So at first i just drawing this horse to my sketchbook and after that i took a photo by the phone and just taken in my pc so going to the file at first and going to the new options taking an artboard which is 2000 pixel and 2000. With pixel giving the name horse logo and check this one, this one is cmyk. I just preferred for the printing purpose and hit the create button you’re getting new artboard over here, going to the file again and place and that drawing i’ll input in my and hit the place options and place over here. So this one is our drawing and the middle of the artboard i just place over here, making it little bit bigger by pressing shift and alter button, and after that, i’ll lock it up double press in this layer. You’Re getting here the layer options and here the dim percentage 50 and hit ok and upper side of this layer, taking new layer from here and now, i’ll draw by the pen tool, so press p from the keyboard and you can drawing it up like this. This i’ll do the curve later and turn off this one fill color and give this stroke color into black okay, fine! This one is these, these, so at first i’ll lock up the place of the anchor point or point and then i’ll make it curve. So after making this one going to here, this is the curves tool, select this one and make the curves like that Music here this one is too much easy to do that, and this one is appropriate when you are making this here.

If you need, you can make it little bit curvy, so i don’t want to here. I need to curve it a little bit this one yeah and this one making it like that this portion and little bit so when you are making it curve, be careful about that and here just making it curve like that. This portion, okay, making it curve like this and here i’ll, make another like lines p from the pen tool and making the lines here so here and here: okay, now again the curve tool and making this line curve. According to this, according to this get into these and this portion Music i’ll make it the curve, like this i’ll cut this portion. Uh from these, it will be good, so select all the stuffs and just press alter option, but taking it in this side and unlock this one and just select and all the steps and keep it inside this portion i’ll make it a little bit bigger and that’s Good and now i’ll do other stuff, so select all the stuffs and making it fill. Color let’s shift m, okay and making it all the things like that. So now you can make the curve uh smooth by using the smooth tool so select this one at first. Here is smooth tool, select this one and making these corners this smooth, as you can do, okay and this portion just making it like that. Okay, i’ll, take the gradient from here.

I downloaded this gradient from i’ll, provide you that radium download link in my video description, so i’ll pick color from here at first, this color press, i from the color picker for the color picker, and here i and this gradient i’ll, make it reverse, like this Press g for the gradient mixture, like this Music i’ll, do the other dimensions p from the keyboard and select here select here here and here: okay, fine, making it line press ctrl command. Why it will help you out now carpool and select here actually anchor point over here, making this one as a line? Okay, that’s it select all the steps. Press shift, m, shape builders, tool, shift m and now alter option button minus all the steps? Okay. Why? This one is the separated or this one. I took the separated one press i giving the gradient from here and making it multiply. You can just make another dimension p from the keyboard and you can cut it over here v and make it line actually, and these two things shift m and minus of this portion. This line actually – and here is it this one – is the separated part press g and making the color i from the color picker g for the gradient yeah, and now this portion so i’m, taking this one and placing over here making it multiply Music. This area, you can make it bigger this area. You can take another gradient actually and then making it multiply here: Music, okay, selecting all the steps shift m and just delete the unnecessary portions select this one sheet name and unless the portion delete it, okay, and so you can work with that, making it group and Making the color of the background sending into back and making the color into white or other stuff that’s fine, another variant of this selecting all the stuffs and giving the color like this any kind of color it could be.

You can make many of the variant. So this one press, i yeah any kind of variant it could be so i’ll. Give the color like over here and dark over here. White is good and you can give the like a drop shadow going to the effects styles and drop shadow and provide the drop shadow over here, giving here, 8 or 10 that’s great and hit okay, so hope that you learn a lot from this video.