2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the pokemon franchise, and there are some really cool promotions happening this year to celebrate like a katy perry, collaboration and, of course, a mcdonald’s happy meal promotion. There are packs of pokemon cards in happy meals right now, so i visited mcdonald’s got myself a couple of happy meals got a coffee because i need some caffeine. Cheeseburger is my happy meal of choice and juice box. Is my drink? We’Ve got 10 packs of mcdonald’s promo pokemon cards to open. They include all of the various starters throughout pokemon’s history within them and there might be a hollow pikachu inside one of the packs, which is what we’re going to be hunting for today. So let’s open our packs and see what we can get. I put them all in the happy meal box for the uh for the aesthetics, okay, i thought it would look nice and also for the thumbnail. Each of the packs of cards comes in one of these activity, sleeves as you can see, we’ve got 10 of them. They’Ve all got the nice 25th anniversary logo there in the top corner, so let’s uh let’s get cracking now. I haven’t actually looked inside any of these, yet we could see they have got a little coloring page inside this one that is nice. You can tell the pencil down there you’re supposed to color it in, and i think there are some stickers in here too, which i’m really stoked about wow check that out, they’ve got pokemon stickers, pikachu and then the great ball and the ultra ball score.

Bunny grooky and sobel, so the sword and shield starters there all as stickers and, of course, a pack so i’m, going to just open all of the activities first, so that we can kind of see the activities that uh are in each of these happy meal toys. This one, it looks like it’s, got a little sort of maze activity and then a deck box. I think this is like a deck box to keep your cards in let’s, go ahead and see if we can’t construct this there’s a you know a little folding cardboard deck box. This is really cool. I haven’t opened a happy meal toy in ages, but uh. This is this is super neat. I think happy meals have come a long way since i was a kid that is for sure, yeah that’s that’s a little deck box. Sure enough for your cards. You could keep your cards in there boom when we open our holographic pikachu it’s, going straight into the uh straight into the box. Now i had talked to uh some of my friends i was saying i should do like the whole experience or talk about this on stream. I should do the whole experience like. I should be eating the cheeseburger and opening the cards so that you can get like the the full experience, because when you’re opening, you know your happy meal, your hands have to be greasy and then it’s like bonus points. If you get ketchup on the holographic card, but that got vetoed apparently that wouldn’t make for good content.

But what do i know? Anyways let’s let’s head back over here and see what else we got so we got the deck box. We got the stickers and i like this black sleeve. I only got one of the one of the black sleeve here, so extremely extremely rare sleeve maze activity and the tiny stickers so that’s cool. We got big stickers, we got tiny stickers and then what is this? This looks like a little like postcard stand kind of thing, that is, super cool it’s, like a pokemon landscape. I definitely dig that. Can you put your oh it’s like an activity book for the stickers you put the stickers in the yo check this out, so you just go like this and we can have like tepig playing over here. This is absolutely insane you can have rowlet playing in the tree yeah this this owns for sure, and then we can. You know you could even take like a sharpie or something, and then you can like you could draw all sorts of activities say they want to be playing with like a beach ball. You could like draw a beach ball in here, and they could, you know, be playing with a soccer ball or beach ball or something that is uh, that is, that is sick. I definitely love that and we can put pikachu in here too let’s see pikachu. You got ta, go in the you got, ta go in the book.

All right, pikachu got ta, go with the book bud there. He goes yeah all right, pikachu’s in the book, so that’s nice. I like that. I think that that is uh very fun. They can also be on the beach if you like, want to put sabble on the beach sabo can go right there on the beach. I love that this promotes creativity. I think that this is really cool mcdonald’s. I think that that that is, that is excellent. I love to that okay, so they have the tiny stickers with the activity book that owns for sure and then each of them kind of uh. I, like that, the toys kind of promote you know, thought and, and they have like puzzles and stuff like that in them. I think that that’s, like a really cool thing uh, so we got the deck boxes. We’Ve got the tiny sticker book. We’Ve got the big stickers as well as we could see uh right here, and i think that that is ooh. They come with different ones. So you’re saying like each sticker pack that’s crazy. Each sticker pack can come with different stickers because i was going to say i just got the most recent generation, big stickers. We had like grookie on the other one uh, but here we have the black and white starters yeah. Here we have the sword and shield starters again: uh. Is there any sticker pack that comes with squirtle, i have to know.

