Creative. We like to test these products out to help graphic designers and to answer this one lingering question: can this 1300 laptop be your main graphic design? Computer let’s go what’s going on everyone. Welcome back to about creative. My name is rr abroad and in this channel we like to give you the tips and the tools that you need to get started with your graphic design, career and the tool that we’re going to talk about today is the 13 inch m1 macbook pro now we Had such a great response from my last video about the m1 mac mini, if you want to check that video out, you can click the video right here and there were various people. Understandably, that commented below the video that said: hey what about the m1 macbook pro. You have time to check out the macbook pro. I want a laptop. I want to try the m1 macbook pro and i get it i’m one of those people i’m more of a laptop guy. I need to have a laptop whenever i go on vacation, whether i’m on trips or, if i’m away from the office, and i need to fix something put out some fires. I’Ve got to have my laptop so that i can design on it, and most people don’t have the luxury to buy both a desktop and a laptop, so we’ve got ta decide for one and, of course, we’re gon na get the laptop. What i usually do is i have a 16 inch macbook pro that i take at home, and i connect it to my monitor and it’s, as if i have a desktop already.

So, of course, we took some time to go ahead and buy the 13 inch. M1. Macbook pro, so we can check it out for you and answer the question if this can be your main graph design computer now. This model in particular, is the base model or the cheapest model that you can find. That has the m1 chip and this costs around 1299 us dollars. This particular model has the m1 chip with an eight core cpu and a gpu as a 13 inch retina display. It has around eight gigs of memory and 256 gigabytes ssd hard drive now right off. The bat, you may say, eight gigs – of ram that’s it. How are you gon na do anything productive with eight gigs of ram? Do remind remember that this has the impressive m1 chip and if you watch any youtube videos about it, you know that many people have been just impressed by it and have seen some uh amazing results with the m1 chip. But a lot of those videos are kind of a general or overall review and it’s not really focused on specific career paths and the career path. That i’m talking about is graphic design that’s. What i am i’m a graphic designer and a web designer so we’re, going to check out some features of this laptop that are particularly helpful for graphic designers, such as the display, the portability, the screen size, the battery life, the speed of the m1 chip and also How that handles the different apps that we use now? One of those features that are important for graphic designers or actually in laptops overall, is the portability and the portability of the macbook pro, especially the 13 inch.

One is of no question top notch. I mean when you got something that’s this small, this light. This thing i could carry it around just with it in my in my hands as i’m walking around or you could easily put on any lap any backpack or any case, it’ll totally work portability. This laptop, especially if you know anything from the macbook line or macbook pro, is of no question. I mean four out of five five stars. Eight plus, however, you wan na rate it. The portability is really good to go and that’s really important, especially when you wan na work. Let’S say if you are so tired of being indoor you’re trying to be in your own home office and you want to go out into the park or go to the beach or whatever you want to. Or you have to just do something real, quick and get that done and or send an email or whatever and close it you’re good to go. The portability of the macbook pro is of no question amazing. The next thing i want to talk about is the display. Now the display is a 13 inch, retina display, and so those colors and the quality display is very important. It’S fair, especially if you’re going to work with graphics. If you’re going to work with uh let’s say even like web design and you work on graphic interfaces. Ux design, if you’re doing any print work or even if you’re doing any video or photography editing the screen is very important, and i mean, if you know anything about macs.

You know that they have some of the best displays out there. So you don’t need to worry about the portability you don’t need to worry about. The display you’re gon na get exactly what you expect and maybe even better when you buy a mac, but the display also brings us to what i think is the negative about the 13 inch macbook pro, as that is the fact that it is only 13 inches And when you’re a graphic designer it’s very important to note that on laptops size actually does matter just to be frank, i really think the 13 inch screen is just way too small. If you’re gon na work with graphics or video or anything sort of creative or illustrations, i believe 13 is just way too small. Now i know i’m coming from my home office, which is a curved monitor, so i have a lot of retail space on my monitor where i can have videos playing and i can have the whole screen to work on my designs on my websites. But when i transition over to my 16 inch macbook pro, i honestly don’t have a problem. I can work on designs there. I can do video editing on that thing with no problem, i can do web development with no problem and yes, there is some adjustment, but i i still find it that it’s possible to do these things with just a 16 inch macbook pro. In fact, i started my web design career with no external monitor with just simply a 15 inch macbook pro using the trackpad, but when i get to the 13 inch macbook pro it’s, just i think the retail the screen size is just so small and it is Too small that’s, probably the negative thing that i could talk about.

I would find myself when i would open photoshop. I would get so annoyed with how small the screen is even to the fact that i can’t see like the layers um. As you know, with photoshop, you got to work with a lot of these layers, and sometimes you have these layers on the right side. Where you have the the whole list, i could only see like two or three layers at a time and that’s with me. Even closing up the rest of the toolbars on the right side, i can only see like two three layers and i’ll get so annoyed like, even if i was creating like a youtube thumbnail, which only has like five or six layers i’d have to scroll down. Just to find the layers that i want and i could barely see the styles underneath i was getting so annoyed with that, and i worked on a video on premiere pro with the 13 inch macbook pro. I was getting so annoyed because i couldn’t i could barely find the assets. I could barely see the video that i’m working on the timeline uh for the video clips was so hard. I had to keep scrolling back and forth and i really just think that the screen size is just way too small, especially if you are working with designs and graphic design. Now let’s talk about what makes this different from the other past macbooks, which is the m1 chip. If you’ve seen any youtube videos about the m1 chip, you probably heard about how impressive it is about how fast it is and about how just amazing the speed of it is even with an 8 gig ram, you’re still able to process these things super fast, even Stuff, like final cut pro, is really fast and rendering with the m1 chip.

