You got three of them three of them right here. All right, we’ll show it to them right here, three of them, so what are inside did it’s. You know why we haven’t named because pokemon turns 25 this year, so take a look at that. I’Ll show you a close up: pokemon 25th. So this is zayn’s nuggets one and they they’re supposed to come with pokemon cards. Oh they do they do it all right. Let’S show them yeah, oh, and it turns into a uh a holder. This guy turns into a holder. This turns into a holder, so inside looks like look at this, show them that all right here, let’s show them the pack there’s four cards in here four cards in here and here’s, the pack of pokemon cards – and this is the holder right yeah. This is the holder for your cards. You can put it as a container for your cards here. We go so look at this see it says 25 right and then this becomes the lid or the bottom i’m, not sure uh, so let’s open one pack and we’ll see what’s inside hasn’t yeah. So, look at this. You see that you can use this as a deck box for your pokemon. So look at the starters. You got piplup turtwig and chimchar and pikachu and then over here it’s the same here’s, my jack, so those what region is that from. I don’t remember: what region are they from they’re from uh series uh all right, so this is what it looks like after it’s been assembled.

Look at that! Do you see that deck box here’s the deck box after it’s been assembled with the pikachu 25? So now let’s open the pack queen let’s open the pack, all right zayn, you have to show them the cards after we open the bag. All right zayn. Here we go let’s open the pack. All right go ahead now open it now open it yeah there you go: okay, okay, oh and the top card is the top card’s the hollow all right hold on let’s. Do this let’s do this let’s? Do this let’s take this out and we’ll move it we’re gon na we’re gon na switch this okay, so that there we go all right. Let’S show them, so you got a snipey divi and then you got a poplio and then torches and there’s the hollow fennekin. The cool thing about this is that they have the pikachu 25 logo right here, 25th anniversary, so they’re all starter, pokemon zane happened to get snivy, popplio, torchic and fennekin. So we have two more packs, but i think i’m gon na just open, we’ll just open one. More and we’ll save the other one. Here are your cards and here’s your happy meal. They also come with this, which is the container right with the pikachu and it’s got a maze that you can. You know, perform the maze and it comes with that box. Yes and pikachu goes to the fruits. Since this one’s open, already we’ll, take out the pack and we’ll take a look.

I will pop out pikachu all right. This is the this. Is it right here pikachu and there’s, some fries in it all right, let’s let’s, take a look at what’s in here, so here’s the pack. This is the pack all right, so we have froki. What else do you got pick it up all right, chickarito mudkip, blanket ooh hollow uh, your condition, look good. The holo looks cool. I think these are reprints of other sets yeah so, but they added a stamp to them like this. Sabol is from 2021. Oh, they all say 2021 yeah, because these are reprints for the 25th anniversary. So those we got the sable here and we got the finnikin on the other one. Did you put it in here? Yeah, okay, uh! Let me just take the. Let me just take the hollows we’re gon na sleeve them up: okay, we’re gon na sleeve them up. Okay. Here we go okay, so there we go all right guys. What do you think about these cards? Um did you? Are you guys gon na go to mcdonald’s and get some? Let us know in the comments all right say goodbye goodbye. Thank you. Thank you.