Can i get a squirtle sticker? That would be uh insane, but it looks like there’s like a really healthy amount of variety with each of these uh each of these packs, which is super super sick. There we go. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, okay cool! So i got the squirtle sticker uh the gen one starters i have to say: okay, uh not like you know, it’s not. This is not personal bias. It just so happens that the gen one starters are the best starters they’re. Just they happen to be the best ones, so that’s, just the only correct opinion and uh. I know i’m gon na catch some flack for that jen warner, gen warner alert he’s over 30 years old. Of course, he loves gen one pokemon, all right so anyway. All starter pokemon are excellent. Okay, chat and there’s no wrong answer as to which one’s your favorite except squirtle, which is definitely the right answer all the time anyways. So we’ve got the squirtle stickers, that’s awesome and the charmander the bulbasaur, the pikachu there excellent it looks like pikachu comes on like everyone and we’ve got yo we’ve got the sun and moon starters too, check those out. Looking looking good and the last one, yo we’re really hitting big on the stickers and we got no way. Oh wait. Are you sun and moon? Who are you you’re, x and y? Did i call you sun, moon, you’re, sun and moon? Oh real pokemon fan alert.

No all right, so we got the x and y starters and we’ve got the sun and moon starters. We got the whole set. Okay chat, we got, we got, everybody, we’ve got the uh, we we’ve got the sun and moon starters. We’Ve got the x and y starters: we’ve got the the red and blue starters. We’Ve got the sword and shield starters and we’ve got the black and white starters. Ah we’re not missing that’s, not the whole set we’re missing the ruby and sapphire where’s. My i need the blaze chicken uh yeah, those guys, okay and mudkip, and all of them all right. We don’t have everybody. Oh and i don’t have totodile either. Okay, we don’t have the whole set. We got like a lot of different sets, there’s a lot of generations of pokemon, okay there’s, just like i i i realized here just by looking at this. There are a lot of generations of pokemon. I don’t even have uh remotely close to all. We don’t have gold and silver starters and we don’t have the ruby and sapphire starters, but i think that these stickers are really really exciting. I mean pokemon, uh and mcdonald’s did an incredible job with these and i haven’t even opened the cards. Yet i mean what a what a cool activity book toy thing that they’ve got going on, so we’ve got 10 packs here to open 10 packs of cards, and i think that i have no idea what the pull rates are like in any of these.

So uh. This is going to be completely new for me and i hope it is going to be exciting for those of you watching as well. So let’s uh, let’s, get cracking and see what we can find. The pikachu, i think, would be the big chase card for us and it’s looking right out. The first pack we’ve got a holographic, popplio and they’ve got that classic mcdonald’s promo holo pattern, as you can see, that kind of cracked hollow pattern, which is really cool exclusive. To these mcdonald’s promos, i’m, pretty sure and the 25th anniversary logo there on the card, so absolutely awesome. Pikachu with the meal time attack, love that little attention to detail meal time pikachu. Should we get out the cheeseburger yeah yeah cheeseburger there we go meal time with pikachu eating the cheeseburger, opening packs of pokemon cards, love it and you flip a coin, and until you get tails and then for each heads you draw a card that picks you eaten Off the top of the deck, i love this squirtle artwork. That is really really nice and score. Bunny awesome and the 25th anniversary logo on these cards is super slick as well. I have to say that is a very exciting and it looks like every pack might have a hollow that or i’m insanely lucky all right. We got rowlet. How many starters are there there are? There must be a lot uh. There must be. I would how many generations times three and then there’s pikachu as well, which is like a starter if you count yellow version right, so we’ve got uh rowlet here right off the top beautiful and uh trico awesome, squirtle again and totodile beautiful love it.

