I wanted to go over some of the things that are going to be added into the game that weren’t on the wii: u and i’m, going to start the list off with the things that will be added into the base game. So the super mario 3d world section and then the last few features are going to be about the bowser’s fury expansion which i’m really really excited for. So if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and also comment, your favorite feature that you want to be added into the game and any that i might have missed and i’ll just start the list now. So the first feature that’s going to be different in super mario 3d world on the switch is they’ve actually increased. The running speed of all the characters and i’m really excited for this, because in the first game the controls were quite good, but sometimes it would feel a bit sluggish and slow, because i remember a lot of the times. I’D, try and run to get to the top of the flagpole, and then mario would just suddenly like start dropping because he didn’t have enough speed and i would get on like the bottom of the flag and there’s other situations where i have to actually spend time. Building up my run speed to do a jump, and sometimes it can disrupt the flow of the game. So improving the speed of the game is really exciting and i’m also wondering how it’s going to improve speed run times.

That will be pretty interesting, see if the speed run times go down quite a lot and get much faster times once they release the game on switch because i’m sure, if you can run faster, they’ll, be able to find better ways to do their runs and it’ll Be really interesting to see that so yeah i’m super excited for the game being sped up. So you can like go around running through the levels really quickly, and maybe i could even attempt a speedrun one day, but i probably won’t be able to do that because i’m, not too good at the game but anyway. The second feature that is probably my favorite feature that isn’t to do with bowser’s fury – and this is the online mode that they’re going to add into the game and i’m so excited for this, because it pretty much adds infinite replayability into the game and we’ve never Had an online 3d, mario and it’s, just gon na be so fun to be able to play with, like random people or my friends on all of these amazing levels, and i actually think this is gon na be one of my most played games on my nintendo Switch as i’m just gon na be obsessed with playing this with my friends and trying to complete the game or mess them up and having contests. So if you can get the most points and stuff so yeah, the online mode is going to add so much fun.

To the game, because of all the situations going on right now and people not being able to see their friends or family, this will be a great way to connect with them online, um and it’s. Definitely going to be my favorite online game on the nintendo switch for a while, okay, the third feature that’s being added into super mario 3d world on the switch, is they’re adding a photo mode and it looks really similar to mario odyssey. So you can like pause. The game and move the camera around and take pictures and stuff – and i think there’s, like a bunch of filters like there were on super mario odyssey, which is really cool and so it’d, be fun to like. Take cool pictures and do that and post them on twitter or whatever, but because on the wii. U, there were stamps in every level you could collect and you could post them to like miiverse, but on the switch there really wouldn’t be that much use for them, because we don’t have anything like that. So, with the photo mode, you can actually put the stamps you’ve collected and place them in the level in your photo, which is really cool and i’m excited to mess around. With that and see what i can do, and maybe you can like flex to your friends um some stamps that they haven’t been able to get yet because some of them are really hard to get, which is cool and it’s.

Also, a good opportunity to take pictures of some of your favorite moments, so yeah that’s going to be super fun to use, and i can’t wait to show off my stamps on that. Okay, the fourth feature: they’re, adding into the game, is a new power up and i think it’s called the invincibility bell, but i’m, not sure that’s, its official name yet um. But basically this is a version of the super bell that you get. That can help you out in the game. So if you’ve played the original game, you might know about this invincibility leaf, which means you turn into tanooki mario, so you can glide, but you also have like really overpowered, invincibility, so enemies, can’t attack you and you can’t. Take damage from them, but i believe you can still die in like lava and stuff, but for the most part, you’re invincible and they’re, adding in a version of this invincibility for the cat suit. So if you get this invincibility bell, you’ll be able to play as the cat, but also not take damage um, and maybe, if you’re playing with someone who’s, not very good at the game or like your younger siblings, then this would be a really good feature for Them and it can help them out so they’re, not just constantly dying when you’re trying to play the game, and so yeah it’s really cool to see them, adding like a new power up to the game and i’m hoping that means they might be.

Adding a few more secret power ups but i’m, not too confident that they’ll add anything like that, but it’s still really cool to see this being added, and i can’t wait to try it out and just make the levels really really easy, because i really love the Catsuit – and i prefer it to the leaf overall, i do prefer having an invincible catsuit instead of an invincibility super leaf. Nintendo have actually released amiibo for this game, and this power up is obtained by scanning the cat, mario amiibo, onto your switch. So if you’ve got your hands on a cat, mario amiibo, you can get this whenever you want. Personally, i don’t have the amiibo. I don’t actually have any amiibo. I am thinking about getting some of the amiibo for this game because they seem really cool. Oh this! Next feature is something i’m actually so excited for, and this is the four player co op being added to captain toad treasure tracker levels, and i think this is going to be really interesting, because in the first game you could only play it on your own and So, if you’re, playing with a bunch of friends, they’d all just have to sit and watch why you tried to do the levels if you came across a toad level, which isn’t ideal, when you’re playing with all your friends and it’s, really cool that now they’re making It so you can all play that level at the same time as different toads and run around doing the puzzles, because the toad levels are actually some of my favorite levels in the game, and i really love the captain.

