I mean 2 0 mixed martial arts, former super wrestler. All right it’s got the the experience to compete. Although super wrestling, the president of the company actually was inside of a cage wow. Oh, my god, finished big knockouts. Thank you everybody. He also says, but this is i mean this is a great performance. I mean most of the better way too. I could be over soon frank, watching very very closely just like that. He measures him. Oh on the money good night, wow wow aggressive, the future was impressive: they’re beautiful job they’re, a nice left, kick there by yoshinari following up yet again now he’s got the combination going and that is it i’m absolutely fat turn the head around. Oh it’s thrown like a cross, but it’s an elbow. I mean the thunderous power that comes from that your lat muscle just goes through. He just couldn’t take anymore. It was just to go into that roster, oh baby, that was a boom shot. He wants also to see if he’s, okay, yeah yeah, that that that show what is martial arts about it about the respect – and this is a winner – Applause there’s, nothing. You can do when you get that when you take a kick like that out after getting a hard punch to the head on the same side and taking the shin to the head, you could tell the damage caused there to the league. From that kick he tried to rebound with the knee, but unfortunately it was too much and then tori gucci just takes over scores.

Oh it’s, a great shot right hand right hand from conan. He i don’t think he even looked where he was putting it, but he landed right on the button, and that is all over all over the first. That first knockdown is and then there i think he turned the right knot, eggs and takes a two another one. As well that’s another one it’s, all over referee, says that’s enough it’s all over competitions over decades of hard work. Let’S let’s look at this a little bit more look at the position. He’S in leads with yeah and each punch leads to the other, seeing it all the way in and it’s tough, when you’re out no problem for ashley gibson, yeah that’s, better, better job as you, oh that’s, a great body shot. Oh boy, that has hurt you. Don’T often see a body shot to put you down, but that has he’s also took some of himself gibson experience and he was able to see and adjust in the fight and that’s a man becoming a better and better fighter, but that left hook. There was a part of a combination, but that just goes to show like you commit to you, commit to the con combination and fall let’s see if we see it again right here. Yeah you dips out jab an overhand body, shot barrett again comes in oh another, good shot from barry that right, solid right hand. There. Then he got his got his weight behind here’s the right one.

Second, one laptop yeah and, to be honest, to be absolutely yeah. Um Applause, foreign, Music Applause, wow wow – i think cicero could have turned it on and then dengue comes right. Back, oh beautiful left hook, there’s like a check left hook. He put all his power into it. Wow. What an ex evangelist is: a monster yeah just foreign foreign foreign Music foreign over and out expecting thomas to come out and throw a big punch right away. But as soon as thomas started, covering the distance and touching hands you can see. He felt that the punch was there landed a beautiful punch right in the chin.