So there are 25 different cards. Does that mean there’s yo holographic trico? That must mean that there are 25 starters that would make sense. Yeah here’s our here’s, our trico excellent trico hollow we’ve, got grookie and uh squirtle and totodile again excellent grooky new to the club and we’re going to see how many of the 25 card set we can pull out of our 10 packs there’s grooky hollow okay. There. You go bud looking sick, looking real dope there excellent bulbasaur, definitely stoked to have full bulbasaur. You know i love all the gen 1 starters for sure poplio and chimchar and let’s see so. I’Ve got grooky and holo poplio and holo trico and hollow piplup. Let’S go piplup that artwork on that piplup looks really nice love it it’s striking a power pose there. You see with its little fins on its hips. That looks epic for sure all right, double piplup insane pitla fans would have loved that pack. There we go double piplups, cyndaquil and litton, pretty sure that’s, my first cyndaquil first litten as well. Can we pull the pikachu? We got oshawotts in the next pack, so every pack contains a holo which is awesome. I didn’t even know that every pack contained a hollow, but that is uh. That is super rad. I mean what a what a good value on these happy meals. I mean the happy meals are what like five bucks or something, and then you get like.

Obviously the food, and then you get a pack of cards in there and then the pack of cards is guaranteed to have a holo. And then you got an activity book i mean they could have just had the pack of cards and, like the activity book, i think is, is really impressive. Uh from you know, from my my point of view, anyways that was like the activity books were like way. More kind of in depth than i i’m running out of space – there are more starters i think than i have bargained for here. We’Ve got four more packs and we’ve got the sabble hollow let’s go looking awesome there sable grookie tepig, i love tepig. Tepig is also one of my favorite starter pokemon as well grooky and then rowlet going under here. Three packs left rowlet doubled up on the rowlet sick, bulbasaur, popplio and there’s. Our first mudkip awesome that mudkip is sick. Mudkip is really growing on me. I’Ve been playing a lot of 2004 uh formats and i love my swampert deck. That mudkip artwork is really really incredible. Definitely digging that and we’ve got another trico, so we doubled up on trico as well. One pack from maine’s chat, who’s it gon na be trico. Double treat: go pack insane value, there’s fennekin, a little 3d model fennek in there and mudkip again, and our last pack of the 25th anniversary pokemon cards is tepig. Yes, i love tepig. Oh, that is so sick i’m, really stoked that we pulled tepig tepig is one of my favorite starters for sure.

I just said that i really love tepig the ambor line uh. I think the new uh, the new emboar card, that or the new tepig and the new uh pig night cards that just got revealed from the upcoming battle style set are just so cool right i mean tepig is just such a awesome pokemon for sure and that Holographic pattern looks really really sweet, so we definitely love that froakie we didn’t have froakie yet. So that is awesome for sure, squirtle and another mudkip. So that’s our 10 packs of the mcdonald’s promo happy meal cards. We’Ve got two tricos. I believe uh we’ve got a grookie, we’ve got two rowlets and we’ve got an oshawott and our tepig and apoplio those are and pimple up do not forget piplup. Those are our hollows we’ve got tepig oshawott rowlet rowlet grookie trico. We definitely plused on the grass starters. We got a lot of the grass starters, only one fire starter, which was uh, which was tepek, but that is an awesome awesome promotion. I have to say what a cool thing that uh mcdonald’s and the pokemon company are doing with those happy meal promotions and then the stickers, of course uh a huge win overall, now i’m gon na enjoy my cheeseburger y’all. Take it easy and have a busted day. Thank you so much for watching the video make sure to like the video sub to the channel ring that bell and, of course, check out the twitch stream twitch.

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