They were easy to modify like a paperclip you’re touching two points together and then all of a sudden you can do whatever you want to the switch. Basically, is that a lot of games leak out and when they leak out, they end up online, because, with that modified switch, you can take the game and then dump it and distribute it all over the place and it’s something that keeps happening for nintendo, and it Has happened once again, so we’re gon na go over that here today. Guys, if you enjoy these videos, make sure that, like button helps out a ton and if you’re new to the small life channel make sure you subscribe down below so let’s go over here to oatmeal dome, who laid all of this out here. Super mario 3d world plus bowser’s fury the game, has indeed leaked onto the internet and it shouldn’t be too surprising because we’ve seen this happen so many times now with every game, nintendo does now it. Basically, if a game breaks street date anywhere in the world and that person has access to a modified switch and it always seems to happen, then they take the game, they rip it onto their switch and then dump it online. And then people start downloading the game and playing it early. In fact, i was a little surprised how many people decided it would be a good idea to start then streaming the game. Yeah. A lot of people yesterday were just streaming the game online, which is weird to me because at that point, you’re, basically admitting that you downloaded and pirated the game and you’re just like playing it, then on stream.

So that opens you up to all kinds of things: copyright strikes all of that from nintendo, because you’re playing an illegally obtained game. At that point i mean there’s, actually a video embargo right now for uh mario 3d world bowser’s, fury for like press and media and all this so yeah. It looks a bit odd when people start popping up on twitch and youtube with the game and they decide to start streaming it anyway. Oatmeal dome points out a bunch of different things that uh is now out there from looking through the different files. For example, it does use next, not mpln, and we talked a bit about this briefly. I don’t think this is going to make a huge difference overall with this game, because i think it’s going to be a year or two, maybe really at the earliest, that we see any massive difference from nintendo shifting over there online. Now i mean look. Nex is funny because it has a call for windows – 98, okay, so as long as there’s no reference to windows 98 in mario 3d, where i think it’ll be okay. But looking at this because the final build was made on november 5th, 25th. 2020. That does make sense why it would still use nex or next because it’s still in like this grace period as they are starting to transition and move stuff over. My concern right now with mario 3d world plus bowser’s fury, is the online like it sounds like we’re gon na get a chance to just play with our friends all the way through the game, but let’s be real here.

It’S nintendo, they’re online is very spotty. I mean you could get a very good experience and then you could get something like what people deal with all the time with smash brothers ultimate or remember. When mario maker 2 came out and it sounded great to be able to play with a bunch of friends and uh yeah, it was basically like one or two frames per second, as everything was just pausing trying to catch up and figure out what was happening. It wasn’t a good mario experience, but it says bowser’s bowser’s fury code name is code named ocean. This is interesting. I mean there’s a lot of water, so i guess that makes sense. The board was made in collaboration with nintendo software technology as their us studio and one up studio. They also go through a few other things here. Oatmeal dome does with they forgot to clear the debug data folder again, exact same thing happened with treasure: trackers switch port and they go on to say that they’re not going to be linking the video yeah that’s, not a good idea with nintendo, because they’ll they’ll keep An eye on that stuff. Now i do want to point out that oatmeal dome does have an opinion on the overall usage of necks for this game and i would listen to oatmeal dome because they know what they’re talking about when it comes to this. So they say super mario 3d world bowser sphere using next isn’t a big deal.

Npln was never going to be a magic bullet that fixes everything. Besides the majority of connection quality concerns have more to do with the actual netcode implementation, and i really hope this game is good for the overall experience online, because the idea of be able to play through the game with a bunch of friends online is really compelling. Now the other thing to keep in mind here and one of the reasons i am making sure you guys are aware that this is leaked is because the game doesn’t come out till friday, which means there’s like six days until we get to that point, which means There’S plenty of time for there to be some sort of spoiler around it. Now i mean the game itself: 3d world it’s been out for seven years now on the wii. U it’s more on the side of bowser’s fury, because something i’ve noticed. I think many others have is, while nintendo has explained what bowser’s fury is and all right detail. They keep stopping right before the end of bowser’s, fury when we’ve seen that mario or cat mario turns into the big cat, mario against, like godzilla bowser, and it looks like they’re gon na fight it out. They have yet to show us that that’s something that will certainly be spoiled at this time since it has leaked out and you’ll, probably see cut scenes on youtube. You’Ll probably have the ending spoiled through a youtube thumbnail, maybe on twitter you’re scrolling through and there it is, and there’s still a lot of things.

I think in that overall bowser’s fury world that they have set up here, because it’s kind of like that open world sandbox style there could be some cool, easter eggs or things hidden in there. That could just get spoiled for you. So yes, while it is an older game, technically that we’ve had access to for a while, there are quite a few new things here that we could have spoiled for us, but the biggest problem here is this is something that continues to come up, because i think It’S going to be a problem for nintendo throughout the rest of this generation, maybe even to next generation. If the games are going to be cross gen and still work on that original switch that was easily hacked, i mean there’s. Not much. Nintendo can do outside of implement some sort of online check in for the game as you’re playing, which would be drm, and none of us like drm for offline single player type games, and the one thing i will say is for the most part. These leaks have not affected their overall sales because we see their first party games sell tremendously. Well, so it might just be something: nintendo has to live with really, and i mean for spoilers it’s tough, especially because think about this we’re dealing with mario 3d world bowser’s fury what happens if breath of the wild 2 leaks out two weeks early a week early. Even that’s going to be tough and you know what i’m starting to think.

That might be something we end up dealing with, because these games go out early. They go out to stores a week or two early to make sure they’re there for the day it comes out and you’re not supposed to break street date, but it keeps happening. So while we are talking about 3d world and we’ve talked about things like paper, mario and others start thinking about those much larger games, much more story driven games, metroid prime 4, when that comes out, we may have already heard about the ending and stuff because it Leaked out a week and a half early, so yeah while i’m, not a fan of the online drm stuff for single player games. I do think there is something nintendo should be doing here to try to get around what keeps happening which are these games leaking out. But let me know you guys think about this. One down below be careful out there when it comes to spoilers around bowser’s, fury specifically, although hey maybe you haven’t played mario 3d world before, although i think the big thing you’re gon na see popping up will be bowser’s fury thanks guys for watching and i’ll see.