Toad treasure tracker game. That was a spin off from this, and i can’t wait to play this with my friends online for the first time, because we didn’t even get to do it on the first game. So this is going to be a really fun feature, especially if you like puzzle type things, because the toad levels are like really puzzly and it’ll be more fun to solve them with friends than on your own, but yeah that’s. The last feature that i have put in this list for super mario 3d world stuff and the next features are going to be about the bowser’s fury mode that’s coming to the game, and this mode looks amazing and other than online mode. This is definitely the best thing that is going to be in this game and i’m, so excited for it as it’s. Just a really cool open world. Looking idea and the boss fights look insane and all the other stuff so first feature that is in this game. Is lake lapcat and that is actually the big open world you get to explore and it looks really interesting. You spawn like these beachy areas and it’s kind of similar to mario’s sunshine, where you’re all on like these watery beaches, which is really cool because nintendo usually ignore mario sunshine and pretend it doesn’t exist. But this game has a load of sunshine, references, um and i’m. Really glad to see that so anyway, you’re in this huge open world – and there seems tons of platforming levels to do and you can explore how you want – which is really cool and it’s, really similar to super mario odyssey’s like kingdoms.

But i think it’s definitely a bit bigger than all of the kingdoms in that game and it’s more like a huge version of them, which i’m really looking forward to so yeah there’s. Just a bunch of things you have to collect in this and loads of platforming challenges, and you can just run around in it. Looking for the next things to do and there’s also a big plessy appearance where you can ride them and go around the map on it as lake lap cat is a lake, so it does have a lot of water, so this will be super fun um and I can’t wait to explore this whole place and the next feature is adding on to like lap cat as there are these new things called cat shines that are being added into the game, and these are the new collectibles in the game and they’re similar to shines From super mario sunshine, but that’s, another really cool sunshine reference, and these are the collectibles that you have to get so they’re, similar to the stars in mario galaxy and moons in mario odyssey and there’s, a bunch of them all over the world. And you have to go and get them by doing various platforming challenges, and i think they have something to do lighting up the lighthouses and once you get a certain amount, you’ll do the big boss fight. So that leads me on to the next feature: that’s being added, and that is fury bowser and you can see in the trailer he’s just the craziest version of bowser we’ve ever seen as in super mario 3d world.

We have um furry bowser where he turns into a cat fighting one of the super bells and now, in this game, he’s back to his scary, vibe and he’s, a huge like godzilla looking creature and it seems like his boss battle – is going to be a really Cool one, as you turn into a huge version of cat mario – and i guess there’s a battle to the death after this, so i cannot wait to play this and i’m really excited to see what fury bowser is like and what the boss fight is like. Okay, so feature number nine is they are adding bowser jr into the game as like a sidekick character? Who can help you out, and i believe, he’s playable? If you do two players on this mode, but he’s not really a proper character, you’d be able to play as like running around the world, but he’s like a helper character to mario and can squish enemies, um and also paint on these walls. Where there’s question marks and he can unlock an item so he’s using his paintbrush from super mario sunshine, so there’s another reference to that game, and i love to see all of these so it’s really cool, seeing bowser jr helping mario for once, because he’s usually on Bowser’S side and i’m guessing it has something to do with the storyline, like maybe bowser jr thinks his dad’s gotten too strong. So he needs to help mario um bring bowser back to what he usually is like um or maybe bowser’s being like taken over by something else, as there’s a lot of these cats.

You see everywhere, and i guess the final feature on my list is just a bunch of cats. You can see so there’s a new cat that we see in the trailer, and i feel like it – has some significance, because it has a weird pattern on it, and it’s actually meant to be a calico cat, and i made a video a few weeks ago about Why this cat could actually mean daisy is being added into the game and there’s also just a bunch of other cats things like all the enemies have cat ears, um even birds have cat ears and piranha plants and stuff like that, and so do the buildings, like The lighthouses have cat ears, i think as well, so everything is cat, themed, um and yeah. You see a bunch of cats surrounding mario, but then the calico cat seems really interesting to me because i’m not sure why it would just be in the game, and it must have some significance so i’m excited to see what that cat actually does. Maybe it could be the evil genius behind all of this stuff going on um, but we won’t know until the game comes out um. That was my list of 10 features that are going to be in the game um, and i really hope you enjoyed it, and this might have encouraged you to pick up the game when it releases, if you weren’t too sure on what’s going to be in it.

As i definitely think, even if you played the first game it’s just worth buying again because you can play it online and it is just a really fun. Mario game to play and it’ll be good to play on the go and as well as bowser’s fury. Just looking so good, because even if this game didn’t have super mario 3d world, i would definitely buy it just to play bowser’s fury because i’m obsessed with 3d mario games but yeah.