Well, a really warm welcome back everyone that crazy pair uh, claire and ian over for the love of caravans that’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t. It have nominated me in the five questions in five minutes challenge and yes, we are still in lockdown, so it must be time for another challenge and we’re still in the office. So i’ve got five minutes i’m, not very clever. At doing these little counter things at the bottom, so there’s, a phone we’re gon na get started on five minutes and we’re gon na start it with the questions now so question one. What is your worst experience? Okay, so question. One and question three are in fact the same instance. So if you’ve seen my toeing down country lanes video, you will have seen this beautiful, beautiful lake district country lane, which we ended up towing down. When i got lost coming out. The back of t bay services, when we lost all signals for all phones and all maps and all sat navs and i was sure there was a road to come back round. But there wasn’t anyway here’s a little bit of footage of that. And on this particular occasion with google maps, it looks lovely and sunny and wonderful, of course, but on this particular evening it was absolutely sleeting. I knew there was snow on the ground a few miles further north, so it was freezing and sleeting and ominous dark weather. Despite only being about half of four or five o’clock in the afternoon anyway, both the getting lost and the worst experience next question name an embarrassing scenario: okay, well, we’ve all done the getting a bit of splash back off of the emptying the loo in the caravan.

One haven’t we, of course i imagine that i was some sort of you – know keanu, reeves or trinity character in the matrix. How did you do that? Do what you moved like? They do. I’Ve never seen anyone move that fast, dodging the splashes and indeed i did manage to dodge the splash. I somehow suspect i did not manage to do it in quite kiana roof style, but there we go uh best cooked meal. Well, we do carry with us. This wonderful halogen, rotisserie oven, and so it has to be roast chicken rotisserie style in the awning. Does life get any better favorite place to visit well anywhere, that’s next to a river or somewhere to go paddling? Actually so thus far uh fry’s court, the cl in oxfordshire that we went to last summer uh. There is of course bunri as well, but i prefer the the simplicity of the cl so fry’s caught cl for us right next to the Music river Music. But i should be exploring the country by as many pitches next to canals and rivers and so on, as i can, because i just love getting in the kayak and going for a little paddle off down the river. So there we go. That is us, and that is look at – that look at that that’s in three minutes. Look at all that i’ve got left got 240 left. I think i need a special award to go and have a cup of tea as a celebration anyway.

So um, who do we nominate well let’s, see so last off. I have to issue the challenge to three other channels and ones that i don’t think have been nominated yet that’s, always the tricky point at this stage. If i’ve missed you out – and you have a burning desire to do this challenge, then please go ahead, be my guest, but the three official nominations are martin from the caravan nut and secondly, lindsay and david from desmond’s donders and last of all, we would love to Hear from colin from collins caravan capers so over to you guys and thanks everybody else for watching catch you in the next one bye for now see: Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music and last but not least, colin from collins caravan capers shut up telephone that’s.