This is the first time that anything’s ever gone right got it. Cat shine, gets kind of a mouthful cat. John wait! Stop talking! There’S cats, hey guys! Welcome back to nintendo minutes. We are very excited today to be playing some super mario 3d world plus bowser’s fury, but specifically today we are playing the bowser’s fury, part of it you’re mario, i am bowser jr. Yes, this is very cool we’re playing together, yeah we’re playing the co op right. It’S really cool, you know um. This is a bit different than the um, the super mario 3d world, where it’s you know level based right. This is like a whole big, open area we’re in this kind of islandy area, and this is the very first area, but you can already see off in the distance there’s these like lighthouses, that have gunk on them that we’re going to be uh going to oh Where’S that here’s, that, for you look at how helpful i am you’re very helpful, i am, i don’t need to deal with your climbing. I can just i can just hover over. You got ta, do your own thing, yeah, which is cool yeah and then, of course i can attack as well with my paintbrush here. Oh hell help me. Oh you get this point too late. What i really like, also if you’re playing as badly junior, is, if you go like too far away from me. I just need to press l and r and it’s super easy to just get right back next to you, um, so that’s that’s really fun and easy.

Wait: stop talking there’s cats! Oh look at this! Oh pick it up it doesn’t like me, picking it up like this. No cat’s done like. Why does mario look like a cat carrying me an actual, an actual cat? Oh wow, you threw a cat at me. Oh no, how could you it’s catastrophic it’s a catastrophe? Oh, this is beautiful back to these vistas there’s a lot of sludge right now, but you kind of clear that off you get the idea that this is a pretty big area and yeah there’s a there’s. A lot there’s kind of a lot going on now. This is a thing that you can do um. So did you see on that wall? That kind of like question mark? Oh yeah looking thing so you can go over there and um paint on that and something will happen. Oh do it i’m doing it. Do it that’s, really: cool wow, i’m, so artistic i’m, an artistic jesus who knew swinging this bowser jr. Now you need to help me here, because these they’re everywhere, please let me let me clear it away from me teamwork. This is the first time that anything’s ever gone right, thanks, it’s, like almost every enemy in bowser’s prairie, is, is a cat version, which is great. You almost say bowser is furry because it’s badly scary, i didn’t say that oh there’s, fury valley. You can see him like emerging. You can see his very menacing looking, which is similar to like some of the colored coins that you would get in other mario games.

Yep and uh – i can just have you, be my little helper let’s see if i can get and then there we go there. We go yeah yeah, oh, but here’s here’s, the uh cat shine. You see cat shine, get got it. Cat shine gets kind of a mouthful cat john now this is um the the giga bell, which will allow you to turn into giga cat bowser. No, you can’t mario, do excuse me vega cat, mario, oh here we go it’s a gigabell, oh see, he’s, going to explain it you’re explaining it badly i’m doing it badly. Bowser jr will explain it no, but we cannot do that now. No, we don’t have enough of the shines. Five that cat shines. Look how big it is, though, that’s a big that’s. Why it’s a giga yeah you see, giga means big facts. Pounce bounce these. This is fun. Oh he’s, like paddling around, like crazy kind of happy, though on hold on hold on hold on i’m gon na dive right. Oh it’s, a scrap! Yes, there we go, get it okay good, so we have five of those. Oh no, oh! This is frightening. Oh, this is cool. This game has a really good um snap, this snapshot mode. Oh yeah, yeah. Take these like really cool, like really cool photos and stuff. Oh look at this. This is so cool. Yes, that is awesome. This is very menacing. Yes, it’s, really scary. Let’S just watch it, i don’t like it let’s leave.

I don’t like it even bowser. Oh here we go now. Let me show you something really cool, so you can see that little array of power ups that we have yeah you can almost – and this is like different from a lot of other mario games. You can almost like swap between these because so i’m going to take and i’m going to take the tanuki, but it takes the the cat one that i had and puts it back in my inventory. Oh, so you can just kind of trade based on what you need to use. Yeah it’s. Really, oh no. Here we go it’s happening. Oh no, the ring has started the rain has started. We need to go please. I don’t like this scary. Oh guys, they’re also cat versions. Oh cat version, oh boy, oh no, what’s happening! Oh no! I shouldn’t! Oh, no you’re, good, you’re, good, you’re, good, oh yeah, so giga bowser kind of shows up occasionally and just she just bugs you. You know there is a little upside to it, so there’s a couple um like certain blocks that only he can break with his fire. Oh so sometimes you like open up stuff yeah. If you want to get into those, you need to wait for him to show up. Can you save yourself, oh there’s, another shark okay hold on oh and then the cats get kind of nasty they get mad. Yeah they’re like they’re, like possessed cats yeah.

I i don’t like them now: they’re, not i don’t think they want me to carry pick them up. Get the get the cat shark, okay, get it hover around it! Careful careful! Oh my gosh! Okay! Here we go. If i can get this um bowser will go away. Oh here we go yes. So if you get the cat shine, he immediately immediately goes away. He like oh the light and he runs away wow. That was like my heart’s, like kind of beating fast it’s nerve, wracking, he’s, frightening he’s, leaving okay, he’s very intimidating yeah, but he’ll be back. He is always gon na be back. Oh he’s, just like like goes into the sludge right, oh see, but but you see some of it clears away. Oh because then we got that yeah. Okay, let’s get this one. Some of these cat shines that are part of these bigger kind of built out areas, but then there’s there’s, these other ones that are just like this one i’m gon na need uh see i can just swap to cat mart and then you got ta scratch. It yeah and this one is not really part of any major area, but i can still go get it hurry, hurry, hurry, yeah, yay! You look like you’re about to whack me well, i’m, going to rush well, anyhow, i’m. Going to here we go smile for the camera, one two three cheese. I say: cats actually that’s what you showed us cats now i’m gon na whack you with this paintbrush all right.

This is really fun um. So, of course, with super mario 3d world plus bowser’s view you basically get two adventures in one which is really nice, who knows maybe we’ll be playing super mario 3d world. No and another video hint hint stay tuned, um. Yes, we are going to get back to our our. I was trying to think of a cat pun, but i totally could not our cat antics cat cat just day, that’s, not good. Okay, give us your cap, puns in the comment section below we are going to wrap it up for today and remember. Nintendo minute is never a minute.