Now i did try out some of these adobe creative apps, and i know in my last video about the m1 mac mini. We actually showed you the screen and how it was working. Uh doing some designs with these adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator adobe xd. What i’m actually gon na do with this video is this one’s, just gon na be an overview and the next video we’re gon na try out the adobe, creative apps and then there’s gon na be another video after that, where we’ll be trying out the adobe video Editing and photo editing and even after effects, um apps and see how they run and that’s. When you can see a more in depth version, an in depth review of all these adobe creative apps. But for this one we’re going to be just testing specific we’re going to be just be talking about my personal experience, so it’s, just like a general overview and the general overview is actually pretty good. Now, at this time they are now rolling out more and more beta apps, where the adobe apps are native to the m1 chip. For now, most of the apps are running on rosetta, so they have kind of like a makeshift way to run these adobe apps. Now adobe is working hard to launch these apps that you can try out on that are going to be native to the m1 chip and you can see it whenever you go to the download button and you can see all the beta apps that they have work.

They have in process like photoshop illustrator premiere pro everything right now. The only native app they have is lightroom and lightroom learns super fast. But let me tell you this: even when the adobe apps are running on rosetta i’m, actually able to um work on these apps. I was able to use photoshop fairly easily there wasn’t that much hang ups, just like with the m1 mac mini. Of course, when you get to larger file formats like psb’s, when you’re working with banners, graphics, posters or if you’re, like billboards or whatever it’s, going to slow down it’s going to be buggy, but in the defense of the m1 chip, even on my intel, 16 inch. Macbook pro it’s, also buggy, and when i was working on the uh premiere pro on it, i was able to render my videos now granted. It’S gon na be a lot faster, rendering on final cut or even rendering on my intel based macbook pro. But i was still able to render pretty good uh, pretty good speed on this macbook pro. In fact, my last video, where i talked about a channel update that was actually created and rendered edited and rendered on this 13 inch macbook pro. So as far as the speed, i don’t see any problem with it and it has nowhere to go but up because, as they’re now rolling out these adobe apps to be native with the m1 chip it’s just gon na get faster.

I mean it’s just gon na go up from there and then the last feature that i want to cover that, i believe, is actually very, very impressive. Is the battery life i’m going to tell you right now i charged this when i got it when i bought it and i haven’t charged it since then i designed um thumbnails with it. I designed other graphics with it. I used illustrator with it and i even edited and rendered and exported a video on premiere pro with it, and i haven’t charged it since then now granted at the time. Right now. I am at about 35 or 30 battery, so it’s going down, but i’ve been kind of using it day by day, uh browsing through the internet, uh using email, responding with imessage and even using these adobe apps with just the battery and the battery has not slowed Down the process at all, and just like with any of the m1 computers that i’ve tried, i have not heard the fan turn on one time. My intel macbook pro the fan turns on all the time. Whenever i’m going live on zoom, it turns on whenever i’m, using premiere pro it turns on whenever sometimes even when i’m using photoshop, it turns the fan turns on and it’s so loud, especially when i’m recording a video the the fan gets so loud. I haven’t heard the fan at all with the 13 inch macbook pro and the battery life is actually really good.

I may not have an exact measurement and of course you know all these things vary, but just in general day to day use like i said i got this. I would say about last week and no, i haven’t been using it as my main computer, but i’ve been using it to browse the internet, i’ve been using it to um, like i said, answer emails and all that stuff and and even create stuff with photoshop and Illustrator and also edit a whole video and render and export the whole video premiere pro and i’m still at about 30. I haven’t charged it since then, so the battery life is right up there with the portability and the display. It is five out of five nine out of nine. I don’t know. However, you rate it, but now factoring all that let’s answer the question: do i recommend this 13 inch macbook pro with the m1 chip to be your main graphic designer, especially if starting out and the answer is no, i don’t recommend it at all for the sole Reason of the screen size and this doesn’t have anything to do with m1 chip, but if you’re a graphic designer, if you’re even some any sort of creative, i don’t recommend any 13 inches because it’s just so small you can do so much more you’ll. Have such a better time, if you just chill out a couple more dollars and buy uh or wait for the fifth, the 16 inch macbook pro or buy the the 16 inch.

Those three inches make a big difference. In my opinion, i was just so annoyed with the screen size of this that i can’t work with it um i don’t recommend it for graphic designers. I recommend that you either get the intel based 16 inch, macbook pro or wait for the new one coming out or just get a mac mini and you can buy a monitor for, like 200 get a cheap keyboard, get a mouse. Uh it’ll probably end up the same price as this, but at least you have a monitor and you need that screen size when you’re a graphic designer that screen size is very, very important. So no, i don’t recommend the 13 inch macbook pro as a graphic design. Computer well that’s it for today guys. Thank you so much for watching the video. Do me a favor leave a comment below i love seeing the comments below what are some apps, that you want us to try out what are some things that you want us. What are some products that you want us to review to help your career as a graphic designer? Now our next couple of videos are going to be us taking a more in depth, look on checking out adobe, photoshop, adobe, illustrator, indesign and lightroom, and all these apps and xd with the macbook pro and also another one where we check out the premiere pro check Out after effects with the macbook pro so make sure you keep an eye out for those videos until next time guys.

Thank you so much for watching.