then we got a tepig one duplicate. Can’T complain, oh, never mind two duplicates whatever that’s all right.

Hopefully, we cannot have to buy too many happy meals and eat too much mcdonald’s. You know not. I mean i do that anyways, so i guess it’s a win win situation for me. My body might kick me in the ass after the fact later on, but that’s all right now we’re going to open up our last one that we have now. I do plan on trying to get more because i do plan on trying to collect the whole set, and here we go let’s see what the special item is. First, Music. Of course you get the 25th anniversary logo and you got pit luck, tur, twig, Music, um chimchar. I totally forgot his name for a minute and then, of course, pikachu and get a pokeball on the back and on the back here it shows you how to do this. She, like, i guess it becomes like a box for pokemon cards i’m, not gon na. Do that because i just want it to stay flat, so i can put it back in here. Oh yeah, it is uh must be a box, because this is the top part of the box right here and on the inside here it’s. I guess you just call it this for the kids, what not? Of course the cards will be for the parents, and the kids will be doing all the maze and colorings and all that stuff that’s, probably how it’s gon na go Music let’s see.

Luckily, for me, i don’t have kids, i have a niece, but again, as you can see, she already gave me her pokemon cards, so she just wanted the food and we got our first duplicate of a hollow which is good anybody up for trades and what not Or if you’re just interested in selling it i’m, not selling it buying it it’s right here i got it and then we got another duplicate of a piplup duplicate of squirtle and then a total dialogue right there so i’d say yeah, there’s, definitely gon na be 50 There’S 25 common 25 hollows it’s gon na be a decent amount of happy meals and eating mcdonald’s. I guess to get all of them. I think we at least got a good amount. So far we must have what we got three different hollows. I believe we have three five packs. We got four different hollows, so we got to get across 21, more hollows. In the comments i don’t know exactly how much probably i don’t know. Maybe we have close to half of the commons already, but we definitely have to work on the hollows for sure, but, like i said guys, that’s it for this. Let me stay in the pack up right here and the different looking envelopes Music that i got anyways. So far, just two different envelopes boom right there, that’s gon na – do it for this video guys, thanks for watching, i do plan on getting some more of these i’ll do another video for those.

So you can see what else i get and hope to complete the set thanks for watching guys if you like this video, give it a thumbs up right here thumbs up. You see it right. There it’s a little out of focus but thumbs up subscribe if you’re not already, and if you already are.