So, if you’re outside of the uk and your leave has expired before you’re able to return back to the uk and you had the valid leave before the 17th of march 2020. And you intend to return to the uk and make an application for indefinite leave to remain, which is your ilr or for the permission to stay, for instance, extending your visa, but you’re not able to do so before you leave inspired because of travel restrictions. You should go online i’m gon na link the link below to this online phone on here, for you to go ahead and click and fill all sections in the box, and you are going to fill the forms and they will assess your request. Information provider will be sent to a case team who are going to contact you and tell you if you’re eligible for the kovi visa concession scheme and also what you should do you receive an email. So you use a valid email address for this application. You will receive an email confirmation soon, after submitting the form, so please ensure you use a valid email address and you need to reply to this confirmation email within 48 hours of receiving it. If you did not reply the confirmation of the email waiting for the hours, you must complete this form again, so that you’ll be considered again for those requests. You do not need to contact the immigration helpline. All you need to do is to fill this form once you have replied, you’ll receive a response and they will aim to respond to you within 10 working days, and this concession will be in place on the 31st of march 2021 for everyone who is applying for Ilr or extending your visa who are outside of the uk and have not been able to come into the uk to do the application if a 90 day visa vignette to work study or join family has expired, you will need to apply for replacement by completing an Online, the cost of replacing an expired 90 day.

Vignette is 154 pounds and you need to make an appointment to resubmit your biometric information. You are strongly advised that you should only apply for a new visa or apply to replace an expired vignette. When you are confident you can travel to the uk, the new vignettes will be valid for a period of 90 days. If you cannot travel during this period, you may need to apply again to update your vignette if you have applied for a replacement. I no longer wish to continue or to travel against the uk. You have to apply for your withdrawal and at the vac center, where you submitted your application so that your passports will be released back to you. If you are in the uk and you live as aspired, you are expected to make reasonable steps within the uk. However, if you intend to leave the uk, but i’ve not been able to do so, and you have a visa or leave that expires between 12th of january 2021 and 28th february 2021, you may request admissions time to stay and exceptional assurance. The form can be applied online at this website on here include your name: database, nationality, gw, reference number type, visa reason for the request, expiry date of visa evidence of flight or evidence of showing reason you cannot leave the uk. This subject should be request for an insurance in your email. You should attach evidence to show why you can include the uk, for instance, your flight, the kovi test or inability to travel outside of the uk.

If you have previously completed form and request for assurance and you’re wasting the outcome and your flight is imminent, please email, the above and you’ll be contacted. Let you know the outcome as soon as they can and if granted is going to be a temporary measure against any outward effect on your visa. If you haven’t, given an insurance with circumstances, have changed, you have to reapply a gain based on new supporting evidence. If you intend to stay in the uk, you should apply for necessary permission to stay as regularized and stay you’re able to submit an application form within the uk, whereas you’ll be able to apply from your home country. You just submit the requirements for the roots you’re applying for and pay the application fee. If you are applying for your biometrics in the uk, you can go ahead and book for your biometrics as visa application. Centers are still open in the uk and that’s.